Very cold for the first day of Baseball Practice

Very cold today at baseball practice for Southeast Guilford, Dudley and Page. I dropped in on those practices and we should have some pictures up for you soon that will give you an idea of what was going on during day one of the 2009 season.

The temperature at around 5:30 was 41-43 degrees and the wind was blowing and that wind was the main drawback, to what otherwise would have been a perfect day at the ballyard.

That wind was whipping and the ball was taking some funny bounces as the new season got under way. We will be making more stops as the season approaches and if you have any baseball news to send our way, please get it to us at

Two news items that are new to us for today. Alan Ashkinazy, owner and operator of the Greensboro Batting Center, has changed his mind and will not be helping out as an assistant at Dudley this year. I think I speak for many people when I say, we will sure miss Alan’s coaching at the baseball games. I do think we will still see him in attendance at many of the local HS contests.

Carmine Pagano owner and personal trainer at Carolina Acceleration will be an assistant coach this season at the Southeast Middle School and he will out there helping the younger Falcons.

If you have any more news please it our way.


  1. Counted between 50 to 60 student-athletes on the Northwest baseball field going out for the Varsity and JV baseball teams. Coach Sonny Gann should be as strong as ever. Ready to see the young men take the field with an excellent team all around.

  2. Is the rumor true that Alans long time assitant and student of Alan’s coaching Deon Clark will be at Dudley? If so I will be so glad for him. He is a great coahc and deserves a great oppurtunity as this. He has been in the shadow of Al for a long time and now may be able to show how good of a coahc he really is. He has coached my son in AAU and he has the ability to coach anywhere in the county. In my opinion he is already better then a lot of the coaches out here! He has learned from the best(Alan Ash) abd therefore he will be well prepared. So if this is the truth, I do wish you the best Deon!!!

  3. Alan even though you have decided not to coach at Dudley we want you to know that we still love you and we thank you for all that you have done for our kids and our program.
    We know that you are one of the best coaches in this town and God willing you will see
    your hard work pay off. Please know that we will continue to support you in what ever
    you are doing which we are sure will be suscessful.

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