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It’s down to the Final Hours: Will they play, Greensboro Day versus Dudley?

Some sort of decision needed to made by 5pm this afternoon. Do you think we will see this game this season, like on that projected date of February 11 at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center?????

Give us some input. For example:
1) It will happen….
2) Not a chance….
3) We need more time, so maybe next year….

8 Comments on “It’s down to the Final Hours: Will they play, Greensboro Day versus Dudley?

  1. Hearing Dudley wont play!! I wish there was a way we could put some pressure on them. Be great for the kids and spectators. Certain people need to put their differences aside!!

  2. Dudley scared to get beat, i mean if i got my a** handed to me 3 times in a row i would be scratching to play. But some people just fear losing

  3. Why call them scared, what will the game prove.If Gds wanted to play, they should scheduled a game during the year.They can do as they please without backlash.Go play another private school ex…. WORD OF GOD, QEA,PATTERSON, OR CHRIST SCHOOL.Dudley schedule set.Find another dog to hunt

  4. I watched the basketball show online last night, Andy asked Dudley AD about the game and he said he has heard rumors but no one has contacted him from GDS nor the coliseum. So it doesn’t sound like they’re scared it sounds like GDS is talking but never really tried to get the game if no one ever contacted the AD from Dudley.

    I am a Dudley fan and I personally don’t get excited about GDS wanting to play. I got the same feeling from a few other Dudley fans I talked to.

    If Dudley doesn’t want to play, Why are you guys mad? Why does GDS want to play so bad? They won the Pizza Hut Invitational right? They are the champs of Guilford County for the fourth year in a row. Why do they feel the need to have to play Dudley all of a sudden? They knew last summer that Dudley was not going to be in the little 4, why didn’t they try to set up a game then?

    Dudley is a public school that have all kind of rules to play by, it takes more than the coach wanting to play to pull off a game in 2 weeks. I understand that GDS can do that but the public schools can’t do it so easily.

    I didn’t see GDS this year because I was not interested in the Little 4, so I don’t know who would win between these 2 teams but I really don’t care. My favorite team (Dudley) still has a couple of sale out games left to play that I am excited about (Cummings and Northern). It’s conference time and both teams should be concentrating on winning there conference so they can get home court advantage in the play-offs.(if that’s even how the private school tournament works)

    It may make GDS players, coach and fans season complete if they beat Dudley but Dudley’s players, coach and fans have better goals than bragging rights.

    Good luck GDS.

  5. Not sure why Greensborosports.com is trying to hype up a game that’s not even on the schedule for this year. I’m sure these two clubs can meet next yr and subsequent seasons if Dudley and GDS choose to do that.

  6. I totally understand the hype. It’s crazy that the two best prgrams in the city don’t play. So any opportunity to get them together would be great. No secret the coaches are not the best of friends. Who could forget the standoff at the Little Four several years ago when both schools were on the same bench and neither would budge. Both teams were warming up at the same basket. No matter what is said, there is bad blood. You would think Dudley would want to play GDS this year with what looks like a decisive advantage in talent. It is a shame this wasnt put together earlier. These two should play every year. As far as DudleyFan goes, I am not a GDS fan. However, I cant help but respect what they accomplish year in and year out. I think you could say everytime your team loses to GDS you feel as if you have the better talent. Maybe that is the reason Dudley doesnt want to play. Never took them to be a team that would back down from a challenge.

  7. Who said Dudley doesn’t want to play? gboroguy must be a member of the coaching staff at Dudley or GDS. No one really knows why this game did not happen, but I would think at this stage of the season it’s alittle late to try and schedule in a game like this. They can always play next yr. Personally, I would like to see Ragsdale and Dudley mix it up but again the ADs need to get together and work something out so these game can happen.

  8. You know what? Forget the fans…forget the hype…back the buses up to Grimsley Gym or Smith Gym or the Downtown Y (all neutral sites) one Saturday morning. Three refs, the coaching staffs, the players, and then lock the doors. Let them battle it out the old fashion way…have fun doing it, and enjoy playing each other. I bet Coach Price and Coach Johnson would prefer that anyway…heck this may have already happened for all we know!!!

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