Wednesday High School Playoff Scores

Instead of spending $89 to report the scores via the Internet, Greensboro Sports depends on Call-In Reports.

3A West Regional Boys (Final)
Concord 72
Charlotte Catholic 62

1A West Regional Girls
Bishop McGuiness 54
Robinsville 29

More later as we search for quarters.


  1. I see the Western Regional is weak. Charlotte Catholic with a losing record only lost by 10 to a defending 3A champion, Concord. The winner of the Eastern Regional will win the 3A championship hands down. I really see that happening. Northern Guilford, Dudley, and/or Kinston will become the champion. Bertie has no chance (although I am rooting for them over the NC Gaters/Northern Guilford Nighthawks.

  2. I hear Bertie has a 300 lb’er in the middle. Lawson should have his hands full down low.

  3. I’m not sure if Jacob scored in the 61-59 win by Northern Guilford, over Northern Vance. I remember seeing Frye, Neal and McCain big in the box scores, but no Jacob.

    Jacob will have to be there on Friday night. I was talking to Mike Talbott from Starhoopers last night and he said that Bertie does have the Bear and they have a couple of quick guards too.

    Mike Talbott also said that Bertie is coached by Lester Lyons a former ECU player and a guy that is very well known down East. We’ll check on all that and try to get you more.

  4. Andy and Rey, what are Northern and Dudley’s chances of meeting in the East Regional final. For some reason, I believe this may be Dudley’s year to top Kinston. Kinston and Dudley rivalry reminds me of Burlington Williams and Dudley’s rivalry. Dudley beat Williams 4 straight years to reach the Regionals and State Championship. The same for Kinston. This will be Dudley and Kinston’s fifth time meeting in Greenville. The closest Dudley has came to beating them was in the East Regional championship game in 2006. They lost by 9. Kinston has always beaten Dudley by double digit scores.

    Northern Guilford will win their game. Dudley has a chance. In the end, someone has to beat Kinston (The Evil Empire).

  5. Dudley Stud

    Northern should not even be mention in the same breath with the PANTHERS! They cannot even carry the Panthers jock strap! Panther Nation will ROCK & ROLL!

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