Can we settle this with a three-on-three matchup?

We couldn’t get that Greensboro Day-Dudley matchup worked out last week so as one reader left in the comment box, maybe we could take this downtown to the YMCA and settle it there without all the hoopla and fanfare.

To take this one better, how about an outdoor matchup, which tend to be the best of all, and here’s how we would do it…..

An outdoor court game with three-on-three the game of choice, and that will settle the question of, “Who is the best, Greensboro Day or Dudley for this year”?

Three-on-three with this lineup, if you will, and it looks on paper to be one of the best in the country….

For GDS it’s: Jay Lewis, Javan Mitchell, and Christian Pulliam…..
For Dudley we go with: PJ Hairston, Brandon Pennix and Brennan Wyatt……

Coaches can sub as they see fit, but can imagine the matchups with Pennix battling Mitchell, Hairston versus Lewis and Pulliam and Wyatt going at it……

For those subs in this 3v3 showcase, you have Weavil, Rinksalis, Dorsett and others for GDS and Dudley can counter with Whitsett, Godette, and the freshman Reggie Dillard. Some parties may want Dillard to start out front in the three-on-three battle.

This would be one heck of a game and if the fans didn’t know where the game was being played we would have to find out like they did in that Clint Eastwood movie(Every Which Way But Loose) where Eastwood was boxing that guy in the barn on the edge of town and all of he sudden everyone in town knew what was going on in that barn.

They will have to find an outdoor slab and get this one sanctioned by the local hoop-it-up broker, but you never know, these kids may decide to pull this one off themselves.

And again can you imagine those 3-on-3 matchups????? Lewis on Hairston, Pennix checking Mitchell, and Wyatt man-up on Pulliam…..

You never know….If we hear anything we’ll call you……


  1. You guys get more ridiculous with each posting. First, the post “suggesting” that Freddie Johnson had tried to set up a game with Dudley to no avail and now trying to schedule some type of “pick up” game, at an outdoor court nonetheless.

    I think I will stick to for my prep info.

  2. If you leave here you will miss something and that is a fact. Can’t tell you what it is, but you need to stick around.

    If you are dissing the outdoor court movement, then I do take offense to that.

    I have spent 30 years of my life out there and we are not bums as you might be leading people to think.

    There is a true art to outdoor basketball and the many that have chosen this venue need to be respected and appreciated…

    I have met some great people out there in the cold, snow, sleet, rain and 90 degree temps of summer. This is where I learned my basketball and I learned to be thankful for the chacne to have been there and to have experienced it all.

    The outdoor court, away from the maddening crowd, could serve these kids well and don’t knock it till you’ve been there at dark on a cold night with the score all tied up at 16-16 and you have to win by two if you want to go home…..

    Thirty years and they have been the best days/nights of my life because I know basketball and I know how to appreciate it and I got that outdoors.

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