Looking back at GDS and the Pizza Hut Invitational Basketball Tournament

Four times three or 4 x’s 3 and that =’s 12(twelve) and that’s the number of straight games the Greensboro Day School Bengals have now won in the Pizza Hut Invitational.

Four years as CHAMPS and 12 wins in a row, who will be the next team that beats GDS and will it happen next year? The tournament is an Invitational and the Greensboro Sports Council could invite teams from outside the area, but the way things work now, all of the proceeds still go to the local schools.

Do we need to start bringing in outside schools in order to step up the competition? How much money would the outside schools get? Would part of their cut be used to cover their expenses? Hotel, food, etc.?????

Should we even be talking about this? Probably not…..

This is already a great tournament, keep it the same. It’s really such a great fundraiser for the area schools and even if you lose, you win when you get the $10,000.00-plus check for your school’s athletic fund.

Coach Freddy Johnson’s kids voted 17-0 to stay here in town and play in this tournament again this year and that says a mouthful. They don’t want to got anywhere else. As soon as the Dudley kids got back to town from Puerto Rico(and I hear they got the Robert Montgomery Knight-type treatment) they were right out there at the Coliseum.

This same question comes up every year at the conclusion of the event. Do we need to bring in outside teams and change the format of the tournament?????

Let’s say NO, and wait and see who the next team to beat Greensboro Day School will be. Our County schools will have to work harder and I bet you Ragsdale would be ready to play GDS in a re-match this Friday night at 7:30, you name the location……..

That’s the best thing about playing in tournaments and settings like this, every time out is another learning experience. Right next to Christmas, I would say Jay Canty and Ragsdale have next year’s tourney circled on their calendars and nothing will get in the way of them returning to the Special Events Center in 2010……

And another thing, our guys do get to play the outside schools when they bring them in for the MLK Day action at the Coliseum…..Christ School is already singing, bring on Oak Hill.

There were three men with local ties that passed away between last year’s Pizza Hut Tourney and this year’s event and their names were printed in the program.

They were:
Jeff Carlton-News and Record
Vic Sapp-Local and State-wide basketball leader
Bob Doss-Palomino Baseball pioneer

*****The deaths of these fine men were among the most talked about stories of 2008 at GREENSBOROSports.com.*****