PJ Hairston goes down hard, wrist/hand OK:Hornets no problem for Panthers

Dudley’s PJ Hairston took a nasty fall while scrambling for a loose ball in the Dudley-Western Guilford game at WG on Wednesday night.

Hairston had to leave the game and he was examined by the attending trainer from Western Guilford and the first thought was he might have broken his wrist or even a bone in his hand. I was right in the middle of this one, as I was stading over by the Dudley bench and I can tell you, the kid was in a lot of pain.

It was kind of interesting, as the WG trainer would take what appeared to be a tuning fork and smack it on his shoe/boot and then make some kind of measurement or evaluation on PJ Hairston’s hand with that instrument.

Dr. James Kramer, the Dudley Panthers’ team doctor (from the Sports Docs at Murphy-Wainer Orthopaedics and Southeastern Orthopaedic Specialists), made a few phone calls and then they put the ice on PJ’s wrist/hand.

Nothing like a good shot of ice after being evaluated with the tuning fork and Hairston did hit the locker room at halftime in very much pain, but along with that ice and that tuning fork there must have been some Divine Intervention in the locker room because when PJ and the Panthers hit the court to start the second half, PJ was OK. In fact, he was better than OK, he was great…..

The word over by the door was that PJ’s mom is pumping him up with three gallons of milk a day and there ‘aint going to be hardly anything out there that can stop this kid. In the second half, after looking at one point like his season might be over, it was PJ with the trey, PJ with the one hand dunk, PJ with the reversal and everything was right back to normal or better. It’s never a good sign when they tell you to ball up your hand and make a fist and you can’t do it without almost unbearable pain, and that’s the way it was with PJ Hairston’s hand/wrist after the first-half fall.

Amy Beasley, the fine senior point guard for the Southeast Guilford Falcons, took a similar spill, and she broke her wrist/hand and she was done for the year…..Good news for the Dudley Panthers and PJ Hairston. We knew the kid was an excellent basketball player and now we know he drinks enough milk to keep his motor running even when he takes a bad spill.

I still think it might have some kind of Divine Intervention in the locker room.

The Dudley boys defeated Western Guilford 80-57 and PJ Hairston had 28 points, with 20 of those coming in the second half after he had hurt his hand. “Big” Brandon Pennix added 16 for Dudley, with Reggie Dillard getting 9, while Trey Godette and Chris Whitsett had 7 each and Brennan Wyatt dished out 7 Panther assists.

Jordan Williams had 20 for Western with Delamonta Alston hitting for 18 and RJ McLaughlin 10….The score after one quarter was 15-15, at half it was 33-25 Dudley and after three quarters it was 55-38 Dudley.

In the girls game Dudley ran and ran and ran past Western 85-40(We got the correct from Coach Jenkins)…..If any of you have any player’s scores for us send them in on this girls game and if our score is off by a few points, get us updated in the comment box.

2 thoughts on “PJ Hairston goes down hard, wrist/hand OK:Hornets no problem for Panthers

  1. I think she said about 3 gallons a week! Wow his bones should never break! His mom told me he has a chipped bone in his index finger and that PJ said he wouldn’t be missing any games. He had some sort of wrap on it when I saw him on yesterday.

  2. I heard that PJ and his brother Tre could put the milk away, but three gallons a day, that’s something to say…..

    Three gallons a week sounds more like it and I’m just glad he and Tre are still drinking their milk.

    That should help out the healing process for that chipped bone in his finger.

    You are right on about the finger injury. That’s exactly what I heard yesterday afternoon from someone who talked to a coach….

    Thanks for the update and tell PJ and Tre to keep drinking their milk, it builds good bones. I’m sure Dr. Kramer and Scott from SOS would concur and agree.

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