What happened to Greg Paulus, the former starting point guard for the Duke Blue Devils?

What has become of Greg Paulus, the former starting point guard for the Duke Blue Devils????? Greg is a senior, and was the starting point guard when he came to Duke.

Why isn’t he stating now in this his final season?(One start in 18 games) He sure started the three previous years and did a fine job. I haven’t had the chance to watch much Duke on the tube this season and I’m sure there must be some sort of explanation for this and you are probably thinking, “why doesn’t he ask the coach”.

Ask K! Maybe I should send this in the form of letter to the Duke athletic department…..I am just curious how the kid that started the previous three years, doesn’t get the call his senior season.

Duke is going with Nolan Smith, Jon Scheyer, and Gerald Henderson in the backcourt, and I am assuming that Smith is the point, because Scheyer is the shooter and they call Henderson the swingman. Whatever they are doing must be working because they have only lost one game all season(18-1), going into the BIG GAME at Wake tonight.

I have studied point guards my entire life and for the life of me, I can’t see why Paulus isn’t starting…..

Anybody got the inside on this one?????

Greg Paulus 2008/2009 Numbers:
Greg Paulus 18 games, 1 start, 18.3 minutes per game, .378 FG%, .339 3FG%, .708 FT%, 1.5 RPG, 1.7 APG, .1 BPG, .8 SPG, 5.6 PPG…..

*****One start in 18 games, 18.3 minutes a game, 5.6 points per game.*****


  1. I would his “D” is and maybe lack of speed compared to Nolan Smith. He can still bomb the 3.

  2. I am glad you brought this up. I cover Duke and watch them from press row and I would never question Coach K but Greg Paulus really didnt do anything to lose his job as starting point guard. I am from Syracuse and Paulus is from Syracuse as well so I am a huge fan of this kid. There is nobody tougher or who works harder on the basketball court more than Greg Paulus. He has started for 3 years for one of the top programs in the country. His main problem is lateral speed which hurts him on defense. Nolan Smith is a quicker and more athletic PG that gives Coach K the defense he is looking for. I beleive Coach K and Paulus have a great relationship and only Paulus could handle this situation with Class and his Team first attitude. Greg will be instumental in how far Duke goes this season. He is a born leader and his 3 point shooting will be needed immensely down the stretch for the Devils.Look for him to be in the lineup during crunchtime of big games for his experience and leadership and his above average free throw shooting.Do not feel sorry for this kid because he will end up having a great year and career and will someday be a tremendous College Basketball Coach which is the reason he chose Duke over every other school that courted him.
    By the way, I had a chance to watch him play football twice when I was back in the ‘Cuse a few years ago and he was the greatest High School Quarterback I have ever seen. His brother Mike who is at Carolina is not half the QB Greg was. Who knows, maybe the NFL will draft Greg and persuade him take up football again. He was awesome as a QB.

  3. This is for John O. I’m from Syracuse also and followed Greg Paulus and his whole amazing family– even while I have been living here in South Carolina. Watching Duke play Texas tonight, I sat down and asked, ” Hey, where’s Greg Paulus?” (Have been too busy this winter to keep up). Your comment was enlightening. Maybe he’s simply a quarterback at heart. Thanks for your assessment.
    My brother, a veterinarian in Skaneateles, actually got the rest of our family turned on to Greg as a true dual-skilled athlete. Does Greg know he has a national fan club?

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