The WORST ending in television history

I still can’t figure out why we still watch this mess, this WWE and their Monday Night Raw and their monthly pay-per-views.

The storylines seem to captivate the audiences and keep people talking even after the ring has been torn down and the actors/wrestlers have moved on to the next town.

Our mind tells us that we could make those moves and we could grab the microphone and pull off the most outrageous interview in TV history. With our limited sports backgrounds, we all think we could do this wrestling thing as good as the guys on RAW.

Not to be…..But with all the so-called stellar entertainment, you have nights like this Monday with RAW coming off of a run of A-plus performances by Randy Orton, and we get what we saw at the end of last night’s show.

That was the WORST ending in television history. They spent all that time making Orton loook like a power-player, then they have Shane McMahon come out and destroy the “Age of Orton” and everything else in sight.

Shane McMahon looked he had been shopping at the Harris Teeter and that he had been taking lessons from the “Meat Clever”….Shane took Orton out and he beat the life out of 10-15 other men that got in his way in the process. We are supposed to believe that Shane McMahon could do this????? Are we idiots?????(Don’t answer that one!)

Orton was on his way toward the top and they ended up making him look like a buffoon. Orton was falling around like he lost his IED or IPD and you say he couldn’t rip Shane McMahon?????

Sorry piece of writing by the McMahon family, just as it appeared that Orton was on his way…..He is on his way now to looking like just another McMahon-puppet.

That had to be, “The WORST ending in television history”.


  1. Now that you mention it, this was a train wreck! I mean, SHANE is the revenge?! They would have been better served to throw Sim Snuka and Manu at him. If this is what Orton has facing him, then it’ll be easier for him to overthrow than it was for Austin.

    Come on, WWE! Especially after such a good pay-per-view, too.

  2. When Chuck Norris goes to sleep he checks his closet for Shane McMahon and prays he isn’t in there. Shane is a weapon of Mass Destruction.

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