Page over Northwest Guilford on Senior Night — Reg. Season Metro4A Conf. Champs

NW Guilford started the game as hot as you can be. Going on a 8-0 run that turned into 10-3, then 15-3, 20-3, 26-5. Which ended the first quarter 28-10. Keep in mind that Page started 3 seniors that haven’t started a game all season because it was senior night. Combine that with NW Guilford hitting about 6 three point baskets, and Page had a large deficit to overcome.

Page would answer that Viking hot streak in the 2nd quarter with some three point baskets of their own, Jordan Weethee, De’mone Harrison, A.J. Finney, and Mitch Oates all connecting from long range. The Pirates would cut the lead to 4 at the half, making it 44-40 at the break.

The game would not slow down at all in the 2nd half, as both teams consecutively hit shot after shot. Julius Brooks would lead Page in the 3rd quarter with his array of post moves and soft touch finishes. 67-65 NW Guilford at the end of the 3rd.

The last quarter of this ball game came down to Page just outlasting NW Guilford. The Vikings looked tired, and the Pirates were still running almost full speed with the fastbreak. 83-75 is the final with a very entertaining game, to say the least. #32, Kyle Vebber, for NW Guilford had well over 30 points in this match up.

Page finishes as regular season Metro 4A conference champions, with a 9-1 record. NW Guilford finished 3-7.

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  1. What a day to be a Pirate! This game was wild. Just a few things, Page rallied in the second quarter to make the score 44-42 NW. After 3 quarters, Page was on top 67-65 and the Pirates held on in the fourth quarter. Again, the game was wild, put Page came out victorious.

  2. What a horrible year for the Vikings and their cocky new coach. Talked a big game but delivered absolutely nothing.

  3. OK Observer, Are You SERIOUS!!! Have you actually watched these boys play at all this year. The intensity is so much higher than past years. Have you not compared their stats to past seasons. These boys worked their butts of all year and only to hear CRAP like that, how unfair!!! Get Real here before you shoot your mouth off over something you obviously don’t know a whole lot about. About the only thing correct in your, uncalled for, statement is that Yes this coach is”NEW”. Just come out and watch us next year!!!!

  4. seriosuly?? its true nwg suck last year and didnt get any better and they worked twice as hard so what was the point of firing coach e if ya still going to lose

  5. But what you all are not keeping in mind is this is a Whole New YOUNG team. NW had 8 players graduate, and only 4 returning. They now have 4 Freshmen. Sure this is a new coach but he certainly does not have a magic wand that is going to make it happen in one year. They didn’t get ANY better??? They have won twice as many games this year already than they did in the past couple of year. Do the math. They will need time to mature. Just give it time. It is unfair to make negative comments like that.

  6. do the math? look at your confernce record? and the metro 4-a really only has 2 good teams page and grimsley… so before you say how good nw is getting think bout that? and as i see theres only one freshman that really plays and when he goes against some his side he is punished and will be till he gets in the weight room so .. i think as a northwest fan you should just be happy baseball is starting today

  7. There you go again Steve!!! Obviously you have not watched much NW basketball this year if you think only ONE freshman is playing. Point made, Ragsdale, a freshman scored 38pts and not the one you are talking about. When you lean the True facts come back. Time will tell, just watch them next year!!! Again they are a new young team!!!

  8. ok thats a reason they suck .. because i didnt even knew who played on the team.. and yet again next year you will suck and the year after that.. just face the point that nw basketball is never good.. your teams are good at jv congratss

  9. OK, Well I’m done with this NEGATIVE piece of work. Now we see what makes you a REAL man!!!!!!!!!

  10. There you go again you know so much about NW. 2 practices a day??? Another false, ignorant statement.

  11. Actually NO, they have had a couple of 2adays but only on a Saturday. Unless you are counting their PE class but that includes the whole NW basketball program, Freshmen, JV, and varsity, that is hardly a practice.

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