ACC Basketball Today(Heels at Wake the BIG one)

Sunday, Jan 11

Men’s Basketball
#3 North Carolina(14-1) @ #4 Wake Forest(13-0)
8:00 PM
Winston-Salem, N.C.
++++Biggest game in the NATION so far this season.++++(From what we are hearing, the Heels are favored by 8.)

Women’s Basketball
NC State @ North Carolina
1:00 PM
Chapel Hill, N.C.

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2 thoughts on “ACC Basketball Today(Heels at Wake the BIG one)

  1. This is total BS! Jeff Teague went to the line 15 f’n times! Everybody knows that only Tyler Hanbrough is allowed to do that. Screw the ACC Refs. Roy needs to kick someones a$$ in the ACC office. This is all Dick Baddour’s fault. Fire Bunting!



  2. Dear Tar Heel Faithful,
    We are continuing to adjust our officiating standards to fit the 2008-2009 North Carolina Men’s Basketball squad. While in the past, 40 foul line trips a game was a standard requirement, it looks as though we will need to re-train our officiating crews to levy 50 trips a game to offset the current crisis. Please be patient as we approve and implement these new rules in order gauranteee a successful basketball season.

    There is one housekeeping issue that I must address before finishing. While I am aware that most of the problems of the 0-2 start in the ACC is the fault of the ACC office and our officiating crews, Coach Williams will need to take personal responsibilty for the poor shooting selection of his McDonald’s All-Americans. While we support Tyler Hanborough with all of our being, we cannot send him to the free throw line if he is jacking up moronic shots 20+ feet from the basket without being touched by a defender. We expect Coach Williams to handle this manner internally.

    Thank you for your support. Given these changes, I beleive we can avert a potentially disasterous conference finale. If this new set of rules and standards do not work, we will look into disqualifying the entire Wake Forest Basketball team, but will pray it does not come to that.

    John Swofford

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