Cage loses his page but feels no rage toward TNA

Christian Cage has lost his page at the Total NonStop Action wrestling web site, but this should come as no surprise since his contract has expired with the company, and he is on his way to World Wrestling Entertainment.

The timetable for his return is not yet known and we have not been made aware of any non-compete clause or how long he may have to sit out before he can legally show up on WWE programming.

Christian Cage, Christian or Jay Laso is on his way in and the rumor has it that he will be working a program with Jeff Hardy and not re-teaming with Edge(Adam Copeland) his former WWE tag-team partner.

The program with Hardy would place Christian as the man who attacked Jeff Hardy at the hotel and not at the hospital as JR said on TV. The attack on Hardy cost him a clear-cut chance at the title which he later won and even though Hardy was supposively knocked unconcious, he was still able to make a run-in at the Pay-Per-View.

Christian is back and here is the official/unofficial word from
TNA has removed Christian Cage’s profile from the company website. His contract with the company has expired and he is expected to return to WWE.

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