Blogging from the NC-SC Shrine Bowl game

Set to kick off at 1pm from Spartanburg, S.C…..

North Carolina will kick to SC to start the game. Matt Millisor from Page kicks off and he sends it one yard deep into the end zone. “Strong leg by the NC kicker”, says the play-by-play man. Matt Millisor looking good as our Greensboro rep.

SC fumbles on their first from scrimmage and NC takes over at the SC 22.

Here comes the field goal by Matt Millisor and it is through and true by Matt Millisor and Matt has given the Tar Heels the early 3-0 lead over SC. The 29-yard field goal by Millisor from Page is good. Matt is set for his second kickoff and this one goes it goes two yards deep into the end zone.

Matt Millisor is a big factor early in this game.

NC has another possession from their own 45, nothing doing, 3rd possession from the NC 31….

Drive stalls for NC at the NC 43, Matt Millisor hits a booming punt and after the punt SC takes over at it’s own 34 following a penelty on the return. Estimate on the punt at least 40(43 yds. to be exact) yards by Millisor.

Time out with 3 minutes left in the first quarter, 3-0 NC in front.

SC moving into NC territory down to the Tar Heel 31. Jamil Lott(Kannapolis) makes a stop at DB for NC. SC inside the NC 20…Michael Brooks from Bartlett Yancey makes a key tackle at the 19.

Quarter one complete:NC 3, SC 0……..

First play of the second quarter SC gets on the board on a 43-yard field goal by Grant Clayton to tie the game up at 3-3.

Fumble return on a mishandled field goal by SC. Taken back 59 yards by NC’s Terry Shankle(South Stanley) for the NC touchdown, and after the failed field goal attempt by SC and the NC TD, the score sits at 9-3 NC in front…On the PAT there’s a high snap and the Millisor kicks fails and the score remains at 9-3 with 11:42 to go in the first half.

Long run(54 yards) by Desmond Lowry out of Belmont South Point on a qaurterback keeper for NC, and the Tar Heels with the touchdown have gone in front 15-3 over SC. PAT by Millisor is good and NC leads SC 16-3.

Kickoff by Millisor into the wind goes to about the 11 and the return to the 29 by SC.

Third and two with a direct snap 20 yard pickup by SC and the ball moves inside the Tar Heel three yard line. SC threatening again…Michael Brooks of BY on the defensive line trying to keep the Sandlappers out of the end zone.

Field goal attempt by SC goes wide left and David Collins from East Forsyth is in on the action on the offensive line now for NC.

First half closes and at the half it’s 16-3 NC over SC at halftime.

Matt Millisor in the first half had one field goal of 29 yards and punted once for 43 yards…One for two for Matt on PAT’s, with the one miss coming on a high snap…..

Hunter Furr from Mount Tabor has been in the game for Tar Heels at RB in the first half.

First possession second half by NC ends with another Millisor punt to the 25 of SC and results in a return by the Sandlappers to the SC 46.

SC fumble inside their own 31 and the Tar Heels have it back again at the SC 27 yard line. Great field position for the Tar Heels on the fumble recovery by Hiawatta Bell from Matthews Butler.

Tar Heel drive stalls after a sack on the NC QB and Millisor punts from the SC 39 and the punt sails 9 yards deep into the end zone and SC takes over on their own 20. SC is set to move quickly…SC on the run and a 15-yard penelty on a personal foul by NC and the Sandlappers are at the NC 19-yard line and SC is getting close now inside the NC 20. SC has it inside the 10 of the Heels.

Walt Canty 9-yard touchdown run for SC. Timeout SC….16-9 NC still leads…PAT is good and the score stands NC 16, SC 10…

NC can’t get anything going and the Tar Heels have to punt from around their own 20 and the Millisor punt travels to the SC 40 and the Sandlappers can’t handle but the do-everything man Walt Canty recovers at the SC 32. Canty is playing both ways and is in on returns. Canty, SC QB/DB…..

The 3rd quarter ends and SC is on the move again picking and passing their way all the way down to the Tar Heel 14 yard line….SC is getting very close to the Tar Heel end zone.

Fourteen yard TD run by SC’s Jared Neely and were tied at 16-16 and here comes the all-important PAT and it is good and SC takes the lead 17-16 SC…Nine play 68 yard drive by SC to go out in front.

NC gets the ball and they start to move but they fumble the ball back to SC and the Sandlappers want to put the game away but they will send it back to the Tar Heels 17-16 with 8:05 left to play.

Punt return to 35 for NC….Hunter Furr from Mount Tabor gets 3 on 1st down and 7 more on 2nd for first down, up to the NC 47. Screen play by Brent Mooring to Gattis to the 48 for 6 yards and on the next play the ball is intercepted and SC takes it all the way back for the TD, and now it’s 23-16 SC….PAT is good and SC leads NC 24-16 after the INT return for the TD.

5:13 left to play and it’s 24-16 Sandlappers in front. Sixth punt of the day for Matt Millisor now as the Tar Heels go three and out after the kickoff.

SC with their QB Gilmore running the show takes it all the way the 24 of NC and the Sandlappers can probably wrap this game up with another score.(3:15 to play) Personal foul for 15 yards against NC and the ball will go all the way down to the NC 12 for SC…

Another personal foul against NC and it’s half the distance to the goal and the ball goes down to the NC three yard line for the SC Sandlappers…..Less than a minute to play, 44 seconds left in the game.

Hunter Furr Mount Tabor, for the game 6 carries for 23 yards….

Game over:South Carolina 24, North Carolina 16……

Six punts on the day for Matt Millisor from Page for an average of 40.6 yards per punt….One field goal of 29 yards for Matt and he was 1-2 in PAT’s.

That’s it from Gibbs Stadium on the campus of Wofford University in Spartanburg, South Carolina…Thanks to our computer at Battleground Automotive/BP 2512 Battleground Avenue….

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  1. One thing’s for certain Joe, Matt has been very busy and you are right he is a big part of the NC team and their first half success.

  2. If NC wins the game over SC, I think Matt Millisor would have and should have been named MVP for NC….The opening FG, the Punts,, the Kickoffs into the end zone…

    He was as good as any player on that field Saturday and to us he was the BEST!!!!!

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