We are pleased to announce that the 2009 roster has been filled by some of the top talent from North Carolina. Head Coach Justin Smith will welcome back only 5 members of the Proehlific team that won a record 35 games and a team that finished 3rd in Palomino World Series. The players back from the 2008 team include: Logan Self who committed to University of Campbell, Robbie McIntosh who committed to University of North Carolina at Asheville. All other returnees will be returning from the college campuses to compete for there 3rd straight visit to the Palomino World Series.

Head Coach Justin Smith thinks this year’s team will be one of his best teams ever put together. “We have great pitching, we go 9 deep in the rotation but our hitting is my concern”. The power pitching staff has tremendous talent. The have 4 left handed pitchers who are some of the best in the state of North Carolina. Those four pitchers are Esterlin Paulino (NCA&T), Dustin Myers (Lander College), Andrew McDonald (Pembroke), and JB Brewer who is pitching at Lenoir Community College. From the right side the staff includes: David Francis (Danville Comm College), Logan Self (Campbell College), Robbie McIntosh (Asheville), Brandon Culbreth (2010 Graduate), Andrew McDonald (unsigned 09); Kevin Parrish (unsigned 09).

On the offenses end we have a bunch of new guys that will be in the everyday starting line up. We start behind the plate with Tom Dobbins (Reagan) and Kevin Parrish (Glenn). At first base the Power will be led with returning started JB Brewer (Lenoir Comm College). The second base position is stronger than ever with two division one prospects: Andrew Parker (Reagan) and Mark Nales (NCA&T). On the left side of the infield the Power return two key starters in Logan Self and Robbie McIntosh. In the outfield there will be many new faces. But in leftfield 2-time starting Matt Netteshiem will be back to compete for a chance to go to his 3rd World Series. In center field Ethan Satterfield a senior at McMichael High School.

The schedule for the Power will be posted in late February early March. If anyone is interested in playing the Proehlific Power please email head coach Justin Smith at


  1. I think Justin Smith has took over this team and he is recruiting from the whole state of NC. I am not sure but i see Justin and that is what i think has happend

  2. Proehlific Power is what the Patriots always were, RECRUITED, until enough people got tired of it. So then they took the only sanctioned Palomino slot in NC, so they could continue without worrying about it.

  3. I’ve never heard of the two “Division 1 prospects” at second base before, I wonder where they got that from.

  4. Why Would You Have these college Division 1 players, play against high school level kids?

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