Bengal Tigers top Ragsdale Tigers to take the Pizza Hut Tourney Title

Don Moore did a super job tonight getting all the scores up from the Tournament and there’s not much more to be said other than Congratulations to Coach Freddy Johnson and his Greensboro Day School Bengals…..

Jay Lewis, the tournament MVP, led the Bengals with 18 points and 6 rebounds, but this was what we would call a total team effort, against the Tigers.

We met and interviewed Coach Craig Shoemaker in the pre-game and he has a solid team and they will do well in the Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference. The Bengals played great defense on Jay Canty and they forced Canty to work extremely hard while he was on defense.

I know we had the “Miami Hype Machine” going on prior to the game here at the site, but that’s how you have to get it rolling when you have a big game on the line.

In the pre-game with Pizza Hut Invitational Tournament media director, Rob Goodman, I picked Greensboro Day School to win this game, and how do you pick against Coach Johnson and those four straight titles and now nine overall?

Canty caught the fan’s attention during the tournament and he will be a player we won’t soon forget, but the butt-busting team effort came tonight from the Bengals.

Robert Johnson, the coach’s son, told us he was a nervous wreck having to watch this game from up in the stands at the Special Events Center. Robert said you can never underestimate the “TEAM” part of Greensboro Day School basketball.

Jay Lewis, Brandon Dorsett, Christian Pulliam, Javan Mitchell, Lucas Weavil, Domas Rinksalis, John Bunch, Ryan Carty, Ryan Campbell, Jordan Robertson, Jimbo Brumley, Alex Dick, and Michael Tuck all saw time and again it was a team effort.

Javan Mitchell got in foul trouble picking up his fourth with plenty of time left in the game. When Javan picked up his third foul, the Bengals grabbed a 13 point lead with their big man on the bench. The Bengals went on to win by 15, 57-42.

Canty was never able to get into a steady flow and the Bengals’ defense was the difference……Trap on the sideline, trap the baseline corners, if your’e Ragsdale you can’t pick up your dribble. Like I said earlier today, Coach Johnson and his staff with Jeff Smith, Steve Shelton, and Coach Jeffries have previously shut down Dudley and many of the Panthers’ top players and they did it again tonight to Ragsdale. The pressure by Pulliam, Lewis, Dorsett, Weavil and Carty was unbelievable. That was what changed the game….

Get the pressure on White, Jones, Plummer and the other guards and they can’t get the ball cleanly to Canty so he can start his move to the basket. Don’t allow the guards to get started. Ragsdale was not allowed to start the offense at the foul line extended…No penetration, the plays were starting at mid-court extended…..

What a night and now four straight Pizza Hut Invitational Tournament Titles for the Greensboro Day School Bengals…….

Congrats to the Ragsdale girls for winning their first crown with Lisa Archie getting 20 points, 10 rebounds, 5-6 blocks and some real sweet shots just inside the foul line. Long shots for a big Lady Tiger. Dorian McInnis played on a bad ankle almost the entire game and she did not leave the court. Big-time, warrior-like effort by McInnis….Lady Tigers win it 43-38….

Helen Terry won the free throw shooting contest over PJ Hairston of Dudley and the Panthers were in the house tonight at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center and good job by Helen with the entire crowd and PJ looking on……Helen, PJ and the Panthers will be back in action next week and she better not miss another free throw all season.

Great job by the Greensboro Sports Council and Pizza Hut and all the other participating sponsors with another Tournament in the books and will Dudley HS and PJ be back next season?

How much longer will Coach Johnson keep coaching the Bengals????? Robert Johnson said tonight that Freddy may still be coaching at age 70, much like Morgan Wooten who was the man at DeMatha……