HS basketball polls for Guilford County

Boys poll for 1/5-1/9;
#1) Greensboro Day School(17-2)
#2) TIE:Ragsdale(13-1) and Dudley(10-1)
#4) Northern(9-2)
#5) Page(8-5)
#6) High Point Andrews(9-4)
#7) Northwest Guilford(7-7)
#8) Grimsley(10-3)
#9) High Point Central(7-4)
#10) Western(8-4)
#11) Southeast(7-6)
#12) Southwest(6-7)
#13) Eastern(4-8)
#14) Southern(4-10)
#15) Smith(1-12)
#16) Northeast(2-10)

Girls poll:
#1) Dudley(8-2)
#2) Southeast(10-3)
#3) Ragsdale(11-4)
#4) Northwest Guilford(10-3)
#5) High Point Central(9-2)
#6) High Point Andrews(8-4)
#7) TIE Page(6-7) and Grimsley(6-7)
#9) Smith(3-5)
#10) Northern(7-5)
#11) Southwest(5-8)
#12) Eastern(5-9)
#13) Western Guilford(4-8)
#14) Northeast Guilford(4-8)
#15) Greensboro Day School(7-11)
#16) Southern(2-11)

3 thoughts on “HS basketball polls for Guilford County

  1. Glad to see the Bengals get the respect they have earned. But would be great to see them and Dudley get together.

  2. My Keeping It Real Poll
    1) GDS (Top Dog, Nuff said)
    2) Dudley (No losses in contiguous 48)
    3) Ragsdale (Been together forever and it shows)
    4) Northern(One more year together will make them even tougher next yr)
    5) Page (If they only can get the big man involved consistently, could be top 2)
    6) Northwest (Good offensive group. Inside game and defensive areas for improvement)
    7) Grimsley(Recovering from the loss of 4 senior starters, Should be there in the end)
    8) Andrews(Hadn’t beaten any teams above them. Washington impact still to be felt)
    9) HPC (New coach seems to have them headed in right direction)
    10) Western (Good guards, good coaching tough conference)
    11) TIE – Southeast-Southwest
    13) Smith (Pretty tough schedule when you already played Dudley 2X)
    14) Northeast (Have a good core to build around)
    Haven’t seen Eastern or Southern

  3. Is your girls poll real? High Point Central girls beat the Ragsdale girls earlier in the year and beat them real bad, the game was not even close and HPC has a better record than the Ragsdale girls and they have played a lot tougher schedule than Ragsdale yet you have Ragsdale ahead of HPC in your poll, how about doing some research before you make your poll out, or maybe you did and just know nothing about baskatball.

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