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Grimsley football program headed in a different direction:Saunders out, new coach coming in

I had been hearing this news for a while now, and somehow I kept my mouth shut. The word was made official today by Grimsley Athletic Director Lewis Newman.

Dione Warwick had that song back in the 70’s called, “Do you know the way to San Jose”. There’s the holiday favorite, “Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go”.

The real question is does anyone know how to get directly to the home of former Reidsville coach Jimmy Teague? Just a thought and that’s all that is….Let the speculation begin and good luck to the Whirlies in their search for a new coach. The kids deserve a solid break and some stability.

Here’s the official word from Mr. Newman:

Grimsley High School would like to make an official announcement concerning our football program for the 2009 season. It is with much regret that we announce the resignation of our head football coach Mark Saunders. We would like to thank Mark Saunders for his dedicated, loyal and outstanding contributions to Grimsley High School and our football team. Mark Saunders has been an integral part of our football family and we wish him the best of luck with his future coaching opportunities.

Go Whirlies!

Lewis L. Newman, CAA
Certified Athletic Administrator
Grimsley High School

*****We at GREENSBOROSports.com also wish Coach Mark Saunders well in his future endeavors and I for one enjoyed working with him while he was at Grimsley. He was a pleasure to be around and he treated us well.

Thanks, and good luck Coach.*****

15 Comments on “Grimsley football program headed in a different direction:Saunders out, new coach coming in

  1. I could have told you this was going to happen 2-3 months ago.. when all of that suspension news surfaced.

  2. I wish that was Newman leaving instead of Saunders. Newman is all about him his son and his family. He never cared about the Whirlies period. Newman your son graduates this year so I hope you find another job close to him you are a sorry AD.

  3. it is time someone can come in and teach the kids how to tackle.The JV squad couldn’t tackle a flea , good luck with that.

    I would like to see Hal Capps from Western Alamance get a interview for the job. That is a personal opinion on my part, he is a class act and I think would do a great job.

  4. Why does a school like Page, just 5 minutes up the road from Grimsley with basically the same income parents, not have the coaching turnarounds like Grimsley. Why do you hear nothing about complaining parents at Page and that’s all you hear about at Grimsley. The one answer has to be that Page’s AD, Rusty Lee backs up his coaches and Grimsley AD, Lewis Newman doesn’t.

  5. Capps is one of the best coaches around and his talent is drying up – he would be a great hire for Grimsley – but not sure he would do well there as long as Newman is AD – how does he keep his job?? He hires all theses coaches then they all leave or get fired – it is his fault on either end – he is eather bad at his job hiring these coaches or bad at his job for firing coaches? For a school like Grimsley to be bad at sports is embarrassing – people transfer in because of the academics, big school with great facilities and community support – we are firing the wrong guys here!!!

  6. It would appear that the athletic department at Grimsley is, ah, having some issues, to put it kindly. Three head football coaches in 18 months is a pretty bad track record.

    Lewis Newman used to be the head football coach at Mendenhall Middle. Even then he had a reputation of arrogance. Since Grimsley has always displayed an air of arrogance and superiority, Newman seems to be a good fit for that school.

    Forgive me for not shedding too many tears. But karma can be a real bitch, you know?

  7. Jimmy Teague will get this job. It won’t matter because GHS doesn’t have the athletes anyway. He’ll you can get Bob Stoops over there and it won’t matter. Coaches gotta have something to coach. You know the saying. You can’t make chicken salad out of …


  8. Ron please Grimsley was very young this year. They have just as many talanted athletes as any other HS. They had 5 or 6 kids that made all conference so I guess that means they have no athletes? When you lose 20 plus seniors that hurts any team,who ever they get as long Newman is still there they want stay long.

  9. andy, let’s hope Hal Capps does get that interview for this job. Maybe someone is seeing this post to see that there could be something to this.Hal Capps for Grimsley Football Coach pass it on.

  10. Newman is a complete idiot………..I don’t know how he keeps his job as AD. Ironically, his own son plays for Page. Jimmy Teague won’t take this job, neither will Hal Capps. I think Pete Gilchrist over at North Forsyth would be the best man for the job……

  11. Why would Pete Gilchrist wnat to come to Grimsley & Guilford COunty? Coaching & teaching Supplements are beter in Forsyth county he is going into a 3A league that he she run the table int eh next 4 years with the new realignment. And the athletes that he has at North Forsyth are some of the best in forsyth county. Capps and Teague are too classy and well establshed to be associated with instability associated with Grimsley’s constant changes in leadership.

  12. I did my student teaching at Grimsley back in the 70’s and this school was a class act.
    The AD then was Bob Sawyers and I felt Grimsley had the best run athletic dept around.
    If this AD is has bad as you say that is sad for the kids and the school.
    First the baseball program and now the football program.
    That is sad.

  13. Lewis Newman is a good man, but that Grimsley job is a tough one.

    For discussion sake, who would you guys rather have, Jimmy Teague or Hal Capps????

    Isn’t the Grimsley principal Jane Teague or Jane Brady? Maybe that gives Jimmy T. from Reidsville the edge, maybe not…..(Maybe Jane Teague is the former Whirlie principal and Ms. Brady is on board now. Connections, Connections, Connections…..)

  14. Andy- The Grimsley job is only a tough one because Newman doesn’t back up his coaches, he caters to the complaining parents. If he would just let the coaches coach to win instead of making everyone happy all the programs at Grimsley would be top notch like they ALL once were.

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