Fun basketballl on CBS on Saturday afternoon

It was sort of neat to turn on the TV and see where CBS was broadcasting the Davidson-Purdue basketball game on Saturday afternoon with the three-man announcing team of Don Criqui, Mike Giminski, and Jim Spanarkle.

It was kind of like taking a trip down memory lane and listening/watching when Dick Enberg, Billy Packer, and Al McGuire were doing the games as a three-man edition on NBC.

Saturday’s game wasn’t all that great, but it was fun to catch a pre-holiday hoops event with Criqui, The “G” Man, and Spanarkle calling the action. A bit of the old with the semi-new…..

Gus Johnson was calling game number two on Saturday on CBS and that had UCONN battling Gonzaga in the “Battle in Seattle”. Gus was strong, but I couldn’t even tell you who the guy was that was working with him on the calls. A non-factor…. But the game was good and I think it was headed into overtime as I left it.

Anyone hear how Dudley did last night at home versus Southern Durham??????

And for a weekend bonus here’s the Don Criqui bio:
Criqui began with CBS in 1967 before moving to NBC Sports in 1979. When CBS reacquired the NFL in 1998, Criqui rejoined the network, and continues to serve as a play-by-play announcer as part of the NFL on CBS. He has also announced a number of other sports for CBS, NBC, and ESPN including college football, college basketball, the ABA, the NBA, the NHL, professional golf and tennis tournaments, Triple Crown horse racing, the Canadian Football League and several Summer Olympics events. During his tenure at NBC, Criqui called fourteen Orange Bowl games.(From