Guilford County HS Basketball Player-of-the-Year

We were working on the Top Ten teams last week and we are all the way down to the Regionals and it’s time to at least be thinking about who will be our Guilford County Basketball Players-of-the Year.

Do we look at players who have taken their teams to the next level? Would our Player-of-the-Year be the kid out of Jamestown who’s team lost in the second round?

Here are some possibilities and let’s hear from you as we get set to nail these spots down over the next week…..

Boys:Who gets the call?
PJ Hairston-Dudley(Still in the Playoffs and the Top Gun on the Dudley Panthers.)
Jay Canty-Ragsdale(Left the Playoffs early, but still one of the top three players in Guilford County…Is he the best?????)
Jonathan Frye-Northern Guilford(If these kids go all the way, then somebody’s got to get something.)
Michael Neal-Northern Guilford(He could be the man that takes them to the promised land.)
Jay Lewis-Greensboro Day(MVP Pizza Hut Invitational, MVP Josh Howard Challenge at Coliseum Special Events Center)
Tony Washington-High Point Andrews(If HPA goes all the way, then this is your man.)

Girls:Who gets the call? I have always put a lot of credence on players that keep their teams alive in the playoffs and we only have one girl’s team left and in my opinion, the top player comes down to:
Breonna Patterson-Dudley
Helen Terry-Dudley
*****If the Dudley girls win it all, then take your pick. Both ladies have played extremely well with Helen and Breonna both having BIG games throughout the season.*****


  1. Good picks Andy…
    Most fans will agree that we give it to Dudley’s Girls “STARTING FIVE” (Terry, Patterson,Roach, Farr, Drayton). They are the POWER-PAC of Dudley’s Girls Team. The word on the street is that they ALL showed up, and showed out at every game, begining and end. We ‘ve enjoyed seeing this group of young ladies preform together… They have kept us on the edge of our seats all year!
    What you say Greensboro?

  2. I second that motion. Dudley’s starting 5 are Guilford County Players of the Year.

  3. As long as no player from Greensboro Day School wins Guilford County Player of the Year, I am satisfied. Javan Mitchell is 20 years old. There is no telling the age of Jay Lewis. I am so happy Dudley is trying to find another tournament to play in besides the Greensboro Day Invitational (Little Four). Dudley brings the most supporters and always play in the final, but gain the same share as a team who lost in the first round…I call that pimping.

  4. I can believe it. Dudley would prefer not to play in the tournament. They love traveling to different countries and playing different teams in diverse tournaments. Why should high schoolers play grown men? Javan Mitchell is a grown man. 20 yr old playing in a frigging high school tournament. Ridiculous. By the way, Greensboro Day was eliminated by other grown men at Ravenscroft.

  5. Dudley girls definitely are a force to be reckoned with. Helen and Breonna are probably the best backcourt in the state. They compliment each other very well. Helen has had box and 1’s on her all season which opens things up for Breonna. (who is equally as dangerous as Helen) Breonna takes it hard to the basket with authority with a high connect ratio and can shoot your lights out from the perimeter. Her defense is awesome! Helen will shoot your lights out from the perimeter and penetrate for a lay up or dish to a post player. She also puts alot of pressure on ball. You might want to call them Thunder and Lightning, Salt and Pepper, but most of all BEST friends! They both have been bless to have been surrounded with GREAT athletes. Desiree, Jessica, Porsha, Chell, Kiera, Bigelow and a freshman class that’s outstanding! It has definitely been a TEAM effort. So “Player of the Year” goes too LADY PANTHERS!

  6. It is rather demoralizing to see college-age kids competing against high schoolers. GDS should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen. Just goes to show that it is all about the All-mighty $$$ at some places.

  7. I think we all realize that GDS plays by a different set of rules than most of us but what is teh harm in playing them? It’s not a conference game and has no impact on end of season seeding. Playing the better teams helps you. It helped Ragsdale. Our conference was weak. Maybe Ragsdale should have played more teams like GDS. I get the impression Dudley doesn’t want to play GDS.

    As to the money, that tourney is a windfall for the schools that play. Being in that event brings a smile to the face of school AD’s.

  8. Does GDS allow prep players? 13th grade? I am assuming they do. So what? Like Kirk says, it is a non-conference game. BTW, there are so many parents that hold their kids back for athletic reasons. I would imagine that a lot of our public schools have a 19 old or two on the roster. Northern and Dudley probably don’t have any older kids because they both have mostly sophomores and juniors. Most other basketball hotbeds have multiple private/prep schools. DC, Philly and New York have a lot of GDS type schools. All it leads to is some great basketball games. If our local schools think it is so unfair, don’t play them. The only outcome is that the kids won’t be able to compete against the best. If you ask the kids, they want to play GDS.

  9. As far as player of the year, you can’t go wrong with Helen Terry or Breonna Patterson. I wouldn’t eliminate kids just because they lost in the state tournament. Gretchen Bennett, Dorian Mcinnis, and Courtney Arrington should also be given some consideration. As far as the boys, PJ and Canty are the most talented but a case can be made for J Frye or Michael Neal. GDS has the best team even though they don’t have the best players.

  10. I am amazed at the number of people willing to say very negative things about high schools without knowing what they are talking about. GDS belongs to the North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association. The only difference between NCISAA rules and the public school rules regarding age eligibility is that NCISAA rules limit players to 3 consecutive years of eligibility beginning in the 10th grade. Public schools allow 4 consecutive years beginning in the 9th grade. Both have an upper limit on how old a player can be (a player can’t turn 19 on or before August 1 of the current school year). So there aren’t any 20 year-olds and there aren’t any boys vs men match-ups. I’m sure the public school players would object to the idea that they are boys playing men when they play GDS. Most of those guys have been playing with and against each other in AAU for years.

  11. As far as MVP, dont forget Keith Manley at Grimsley. He has avg a Double double for the last two years and lead his young team to second place in the Metro this year. Look at this kids numbers 19 ppg 11 rpg and 3.5 block shots and was the only returning starter from last years team. Check the numbers!!!!

  12. I have no dog in this fight, but as a former coach and parent of a high school athlete I think it’s wrong for college-age students to be on the same floor as high schoolers playing sports just as high schoolers should not be alowed to compete with middle schoolers. It doesn’t matter if it’s Greensboro Day or Charlotte Country Day or Ravenscroft or whoever. It should not be allowed to happen.

  13. I don’t know what y’all are talking about with the dudley starting 5 when they lost to NORTHERN by 20 and 10!!!!!!
    if it was a starting five then it would be Northern.
    If Northern wins state it should be michael neal or johnatahn frye
    if dudley does pj harriston
    if both lose then Jay Canty

  14. jime4, apparently YOU can’t read. I think the starting 5 comments were relating to the girls’ team. What do those teachers at NORTHERN teaach anyway………

  15. “I think we all realize that GDS plays by a different set of rules than most of us but what is teh harm in playing them? It’s not a conference game and has no impact on end of season seeding. Playing the better teams helps you. It helped Ragsdale.”

    If it helped Ragsdale so much then why are they not still playing? Northern, Dudley and Andrews didn’t play GDS and they are still going strong. I don’t think it helped you as much as you think it did.

  16. My bad, i thought it was boys. I don’t go to northern anyway you **** head. i’m no longer in highschool.

  17. Zach Baker,

    I would highly recommend you do your due diligence before you go around saying false information about high school kids. To set the record straight Jay Lewis’s birthday is March 11th, 1991. That makes him 17 years old for the less talented mathematical minds in the audience. Also, Jay has never re-classified. Javan Mitchell is not 20 years old either…

    Moral to the story: If you don’t know the truth – keep your mouth shut until you have something that has some validity behind it.

    – Tarheel Fan

    Also, I think Helen Terry should be the girls player of the year.

  18. If Jay Lewis hasn’t reclassed, then explain how as I llok back at my little 4 programs, he just played in his 6th little 4. I know private schools have the advantage of playing 8th graders in varsity sports but that would only account for one year. So he had to reclass to have played in 6 little 4 tournaments. He has more experience in the little 4 than most of the coaches who coached in it this year.

  19. It amazes me how people talk about these KIDS who play basketball – BE POSITIVE!!!!First of all, they are ALL good players to be playing varsity basketball, and secondly constantly talking about the “best” players defeats the whole concept of the TEAM sport of basktball. It doesnt matter how many points someone scores if your defense is poor. I get so tired of the question always being “how many points did you score?” as if that defines how good of a player you are. Many of the highest scoring players actually have a pretty low shooting percentage, and many of the hardest working players are self-sacrifing players who are willing to pass the ball off for the best percentage shot rather than “go for the glory.”

  20. jdog

    Many of your top players can do both. First one must have the ability. Secondly, most are results oriented and understand that if we do not score and play defense that there is a good chance that their team will have a hard time winning. Do not confuse a person with a high percentage because they take 5 shots a game and make three versus a person who take 12 and makes 5. One may have more confidence in their abilities and may be more of a risk taker and plus they very seldom clam up when the game is on the line. Which would you rather have. A player that plays the same position that averages 13 ppg, 6 rebs and take 13 shots per game. Or the one that averages 4 ppg, 8 rebs and shoots 8 times per game? Who is the Most Valuable Player at Dudley boys and girls?

  21. Thank you “James.” As I have stated before, these are guys who are 19 and 20. Someone stated earlier “no one is 20 years old.” Javan Mitchell is 20 years old. I met his family from Louisiana. Tyler Hansborough is 24 years old playing in college. These children are allowed to play against grown men in high school. Is it fair, no.

  22. James,

    Jay Lewis has played in the Little 4 5 time not 6 – … his 5 times were— 8th grade, and then 9-12. You either a- don’t still have your Little 4 programs, or b- made a human error and accidentally miscounted.

    – Tarheel Fan

  23. jdog

    Who is Roy Williams and every other college in the nation coming to watch in Greensboro?

  24. Zac,

    Tyler Hansborough is 23…

    I have yet to see you post information that is factually correct…

    I enjoy reading post and would rather not comment but I don’t enjoy reading false information.

    Javan Mitchell just turned … just like Julius Brooks and other kids in the Triad playing hoops…

    You posting false info is a disingenuous gesture to everyone who enjoys the blog…

  25. Zac,

    Tyler Hansborough is 23…

    I have yet to see you post information that is factually correct…

    I enjoy reading post and would rather not comment but I don’t enjoy reading false information.

    Javan Mitchell just turned 19 this past week… just like Julius Brooks who is 19 and other kids in the Triad playing hoops…

    You posting false info is a disingenuous gesture to everyone who enjoys the blog…


    Tarheel Fan


  26. Daman

    Amazed, many have to pass the ball because they cannot shoot or have not worked on their game enough. The sacrifice is in the off season and not during the season. Running into a table or wall when it is not neccessary does not constitute hustle. Being smart does!

  27. Tarheel fan, these advantages do not give them an advantage? Although I am a Dudley fan, Jonathan Frye and Michael Neal can not go unmentioned. They are good. PJ Hairston always give Jonathan Frye a basketball lesson, he should be considered too.

  28. lilpinki

    Helen Terry is the Player of The Year. Now do not be surprise if Anna Freeman from Davidson get it . Eron Thompson from Bishop Mcguiness did not have a great year. Who is the best under the radar girls player in Greensboro? Who is the best under the radar boys player? What boys player has the ability to do a lot of different things on the court? Wht girls player have the ability to do a lot of different things as well. What boys player is the most consistent in all areas of the game? What girls player is the most consistent?

  29. Anna freeman doesn’t live in GUILFORD Co. The question was who would be player of the yr in Guilford Co.

  30. I forgot that PJ Hairston had a lot of blocks in the second game against Northern Guilford. Roy Williams realizes that this guy is the truth. Johnny Dawkins was recruiting him on behalf of Duke until he took the job at Stanford. Yes, PJ for player of the year.

  31. Yes Helen got Player of the year and Breonna got Defensive Player of the year. 5 dudley players made all conf.

  32. Who would be area players of the year? My vote would be for Anna Freeman. The kid is amazing. Hustles non stop. All around player. I am really excited to see her play tomorrow against Salisbury. Both meetings Salisbury lost but only by 6 then by 2 so I’m excited to see who shows out.

  33. As a sophomore PJ Hairston has to be a shoe in for Player of the Year. Simply comparing this kid to everyone else you have to see he is the best. The meer fact that he is a sophomore and accomplishing the resume he has is amazing. Already a 1000pt scorer! That has to be some kind of Guilford County record in itself. This kid is amazing and keeps getting better, which is something special. What will he be like two yeras from now when he is a senior? It is almost scary.

  34. For all of you Greensboro day fans Jay did re class . If you remember he shattered his ankle his freshmen year.
    Not to take anything from Jay he is still a great basketball player and a wonderful student. He’s looking at Yale
    and Harvard.
    Now for Dudley girls they are really good but not the best back court in north carolina.
    West charlotte, Butler Mallard creek are far better teams. I cant forget East Meck. West Charlotte has two
    All Americans. Butler has 5 girls going D-1 with a soph. that is 6.3 that is top 10 in the country . East Meck,
    all i’m going to say is get ready for next year.
    Dudley plays three A basketball, Next year when they come to
    Four A, a different story, the game will change. Also watch out for Smith high school great new coaches and
    they were the only team to make the second round of the state playoffs in Greensboro as a four A school.

  35. Can anyone tell me when the area conferences will name the all conference selections and the player of the year selections. I’m also curious about the all-state teams and AP all state teams. When can we expect to see these and where will they be listed. I really hope the news and record does a better job with reporting than they did last year.

  36. Lakendra Wilkerson 5’10” SF/PF at Smith High School should be in any conversation for player of the year in Women’s Basketball in Guilford County. She is versatile, athletic, hardworking, and tenacious. She led her team all season. Congratulations should also go out to Smith High Lady Eagles for their outstanding season. After starting the season 0-6 they were arguably one of the best teams in the area finishing 11-4 and going to the second round in the state playoffs for the first time since 2000. In my opinon to truly be the best you must play the best, that meaning 4-A basketball. Dudley had a terrific season but they played in a very weak 3-A conference winning every game by 20pts or more. Helen and Breonna are great players and should do well at the next level, but watch out for Smith’s Lakendra Wilkerson, Ashlye Dubose, Katrina gibson, Quon Greer, and Destiny Carter in the
    20-09-10 season

  37. I personally know both Jay Lewis and Javan Mitchell. Javan just turned 19 like many high school basketball seniors do. He is well within the confines of any rules concerning age. Plus he is a student at GDS, not a “prep player” or “13th” grade. And secondly Jay Lewis did not reclass. People need to shut the hell up until they get some facts. Why is gds receiving all of this hate? Because it has the best basketball program in the area if not state plus the best coach.

  38. PJ Hairston was named Player of the Year in the News and Record on Sunday. I thought it was a really good article. He is an amazing athlete and a good person. I know his family personally and can truly say they have done a fine job with this young man! I remember his days in football and I know he was good, but I believe basketball is his thing!!!

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