How bad do you want to see this game? Greensboro Day vs. Dudley this season!

Let’s put it to the test, how bad do you want to see this basketball game?????

Dudley versus the Greensboro Day School, this season….It can happen, but do you think we can pull this one off and get this game in place. We don’t have a lot of time to work with but sides are ready.

Greensboro Day is saying YES, we want this game. I have heard this already from a number of their people. From the rumblings we are hearing, Dudley is saying YES, we want this game……

So if both sides want the game to be played and if has already taken on the lead role to promote this game, and we have, because we started the pre-game hype here at the site last week, then what is the holdup that is keeping this game from being set in stone?????

Greensboro Day says they are ready, but they want to host the first year of the home-and-home series. Dudley says they are ready, but they also want to host the game this year and then travel over to Greensboro Day next season.

This game is so close….The fans want it, you know the kids, they really want it; and the officials at the schools want it too, because they know what a game like this could mean financially for the host school or even if you go ahead and split the gate between the two schools.

This year the game would be bigger than ever since Dudley(14-1) and Greensboro Day(21-2) did not meet in the Pizza Hut Invitational/Little Four.

This is the game and now can we make it happen????? is willing to do anything we can do to help and this Dream Matchup is not a joke, this game could become a reality, but we also don’t want to do anything to hinder the process so we are not going to come in here and blow anybody out. We want to keep the channels open for discussion.

I would go as far as to say that is in very tight with both of these schools and love to cover their hoops and have total respect for their athletic programs. We are not here just to talk about this game, we are here to make it happen…..

This would be the biggest game to be held here in Greensboro this year. Let’s keep talking about the game here at the site and do all we can to make it a reality and then we can start selling the tickets…..

Do you want to see this game and do you think we can all work together and pull this one off?????

If Dudley says they will go over to Greensboro Day for this year’s game, then I do think we can have this event lined up and ready by the end of this week…….A game of this magnitude would only make both teams better when they enter state playoff competition.

Something to think about, something to talk about……