WFMY TV2 chews up and spits out CSI: New York, late night Saturday

This may make for a better case for someone like E.C Huey over at the Triad Media Watch blog, but this really got my goat Saturday night.

Not much sports in this one, but it might give you an idea of what some of the sports people are watching when the games are over.

Late night Saturday and WFMY TV2 is showing CSI:New York and that is one of my favorite non-sports programs. Stella and Mac make a good team. Well, this CSI is going head-to-head with Saturday Night Live and MAD TV and Stella is winning that war in an episode that I had not previously seen.

One of the guys on the CSI:New York team, well his brother Louie is involved with some guys that pulled a Jimmy Hoffa on some kid and just as Louie gets beat up for talking to his brother, who is now a cop with the CSI: New York team, well Louie gets beat within and inch of his life and the scene ends just as Louie is headed to the hospital.

They cut to a commercial and when they come back they(TV2’s board operators) show the same scene all over again. They run the same entire scene again and even though it’s not bad having to see Stella again, Louie gets his but kicked again and he’s headed off to the hospital again and they cut to the same commercials again at the end of the scene we had just watched all over again and when they return from commercial the second time they are running the credits for the show. IT’S OVER!!!!!

It’s 12:30 am on a show that began at 11:30 pm and we don’t have a clue of what happened and how that show ended and thanks to WFMY Channel 2 we probably never will. That stinks….Aren’t their people watching????? Are the board operators sleep walking?????

How did that show end? I have seen this happen before and every time I do, I think this can never happen again.

Did anyone else notice this debacle?????? Come on Channel 2, why can’t you get it right??????

The viewers from Saturday night are left with an empty feeling and if I was one of Channel 2’s people, I would be embarassed. Stop the tape and and re-run it, and get it right. So what if you go over the 12:30 time frame. Start over, do something and do it right for a change.

Leigh Brock did a fine job with the weather, the new weekend sports guy had enthusiasm and Carole Andrews is genuine in her approach, but WFMY TV2 blew it last night in their so-called airing of CSI:New York.

Is this what we can expect from WFMY in the future? Is this what it has come to? They used to say News 2 Cares, but now it’s obvious they “Don’t Care” and to be honest with you, I want some Answers……..


  1. Andy, I know you don’t smoke or drink but I think you should let someone else get those answers
    you are looking for. Sounds like you need to get that Jericho guy from the WWE on the hook right away.

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