Terry takes another road/Two more leaving Grimsley

Helen Terry from Dudley HS has changed her mind and will now head to a college in Charleston, S.C. instead of Mars Hill. Terry verbally committed to play women’s basketball at Mars Hill on the National Signing Day and with that being just that, a verbal commitment, she can switch course and now she’s headed to Charleston Southern.

Charleston Southern is a large school and a little different than Mars Hill and they play in the Big South Conference.

I am still trying to fnd out what was up with Helen last Friday night when Dudley played and beat WG. According to the box score Helen did not score in the Panthers 69-34 win over the Hornets. Strange to see that on Senior Night and we hope everything is OK.

We also have word from very sound sources, which give us the news on good authority, that two more football players are leaving the Grimsley program and are headed elsewhere.

We will have more details on this one as the new week unfolds. Is there school scheduled for Monday on President’s Day?????

HS baseball practice is supposed to begin tomorrow……..


  1. Helen will actually be heading to Charleston Southern not College of Charleston. Friday night she actually played a couple of minutes 1st period but was sick. Hopefully she’ll be back 100% for the conference tournament.

  2. Helen will be back in full force next week………….no doubt!! The girls will not be denied this time.

  3. Keep us posted on the two kids leaving Grimsley.I think one has already left if i’m not mistaken.Is there two more besides the one that has already left?

  4. This is absolutely shaneful! I guess 2 more of our kids are gonna defect up to PAGE or Northern Guilford.

  5. Rumor is that two have already left and enrolled at Northern Guilford.Get Newman out of Grimsley. It’s been nothing but a big mess sense he became AD. How many more kids will we lose before the season starts?

  6. Another Dudley contributor; although not seen in the box score is back up 1,2,3 guard Kiera McIvor. Her appendix ruptured in late January and was just released from hospital last week. Surgery still pending she is out for the rest of the season.

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