Dudley girls Champions: 89-72 winners in the East

Women’s 3-A final from JH Rose HS in Greenville, N.C.:
Dudley 89
Winterville South Central 72

*****The Dudley girls(29-3) are your East Regional Champions and they will play Forestview(27-4) for the Women’s 3-A crown next Saturday in Raleigh at N.C. State’s Reynolds Coliseum.


  1. Congratulations to the Lady Panthers of Dudley High School. I am happy they were allowed to play their uptempo style of basketball without the referees interfering with their momentum. I hope the Lady Panthers will win their first State Championship.

    Lets Go Panthers.

  2. Congratulations to the Dudley girls.

    The Greensboro community stands proud! Talent, Talent, Talent.
    A team with heart, drive and focus. Keep up the spirit… and keep the heart to win. We will… see you in Raleigh.

  3. Wow! What a beautiful show by the Lady Panthers. They didn’t get much love from the Greensboro paper this year. It seemed to be all about Ragsdale. However, I wondered what was goin on with the McIvor girl. Why she wasn’t playing.

    In the last 30 seconds she was sent to the scorer’s table to a round of screaming applause and screams of call a time-out; call a time out.

    Coach Kris Britton called a time out with about 15seconds. In the McIvor girl went. into the arms of screaming and jumping up and down team mates. Dudley inbounds the ball to senior Helen Terry. The McIvor is in the corner. Terry gets past her man and sends a beautiful pass to McIvor. McIvor fakes right penetrates left. She is met by a hard body foul. The gym is now in oooh and quiet. Her team mates are rushing to make sure she is ok. She is fine. Six seconds she is now at the free throw line. She makes her two free throws to the thunderous applause of the crowd and team mates.
    I am confused.
    I found out that her appedix ruptured late January (I believe the story is she was in the hospital for 8 days) and has not been able to participate in any PE activities and was just released on Monday to participate.
    The end was story book for both Helen Terry and seniros, Coach Kris Britton and her staff, and the chemistry of the team. I see why she adores her kids.
    Coach how wonderful of you to give the McIvor girl the opportunity to participate in the win.
    Now Coach and Ladies go wrtie the last chapter.
    Good Luck

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