GDS coach Freddy Johnson says it’s time to move on

Coach Johnson is not leaving the Greensboro Day School, but he did say today, that it is time to move on and put the idea of the GDS-Dudley basketball game for the winter of 2009, on the back burner.

Coach Johnson said he did all he could to pull this thing off and he thought that they were close, but as we mentioned on Saturday morning, there will be no game this year between the Panthers and the Bengals.

If Dudley isn’t interested in playing the Day School this year then that is their decision and we respect it. The last thing we want to do is try and create some kind of war with our local schools.

We are here to promote, to hype, to bring it up to the bargaining table, but the end all is; we respect all of our local schools and we want to work with them all to make them better.

Maybe next year and until then, I do believe that GDS is still looking to fill one more game on their schedule.

How about a re-match with Ragsdale or maybe a date with the Northern Guilford Nighthawks?????


  1. public schools should not play private(recruiting) schools in any sport….how good do think johnson would be in a public school where he would actually haft to work…50/50 at best…power to dudley(public) for not playing them….private play private…public play publc..end of story

  2. I like how this site “tries” to stir the pot to one particular point of view. GDS never had any negotiations with Dudley for any games. Plus at this stage of the season it’s really too late.

  3. Dudley does recruit. How many players on Dudley actually live in the district? They are recruited via the Dudley academy. A GDS-Dudley game would be appropriate because they both can recruit. Even if they couldn’t recruit, it would be a disservice to the kids if you don’t let them play. The kids could care less if GDS can recruit. They want to play against the best competition. Freddy Johnson’s coaching philosophy would work in any of public schools. He teaches the fundamentals and teamwork. To think he would be not be successful at public schools is ludicrous.

  4. The truth of the matter is Johnson has been overrated for a long time. If not for the ability to recruit players and the subpar competiton GDS gets to play, he would have an average record at best. Beating up on St. Mary’s School for Blind doesn’t make you Dean Smith. Public schools should never play GDS as it only gives their program legitimacy.

  5. So, JE, which is it? Strong players or weak competition? Make up your mind. So far this season GDS is 6 and 1 against public schools, including wins over Page, Ragsdale, and Burlington Williams. Yep, pretty weak stuff Coach Johnson schedules.

  6. Ya boy Tom is tripping Dudley dont have to recruit, kids alr3eady wanna play there starting at young ages, the 6,7 and 8 yr old kids at Hayes Taylor YMCA wanna play for Dudley. That is not recruiting and if you think Coach Freddy is overrated then you need to try and accomplish what he has against other privy’s that do recruit and he has a smaller base than other schools that he plays against. You guys need to understand these are two quality programs that are right here in our area and we still got guys like you “haten” when you really should be appreciative of what they had done. Dudes some years one is gonna have the upper hand some years it is gonna reverse but that doesn’t make either less than the other. Real competitors will play whoever whenever regardless of conditions if you need help look at some of the civil right era’s especially in baseball. You play to win the game!

  7. I couldn’t agree more. I have come to grips a long time ago that schools in this area are not on a level playing. To say that one(schools that recruit- both public and private) has a bigger advantage over another is ridiculous. To deprive kids in this area from playing against the best competition because certain adults think it is “unfair” is crazy. When you go into the gym to play pickup, do you try to find the court with the worst players? GDS, Dudley, Page, Northern, Ragsdale,etc… should all play each other as much as possible. These types of games are what make high school basketball great.

  8. I’d love to see GDS and Dudley play this year. From the postings on this site so would alot of other people. Speaking of previous postings in Dudleys defense I read this last week, “I watched the basketball show online last night, Andy asked Dudley AD about the game and he said he has heard rumors but no one has contacted him from GDS nor the coliseum. So it doesn’t sound like they’re scared it sounds like GDS is talking but never really tried to get the game if no one ever contacted the AD from Dudley.” It doesn’t seem to me that the right people were involved in the negotiations. I like dealing with facts not rumors. Dudley is not a program that would back away from a great game if it was within the rules and regulations which governs.

  9. bunch of crazy talk around here the last few weeks. Dudley scared to play GDS. GDS scared to play Dudley. Why won’t Dudley play at GDS? Why won’t GDS play at Dudley? Why won’t they both agree to play at the coliseum?

    You know – very rarely does a game like this just get set up in a matter of days or weeks. Teams set their schedules months in advance – usually well before the season starts. Sometimes things just can’t be worked out. I’d would be surprised if either school was able to schedule a game at such short notice. As for Dudley – maybe they do have an open game (23 game rule per NCHSAA) they can still play. But what if they schedule GDS and then need that date to make up a snowed out/postponed conference game?

    I seriously doubt either team is running from the other – hopefully they schedule games for next year (or Dudley plays in the Little Four).

  10. Question for “pops” and “Johnny Edgeworth”:

    If Freddy Johnson is so overrated, yet Dudley has so much talent, please tell me what GDS’s record is against Dudley over the last 21 years, going back to their first ever meeting in Dec., 1987.

    I’ve seen GDS beat Dudley with players who have far less skill than the Panthers. You know what we call that?

    We call it coaching.

  11. I’ll ask this question again………. maybe I can get an answer this time…

    Why is it so important to GDS fans, players and coaches that they play Dudley???

    What will either team get from playing the other? The answer is not a tough game before play-offs, both coaches have been very successful for years without scheduling last minute tough games. Both teams have already had tough opponents on their schedule this year.

    Last time, please answer this question..

    Why is it so important for GDS fans, team and coaches to play Dudley.

  12. We know both teams are very good.

    We just want to know which one is the best this season.

    Fans, coaches, players, everyone likes the big game and we won’t know who is the best unless they play….

    No respect lost to either school if they don’t want to play the game. Their track records speak for themselves. Most successful basketball schools in our area in the last 15 years….

    Human nature says we are never satisfied until we know what is going on, on the other side. The true athlete is never satisfied, he always want to know more, accomplish more and take his game to next level.

  13. somebody brought up the little 4 so here is the question- why is gb day in the little 4? they are the only private school in the little 4..who picks the teams that get to be in it?

  14. I think the Greensboro Sports Council or the Sports Commission chooses the teams each year and I hear Dudley wants back in.

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