Area girls that have gone on to the College ranks(Hoopsters’ Mid-term Stats)

They were once girls and now they are women playing college basketball for teams in North Carolina and all the over the country.

Remember Trumae Lucas, Jasmine Gill, Mercedes King, Asha Hardaway, Haley Hackett, Allison Spivey, Amber Wall, Sierra Little, Nini Whitaker, Jasmine Alston, Nicole Hargraves, Krystin Fields, Nikki Kee and many others.

Well here they are and now you can look on and see how these former high school ballers are doing at the collegiate level:

Brittany Young: E.Davidson: Mars Hill: 17.5 ppg: 2.8 rpg: 2.5 apg
Alexis Neal: Page: Anderson College: 13.5 ppg: 4.75 rpg: 4.0 apg
Anna Schlobohm: Northwest Guilford: Brevard: 11.2 ppg: 3.6 rpg: 2.3 apg
Asha Hardaway: Northwest: Belmont Abbey: 9.8 ppg: 7.0 rpg: .7apg
Secily Ray: Thomasville: Wake Forest: 8.5 ppg: 5.3 rpg: 1.1 apg
Mercedes King: Northeast: Belmont Abbey: 8 ppg: 6.5 rpg: 3.5 apg
Joscelyn Williams: Dudley: Mars Hill: 7.8 ppg: 5.2 rpg: .2 apg
Allison Spivey: HP Central: ECU: 7 ppg: 2.9 rpg: 1.1 apg
Amber Wall: Eastern Guilford: Elon: 6.9 ppg: 7.8 rpg: .8 apg
Lindsay Brendle: High Point Central: Brevard: 6.3 ppg: 2.5 rpg: .6 apg
Nikki Kee: Dudley: WSSU: 6.3 ppg: 1.0 rpg: 1.0 apg
Tyisha Bridges: Soutwest: Norfolk State: 6.1 ppg: 2.6 rpg: 1.4 apg
Amber Cook :Grimsley: Maryland Eastern Shore: 4.9 ppg: 1.7 rebounds: .6 apg.
Kendra Porter: Dudley: Radford: 4.4 ppg: 1.0 rpg: .5 apg
Denae Caudle: Southern Guilford: Guilford College: 3.7 ppg: 1.0 rpg: 1.6 apg
Corbin Bradford: HP Andrews: WSSU: 3.3 ppg: 1.0 rpg: 1.0 apg
Haley Hackett: Southeast: APSU: 3.2 ppg: 1.8 rpg: .7 apg
Trumae Lucus: Grimsley: UF: 3.0 ppg: 1.0 rpg: .6 apg
Krystin Fields: Grimsley: Towson State: 2.2 ppg: 1.6 rpg: .2 apg
Jasmine Gill: Page: Boston College: 2.0 ppg: 1.0 rpg: .5 apg
Sierra Little: Dudley: ODU: 1.5 ppg: 3.5 rpg: .5 apg
Katherine Henderson:FCD, GDS, NEG: Anderson: 1.5 ppg: 1.29 rbg: .6 apg
Nicole Hargraves: Grimsley: UNC-Charlotte: .8 ppg: 2.0 rpg
Nini Whitaker: Page: Virginia Intermont: 1 apg
Jasmine Alston: Grimsley: UNC-Wilmington: 1 rpg
Desmin Carden: Page: Guilford College: 1 rpg

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  1. And it looks like Danielle Duncan (Ragsdale High) rejoined the talented team at GReensboro College. There are Triad girls there, too. Eccles, Freeman, Motsinger.

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