Girls High School Playoff Action from 2/24/09

High school basketball scores from Tuesday, Feb. 24 –

Girls 4-A West
Mallard Creek 54, Page 38
Hopewell 54, High Point Central 43
S. Caldwell 63, Northwest Guilford 50
Smith 45, Davie 38

Girls 3-A West
Ragsdale 45, High Point Andrews 30
SE Guilford 49, Glenn 38
SW Guilford 74, East Rowan 53

Girls 3-A East
Northern Guilford 63, Union Pines 44
Dudley 72, South Johnston 28
Western Guilford 52, Oxford Webb 44
SW Edgecombe 36, NE Guilford 27

Girls 2-A East
Goldsboro 67, So. Guilford 49
Eastern Guilford 80, Northwood 50


  1. As I looked in the sports section, I saw there was no score on the Page girls game last night, do I have to go to Charlotte to find out the results? but as I see they were unable to win. What about the ending stats? let me know please. I hate the season is over for the girls, I think they have alot of talent and hope they can bounce back next year.

  2. I know the sports page is for high schoolers but I would like to say congrats! to the Mendenhall Mustangs girls basketball team, under the leadership of coach Rogers coach Cabiness they are undefeated conference champions.

  3. What happened to the Northwest Girls? They have such a good team. I thought they would go far in the playoffs.

  4. This may be an overall relfection on the Metro 4-A Conference. Maybe not as strong as we thought with #1, #3 and #4 all going down on the opening night of the playoffs.

    I h ave been hearing that those Charlotte teams are real strong for the girls and the boys and the Smith girls have West Charlotte up next.

    Who would have thought that we would see the Grimsley girls go from #2 in the State back in 2007 with 5 DI signees last year to becoming the only team from Guilford County not to make the playoffs this season. No disrespect toward Hank Bullard, it just happened that way.

    And who would have thought we’d see Northwest Guilford and Page gone for the girls in Round One, but Western Guilford, Northern, Southwest Guilford and Smith still in heading toward Round Two?????

  5. Excellent basketball discussion going on here and as I was earler; to carry it a step further…

    I was at the Eastern Guilford-Northwood girls game last night and I was telling one of the Eastern parents that if I were coaching against EG, I would try some junk defense and go with a triangle and two against Capricia Smalls and Miranda Jenkins. Make the other EG Wildcat players beat you. Smalls and Jenkins had 55 of EG’s 80 points last night.

    I don’t think most people realize how good a player Smalls is. She looks like an older college-type player out there.

    As I was thinking about that Triangle-and-two, I also realized that if I am Coach Gunn of Eastern, one of the first things I will work on in practice today is having Jenkins and Smalls work against the Triangle-and-two or go against a five offense vs. eight on defense……

    Sooner or later the defense is going to come after Capricia and Miranda and I know Coach Gunn will be working on this……I might even put two defenders on Jenkins and two on Smalls in practice and have them work against that…….

    55 of your teams 80 points, that is a two-man/woman load and the opposition will be breaking that down and getting ready for them in their practice today. At EG they must be a step ahead or at worst even with the opponents and work on the plan to score against those trick defenses and the traps.

    I’m not completely sure you can stop Smalls and Jenkins one-on-one……

  6. Jay you asked for it and you got it and it’s not Toyota but here’s that box score for you…..We deliver:


    Page 3-8-7-20-38
    M. Creek 15-15-12- 12-54

    GREENSBORO PAGE 38– C. Pickard 16, Bell 2, Drew 11, Sweezer 3, Oakley 4, Fowler 2.

    MALLARD CREEK 54 – Neely 2, Tillerson 6, Benson 15, Flowers 10, Faulkner 5, Spruill 2, Tarver 2, McKenney 10, Mareske 2.

  7. I am amazed that I haven’t seen anything (other than the score) of Western Guilford’s upset of #1 seed Oxford-Webb. Brittany Glency had 29 points to lead a #5 over #1. Was anybody at the game? It must have been special. WG has been getting better and the coach should be given a lot of credit.

  8. WOW! Western Guilford over Oxford, Webb was a big suprise to me. That was great for that team after reading about them in the News and Record with only 12 girlstrying out for that team. What a story that is.
    Andy or Tom, Do you have the box score from the Dudley, S. Lee girls game last night. It seems that Helen Terry has hit a cold spell in the past few weeks. Just want to see what she did last night.

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