HS Hot List from Friday night

Page boys (8-0) Metro…Northwest girls (8-0) Metro*****Page boys and Northwest Guilford girls have clinched the regular season titles in the Metro 4-A Conference.*****

Dudley girls (11-0) Triad 3-A….High Point Andrews boys (8-0) Piedmont Triad 3-A…Ragsdale boys (11-0) Mid-Piedmont 3-A…Ragsdale girls (10-1) Mid-Piedmont 3-A…Dudley and Northern boys (11-1) Triad 3-A…

Eastern Guilford girls (8-1) North State 2-A

Helen Terry…Dudley…25 points
Tonisha Baker…HPA…25
Samantha Coffer…NG…22
Catrina Green…WG…22
Dorian McInnis…Ragsdale…19
Brianna Patterson…Dudley…19
Brittany Drew…Page…17
Kelly Tessitore…NG…17
Lakendra Wilkinson…Smith…16
Chevena Pickard….Page…15

Desmond Seegars…SG..31 points
Jay Canty…Ragsdale…30 points
Jacob Lawson…NG…21
P.J. Hairston…Dudley…19
Julius Brooks…Page…19
Carter Gourley…Grimsley…19
AJ Finney…Page…17
Brandon Hairston…EG…17
Jordan Weethe…Page…16
Wally Jones….Ragsdale…16


  1. if you don’t attend school are you not allowed to play in the game? does that equal forfeit? that would certainly shake up the metro race for 2nd if it is a boy’s player.

  2. What player from Grimsley are we talking about here? Can you give us a name? Was the kid out all day? Did he go to the doctor after checking in at homeroom? Did he or she check in after mid-day?

    What justifies school day attendance and how long do you have to be campus in order to be able to play that night? Is this news coming in from East Forsyth and are they aware of this?

  3. news coming from e forsyth – guilford county rules say
    A student who is absent from school will not be allowed to practice or attend any
    meeting of the team or group on the day of the absence. Exceptions such as
    funerals, field trips, college visitations much be approved by the principal in advance dont know who the player was

  4. has East Forsyth reported it to Chapel Hill? With the race so close after Page I wonder how this will turn out. It could be the difference in making or missing the playoffs.

  5. Who do you think the player would be? Who is the only player they can’t survive without? The coach tried to bend the rules for his star and got caught.

  6. Well potentially I would think Keith Manley, but Grimsley could also not survive without Carter Gourley.

  7. black lady in parking lot fussing about her kid not getting more playing time and cheerleaders in the bathroom talking about it supposedly reported to East Forsyth AD

  8. You can always count on Grimlsey parents to do some damage. Not that he should have been playing, but the team just won a nail-biter to all but lock up 2nd place but someone’s mom is complaining out loud in the parking lot. Sports in the 21st century. With it public I bet it has been reported, is that the case justice? If so I wonder how long it takes to straighten out something like that. Check out the before and after standings of a Grimsley win vs E.Forsyth compared to a loss:

    Win vs E. Forsyth
    Page 8-0
    Grimsley 5-3
    East Forsyth 3-5
    NW Guilford 3-5
    HP Central 3-5
    Smith 2-6

    Loss vs E. Forsyth
    Page 8-0
    Grimsley 4-4
    East Forsyth 4-4
    NW Guilford 3-5
    HP Central 3-5
    Smith 2-6

    so with 2 games left you would have 5 teams vying for 3 spots, all with a legit chance.

  9. It would not be to hard to find out if the kid was in school. someone pick up the the phone and call Mr. Newman the Grimsley AD, it is his job to make sure the kids are in or out of school on game day.

  10. Grimsley parents are rediculous in all sports. In baseball some parents got the coach fired. Now in basketball this happens? come on, get a life. However, the whirlies should be penalized if manley was not present for atleast 3 periods.

  11. There is no issue here grimsley will not be penalized. so apparently the kid was in class at least 3 periods

  12. Grease Ball James

    Folks please stop looking for ways to turn nothing in to something and let the kids decide it on the court. Parents wyho complain about their kids playing time are normally parents who have kids that are really not that good. Just think back when all summer long they were couch potatoes or you had to make them go do do something. Sometimes other kids are just better. Just because a kid practice everyday with the team does not mean it guarantees them playing time. Now the key is they must be ready when call upon.

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