NCHSAA 2nd Round Men’s Playoff Basketball Scores

Page wins over North Forsyth 69-53.

West Rowan defeats Ragsdale 71-63.

Northern Guilford tops SW Edgecombe 83-62.

HP Andrews over Marvin Ridge 64-48.

Dudley 73, Southern Lee 64


  1. Mount Tabor and Page will meet in Winston this Friday. They beat Charlotte Vance. Sorry about those who were fans of Ragsdale. They are overrated in every sport. Football and Basketball. Sorry, maybe next year.

  2. tad bit uncalled for there Zac, but whatever….the Page/Mt Tabor game has the potential to big a GREAT game! Page is their only loss and it happened on the court they will play on friday. Sure it will be a great high school basketball environment.

  3. so tell me Zac Baker – which team that you pull for did those over rated Ragsdale team s whip all over the field or court this year?

  4. Mark, he’s probably just a poor sport. Doesn’t have the humility to congratulate someone when his team gets beat. Would rather hide behind a computer screen and comment. Ragsdale beat Page in football and basketball this year in two good games. Both games were well-played. He probably has some excuse.

  5. “Mark,” I will be cheering for the Dudley Panthers. However, my child plays for Northern and both my sons attend the school, I will be following them too. In all, hopefully, the two will meet in Greenville to advance to the State Championship.

    The funny thing, the Western Regionals are played in Greensboro this year and Dudley and Northern may have to travel 2.5 hours away from home to play down there. ECU has one of the worst atmospheres for a high school basketball game. I have been down there the past 10 times.

  6. Zac – you are the biggest Ragsdale “hater” I have ever seen. Seems to me that Ragsdale beat Northern Guilford this year…were they overrated then. Last night they ran in to a real good team with a superstar player who took the game over in the fourth quarter. This should have been a semi-finals or finals matchup, but that’s not how it works in the NCHSAA.

    Northern on the other hand draws a 8 – 16 team in first round and a 16 – 8 team in second round. I hope they go far unlike you who just want to bash teams you can’t beat. That’s all you’ve done all year…get a life

  7. yes it really is sad clipper isn’t it. Another fan that just can’t handle getting beat by Ragsdale. Ragsdale heard it all year during football when only one team was able to beat them. And we all know how good Dudley was and we also saw who was the only team in the playoffs that could give them a real game into the fourth quarter.

    This Ragsdale basketball team was anything but over rated. Like you said they just had the misfortune to draw a rediculously tough second round match up. I don’t recall seeing any other second round games between top ten teams last night.

    As for last nights game, a cold start by Ragsdale and an out of this world performance by KJ Sherrill did them in. And as much as Sherill beat them by himself (33 points, 16 rebounds,7-7 in the fourth quarter) it was very much a team effort. They made just about every foul shot last night and I understand they normally are a bad free throw shooting team. They made their threes in the first half (some were from 25 feet) while Ragsdale missed theirs. But where they killed Ragsdale was on the boards. Everybody on West was getting after it under the glass. Ragsdale made a great run in the third quarter taking the lead into the fourth but ultimately Ragsdale just had no answer for Sherrill inside. Big, fast, athletic and also highly skilled.

    The West team in general was physically imposing. I understand they had seven players from their state champion football team and it showed. They were very physical and the refs let them play that way. Ragsdale just didn’t have the physical presence to match them.

    Unlike sore loser Zac – I’ll wish his TWO teams well. Sure makes it easier to pick a winner when you ride two horses.

    As for Ragsdale – FANTASTIC season boys. You were fun as hell to watch this year and the seniors, especially Wally Jones and Josh White will be sorely missed. Shoemaker did a great job with this team. They had a great chemistry and played as a team all season. 4A next year but with Canty, Roberts, Plummer and Alston back as a nucleus they will be very good again.

  8. Easy Money

    Dudley is the beast! Dudley will run the table! PJ IS THE MAN! No one else in this area is even close! Dudley girls will run the table! Dudley girls by 40 tonight! Its EASY LIKE SUNDAY MORNING!

  9. Mark (wossa),

    I was pulling hard for you guys (Ragsdale) in the 3A bracket. Sorry to see you guys lose like that. I knew that when you guys came back from being down by 26 and ultimately beat Page early in the season. I knew the Jamestown Bengals would be a tough team to beat later on down the road.

    -Joe (PagePirates44)

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