Baseball from Friday and how about some of these scores?

Southeast Guilford 2
Southwest Guilford 1

*****How could SEG beat SWG when the Falcons lost Moyer, Cockman, Medley, Venable and others and SWG is picked with Ragsdale to be among the best 3-A teams in the state this year? How did this happen?

Southwest is loaded and the High Point Enterprise chose the Cowboys to be one of those top teams to beat this season. Tony Sutphin will be sending us some inside and insight later, but with pretty much just Webb and Tobias, how did Southeast steal this win on Friday.?????*****

Northern 22
Smith 0
*****Unfortunately for coach JB Baynes and Smith, no suprise here. Northern is goig to be strong with the Wells brothers and George Carter might be the best power hitter in the area. Northern will cause problems for more than one team this year and if their pitching develops, they will challenge for the Triad 3-A title.

Ragsdale 1
Grimsley 0
*****How could this game be this tight????? Did Ragsdale mix in their JV’s with the regular Varsity players? Was it such a dominating pitching performance by Grimsley’s Taylor Lee, that Ragsdale could not get anything going? Kirk Sparks were you there and did Walt Sparks, Billy Stone and Nick McBride play in this game yesterday????? Who has the scoop?*****

That’s the only surface news I saw from yesterday, but I did see where NEG and Vandalia also were winners. Northeast over Eastern and VCS with Steven Conger and Jon Bethea over Caldwell Academy.

With the temperatures right at 80 degrees outside, it’s good to see everybody talking baseball again and was there a KEY SHOWCASE at Ragsdale today? People have been asking and wondering if that is why Grimsley wanted to get that game in over at Jamestown on Friday.

This is where the ball stops rolling and Tony will have more coming up later in the weekend……..


  1. Northwest won a late game slugfest over Western Guilford 16-10 Friday night . This one had two of the premier catchers in the area with senior Alex Swim (Elon bound) behind the plate for Northwest and big junior Macon Smith behind the plate for Western Guilford. I believe Northwest lefty junior reliever Garrett Stell got the win. Of the many hits by both teams, Glenn Clemmons had a three run homerun to the opposite field to tie the game up 10-10. Macon Smith had a homer for Western Guilford as well as Cory McKinna.

    Northwest also won against Northeast on Saturday 11-1. I believe Stephen Mekita got the win for Northwest.

  2. Northwest sounds like they are still loaded with plenty of talent. Sonny Gann does a good job with those kids.

  3. Thursday Ragsdale 4-0 over Southern Lee
    Friday Ragsdale 1-0 over Grimsley
    Saturday Ragsdale 8-0 over Northern Nash

  4. Andy, just saw your comment on the Ragsdale/ Grimsley game. The Grimsley pitchers did a good job changing speeds. Lots of off-sped pitches and lots of strikes, lots of ground balls on a slow infield. While Ragsdale did not hit well, it was because the Grimsley pitchers did a good job. Tip of the cap to those boys. Ragsdale was in the middle of 3 games in three days. Coaches did a good job managing the pitchers over the last 3 days. Bennett Hixson threw a 68 pitch 1 hitter for Ragsdale.

    I really hope everyone in the Grimsley community gives these coaches a chance. Grimsley has a very good coaching staff. Head coach is Jason Simmons, tons of experience at all levels and an educator. Then they have Chuck Sharp who played at High Poiunt and coached for years at Ragsdale. Then they got JK Whited who was a star catcher at UNC-A for 4 years and started all 4 years. I realize Grimsley has lost some players to transfers but these guys can teach the game. In time Grimsley baseball will be on top.

    Grimsley starts 2 middle infielders and 1 is a freshman and the other a sophomore. As these boys and others grow Grimsley will be good.

  5. Thanks Kirk. Excellent comments and you are right we need to give these kids a chance.

    Didn’t JK Whited play for Dean Sink along with Chad Baker, Alex Sink and Gator Lankford a few years back for the Jamestown Jammers AAU?

  6. Sounds like if you take the coaching experience of the new Grimsley staff and multiply it by 12 it would be close to Ashkinazy’s. Best of luck to that program as they go thru change.

  7. While I like Alan, you have it the other way around.

    Some people need to let this go.

    Andy, yes, JK was part of the Jamestown Jaguar group. I think they won 4 National Championships in a row. Kunta Hicks also played. Gator coached at Ragsdale for a while also.

  8. wheres the comments on southwest, and where do you get the info that there loaded, i need to here this, pony up with the info

  9. Kirk we will let it go when we get a phone call like you did a few weeks ago.
    They tell me that you climbed under a rock with that phone call.
    Is that true???????

  10. Ethan Ogburn, Elliot Slack, Bo Rein, Will Kellum, Cal Sutphin and I am sure we are leaving out a few of the top Cowboys coached by one our area’s finest coaches, Reid Holmes. There were a couple of kids on Alan’s Colt All-Star team from last summer from SWG that I thought were really solid kids.

    You have to like Holmes and Chris Causey, a couple of Western Guilford boys.

  11. if thats loaded then other teams have a arsenal, so like the title says how did SEG beat them and also now that i see that tonys son plays there(thought he went to SEG, NO I MEANT GRIMSLEY) how come we cant get info, if hes the reporter. pony up waiting to hear.

  12. The 3 run homerun by Glenn Clemons in the 6th to tie the game 10 to 10 and will prove to be one of the most important of the season. Western Guilford was on their way to beating and upsetting 8 th ranked NW. This homerun fired up NW and they defeated WG in the 7th. Mikita and Clemons each had 3 hits to lead the 15 hit attack against WG. Boy what a game!

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