Dudley at Grimsley baseball game for today Cancelled: NO GAME

Dudley was scheduled to play Grimsley today at 6:00pm @ Grimsley. This game has been cancelled due to field conditions per the Grimsley athletic department.

NO GAME TODAY between Grimsley and Dudley. There was some talk that Grimsley might still be on the road over to Ragsdale today for a game/scrimmage. If anyone has any definitive word on this, please let us know.

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  1. I now see what they say about the Grinsley AD is true this man is a trip.
    I know for a fact that he spoke with Dudley yesterday evening and said there was a 50-50 chance that we would play this baseball game today and the whole time he was
    lying and planning to play at Ragsdale. That is very unethical and and unfair to the kids. I hope this guy get what he deserves because I see that he is not to be trusted.

  2. I think it is a win win situation for. Dudley kids & Parents can now travel and see their peers compete in the Basketball Regionals. I am sure they will work it out. Not unusal for AD work out schedules with they other programs making a championship run particularly in the money sports (Basketball / Football) Its all about bodies in the seats & $$$$$$$$$. The kids will get their chance to compete and the Grimsely baseball facilty needs some work not ware.

  3. Grimsley is playing at Ragsdale tonite and Taylor Lee has been named the opening day starter – rumor is Taylor may have gotten a full ride to UNCC to play baseball, anyone know if that is true. My best guess for Grimsleys lineup is – Logan Dunn at 3b, Gabe will be catching, Shumate at SS, Shaq at 2b, Jacob Dooley at 1b, Saw in LF, Tucker Rogers in CF and Daniel Massey in RF. Good luck to all my good friends on the Whirlies especially my boy Gabe – you are the man!!!

  4. If the AD had been honest and told Dudley the truth yesterday maybe we would have
    made plans to go to Greenville. Proactive and planning is what is what we do.
    We start our conference schedule on Tue this is why this was planned.
    Just be honest thats all we ask.

  5. If it is true that Taylor Lee is going to UNCC to play baseball you can give Alan Ashkinazy a large part of the credit. Ashkinazy gave Lee every opportunity to succeed last season and Taylor obviously made the best of it. Great job Taylor Lee and Coach Ashkinazy!!! CONGRATS

  6. just so some of you can get all the facts, the Grimsley field was totally unplayable. I was told the same for Dudley but cannot confirm. I can confirm the Grimsley field was not playable. And on top of this, the game with Ragsdale was not set until this morning. the Ragsdale field was very playable. So before you jump the Grimsley AD’s butt, get at least a few more facts.

    Turned out to be a 1-0 Ragsdale win. No hitting and some good D and pitching.

  7. The game today was exactly how kirk said it was. For the whirlies, the main hitters dunn, dimock, massey, and highfill were shut down. Great pitching from hixon. However big ragsdale was shut down as well with campbell signee kyle brandenburg getting the only hit. Both teams played great defense, especially the whirlies starting with shumate, harrelson, elam, and dunn with some nice plays on 1st. Dimock was a stud behind the plate as well. Grimsley will surprise many people this season.

  8. Our boys did not. We were told it was a possibility but not for sure. Even after we finished our game thursday night down at Southern Lee they could not tell us for sure.

  9. Kirk- It was said that Grimsley was responsible for dropping Dudley to play Ragsdale. Ragsdale was not mentioned for any wrong doing. It was said that the AD and perhaps the coach at Grimsley had this change pre-planned. Again, no accusations directed at Ragsdale so move on buddy.

  10. Did anyone think to ask Dudley is their field was playable, no that would have made to much sense? The bottom line is the Grimsley coach and AD felt it would have been less shame on them is they loss to Ragsdale than if they loss to Dudley. It happens in sports all the time, you feel better loosing to a power house than loosing to a team you are expected to beat. How could Grimsley explain loosing to Dudley, it’s called the fear of competition. Could you have imagined what the headlines would have read, “DUDLEY FINALLY BEATS GRIMSLEY IN BASEBALL”, hey that day is coming. Time for change baby!!!!! I was told that the coach looked dumb founded as his team racked up the strikeouts. I got a suggestion coach and AD, cancel your schedule and practices for next week and take the kids to the GREENSBORO BATTING CENTER, I was told Mr Baseball is a hell of a hitting coach.

  11. Dudley Alum I like that, I think the time spent at GBC would be PRICELESS!!!! I got another suggestion get Lay Lay off the track team and back on the baseball field. Insert DJ and Shaq into the starting lineup (to much offense sitting on the bench) and Grimsley may have a decent team. Don’t be scurd to play all those black kids at one time, like Dudley Alum said “It’s time for change”.

  12. why wasnt yuri johnston playing yesterday? I thought he was going to be a key player this year for the Whirlies.

  13. If this is any indication of the rest of the season… Grimsley could be the sleeper of 4-A teams. Yesterday they proved that they can pitch and play defense with the best of them…all they need to do is hit. once the big 3- Dunn, Massey, and Dimmock start hitting and carrying the team, Grimsley looks like they have a legit shot to win the metro 4-A

  14. Getitstraight, I did not take it as a slight towards Ragsdale. There are two sides to everything. I don’t know what happened at Grimsley and don’t pretend to. just saying we found out Friday morning. Not looking for a argument. 🙂

    Nam, not sure where you got it was our #4. We don’t number our pitchers. They can all play.

  15. I’m glad everyone is now seeing what we have been putting up with. Please get Newman out of Grimsley.

  16. Kirk I see you dont care for Dudley and thats ok. If I remeber correctly you were the
    same person that cried in football season so Im happy for you because Ragsdale has a much better baseball team than football. But for the records I happen to be standing with the baseball coach when the AD from Grimsley called and said that it was a 50-50 chance that we would play on Friday so that is a fact and the Guy was lying the whole time. There is a problem with people like you who run there mouth and when someone calls you on the phone you change your tune what happen did he scare you?
    Good luck with your baseball season

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