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I was on the phone earlier in the afternoon with Mike Talbott from Starhoopers and and Mike sent us some inside info on the Bertie-Northern Guilford and Kinston-Dudley games for tomorrow night in Greenville at ECU.

First and foremost, Mike Talbott said, that top to bottom, this is by far the most balanced and most talent-laden of all eight of the Regional pairings.

We are talking the best of the Boys 1-A, 2-A, 3-A, 4-A and girls 1-A, 2-A, 3-A, 4-A…..The 3-A Boys East Regional is the Beast/best.

We know Dudley with PJ Hairston, Brandon Pennix, Brennan Wyatt, Reggie Dillard(Talbott really likes this freshman-great defender), Trey Godette, Chris Whitsett, DeShaun Manuel and other Panthers.

And we know Johnathan Frye, Jacob Lawson, Michael Neal, Christian McCain, Asad Lamont, Dylan Berry, John McBeth, JR Grant, Victor Dillard and the other Northern Guilford Nighthawks.

What about Bertie and Kinston? Northern plays Bertie at 7pm and Mike says that Bertie is big and strong on the inside. Bertie has 6’9 315 pound Travis Bond and down in the paint with Bond they have 6’9 215 pound Curtis Moore. Sounds like a battle for Christian McCain on Bond with the physical matchup and Jacob Lawson would match up well with Moore.

The top offensive player for Bertie is Wy’kevin Bazemore whose brother is already at ODU. Bazemore is joined on the wings by Keon Moore. Both Bazemore and Keon Moore are tall wings at 6’4. The offensive leader for Bertie is 5’7 guard Chris Richardson, a senior and team captain. Bertie is very tall overall, as you can tell with 6’9, 6’8. and the two 6’4s but Mike Talbott from Starhoopers says both games on Friday will be toss-ups, the talent from all four sides is that good. Lester Lyons is the Bertie coach and he has quite a reputation for finding basketball talent and developing it, down-east.

Talbott says you can expect Kinston to play an up-tempo style and much of what carries Kinston is their tradition. The tallest player in the Kinston lineup is their top-scorer, 6’7 junior Reggie Bullock. Bullock committed to North Carolina as a sophomore and he is averaging right around 24 points per game this season even though he missed 5-6 games/weeks with a knee injury earlier in the season.

Bullock is the key cog in the Kinston offense,(Talbott says he is a shooter, passer, scorer) with the other players being mainly wing men that average around 8-12 points per game. The Kinston big man is 6’5/195 Dallas Best and even though he is not the best player on the team,(Bullock is the Boss) he is still coming in at 14ppg.

The point guard, Dori Hines, is a strong ball handler and he has the luxury of having been with the team through their Championship runs. As we mentioned back up court, the Vikings are loaded with wings including Marques Jones, Mister Height, Josea Singleton, and pt./wing DeMarcus Quinerly. Victor Holloway(6’7), is the official 6th man for Kinston and this year they are not quite as deep as in the past, but they still go 8-9 men deep.

One more thing that has helped out Bullock, at least when he wasn’t out with the knee injury, is the fact that Reggie Bullock spent much of last summer working out with eastern North Carolina and Kinston-native, Jerry Stackhouse.

Now you know a little bit more about Bertie and Kinston and we thank Mike Talbott from Starhoopers for for the info and we hope it helps as you make your plans to head down-east Friday to watch the NG Nighthawks and the Dudley Panthers.

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  1. Your right about Kinston..But People dont give Credit to Charles.B Aycock’s Combo Guard Tahiem Williams..He’s Hands down one of the best players and guards of the class of 2010.Averaging 18.8ppg,6.8apg

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