Pizza Hut kudos on Day One

Got to give the shout out to James DuBose and all the people from Pizza Hut for the great job that they are doing and to the Greensboro Sports Council and all of their members.

The stats crew from Greensboro College with Bob Lowe, Wes, and John are getting the job done at the Pizza Hut Invitational Tournament. You might want to say Bob Lowe knows how to run the show.

Jim Gentry and Kevin McCoy are leading the charges this year from the Sports Council.

Rob Goodman and Demp Bradford have the media covered and the shout outs continue for Fred Lind, Brooks Hayworth, Ed Cobbler, Dan Goley, Cameille Townsend, Marc Bush, Tom Keller(who is following on the great Jeff Carlton tradition), Ed Hardin from the N&R, Lynn Hey, Robert Jackson, Joe Daniels, Larry Dunlap and all the other people covering the event.

I did not see any TV people at the tournament, but I may have missed them. Are the television people tuned into this event or are they still on vaction?????

It was good to see Max Miller from the Forrest Valley outdoor basketball court end up with 11 points for Grimsley in their game with Page, it’s always good to see the kids from the outside come indoors and do well.

Hard work turned in by all on Thursday and we will get some more names up on here by Friday and if you have any suggestions for names we need to add, then send them in…….

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  1. What about today’s complete schedule, where can we find the game times for all the games today??

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