What the people are saying about Pistol Pete

We posted the article yesterday by Eddie Dyer and it’s getting reaction from our readers. You can always check out what people are saying in the comment boxes(Pistol was truly a special person), and this response was so good I wanted to make sure everyone saw it today. Here’s what Coach Jam is saying about Pistol Pete Maravich:

Pistol was truly a special person. As a young middle schooler and an army brat I traveled all over the world, met many special people, none more kind and unique as Pete. While my dad served as a military advisor to Tulane, Loyola, Dillard and Xavier University I was fortunate enough to have met Pistol Pete. At the time the then New Orleans Jazz, practiced in Loyola fieldhouse, and after my parctices I had to stay with my dad until time to go home. During this time I was permitted to go to the fieldhouse and shootaround, meeting guys like Aaron James, the Pistol and the hairest man I have ever seen named Neal Walk. The unique thing about it was that Pistol was always willing to spend time with this skinny little African American kid and he was sincere. He taught me a lot of things from the fundamental to the downright outrageous! I hope people remember him as an endearing soul who loved the game but also loved people. Now being an ole trainer past my prime I am still amazed that I can still dribble with my knees. Guess the Pistol was as a good teacher as he was a player becasuse some of those life lessons still influence me today. It was great you guys mentioned him because he was awesome and truly one of the most special people of our time! Old floppy socks and all! I miss him.

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  1. Is career scoring average will probably never be broken. I wonder he would of finished with if there was a three point line.

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