Battle of the Buses, Cars, Trucks, Vans: On the Road to ECU

We need to have a battle of the buses, cars, trucks, vans, motorcylces, mopeds, bicycles, covered-wagons, horses and whatever means of transportation you have, to see how many people we can get down to Greenville in support of Dudley and Northern Guilford on Friday night.

It’s time to step up, step out and get on board the train as it heads into Greenville with the last stop being the Williams Arena inside the Minges Coliseum on the East Carolina University campus.

The Nighthawks and Panthers need your support and it would be great to see 300-500 fans from each school or least 600 to 800-plus fans pulling for our two Guilford County schools.

Let’s get a crowd into that building as you cheer on in hopes of an All-Guilford County final with Northern versus Dudley on Saturday night.

Right now, Friday night is the trick. If both teams draw well on Friday then with a Dudley-Northern matchup coming on Saturday night, I think the fans will be headed down to Greenville for certain.

But, we have to get Greensboro/Guilford County people into Greenville and into the Minges Coliseum on Friday night to combat the crowds that near-by schools Bertie and Kinston will be bringing in.

Our local teams need your support on Friday night. Northern can’t fill up the Minges Coliseum, or can you?????? Will you be pulling for or against Dudley? I don’t care what you are doing, but I hope you would pull for the Panthers and they same can be said to Dudley, to pull for the Nighthawks. Can we all pull together for one night on this one, and then go back to the fan-wars on Monday?????

The most important thing is that we need Guilford County people and Nighthawk-Panther fans in those seats at ECU on Friday night. For everybody that shows up and if we recognize them or they come by and let us know they are in the building at ECU, we will give them a FREE MENTION here on the web site and that’s got to be worth about a $1000.00…….

We will be looking for you on Friday night in Greenville at ECU as you do your part to come out and support the Northern Guilford Nighthawks and the Dudley Panthers in their quest for the State 3-A Championship.

By bus, car, truck, van, train, plane, crane, motorcycle, bicycle, mo-ped, horse, covered wagon, or whatever, head down-east and check out the games on Friday night. Start times:Northern at 7pm and Dudley at 8:30pm.


  1. Andy, I am taking my 3 sons and myself to the game. Where are you going to be located? My oldest sons go to Northern Middle, so they are Nighthawks. My 8 yr old and myself are going for Dudley. Now that I think about it, if Dudley loses to Kinston and Northern beats Bertie, I will drive to Raleigh and root for the Nighthawks. Hopefully, Dudley can break the Kinston curse and beat them to go 1-5 in the Regionals.

  2. We’ll be doing radio for both games tomorrow night and we be on the side opposite the team benches….Look for the short guy(me, point guard) and Jim Modlin the tall guy(6’8 center).

  3. I hope that both schools pull it off. I am coming up to you and I hope to get that shout out on the radio. We used to listen to the station all the time. Well enjoy the trip and be safe fellas. We will leave Greensboro at 4:30.

  4. Unfortunately I can’t make the trip. But my neighbors are all packed and ready to go! They’re giving their support to the Nighthawks. I will be sporting my purple pride @ work! I had made arrangements to get the scores via text but I’m so glad I can get hear it on the radio. Sometimes people 4get bout u. Lol Go Nighthawks!

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