Let’s look at Northern-Forestview and you better be pulling for the Nighthawks!

Northern Guilford(29-3)-Gastonia Forestview(25-6) coming up at 7:30 Saturday night at Reynolds Coliseum in Raleigh and we need to take time to look at the Nighthawks and Jaguars as they prepare to battle for the Men’s State 3-A Championship.

I have seen Northern Guilford at least 10 times this season and the Nighthawks have gotten better with age and believe it not, these kids are getting older. I have always been a big fan of Johnathan Frye, since I saw him for the first time coming off of the bench, as a skinny red-head for High Point Central back when he was just a freshman.

I saw Frye against Northwest Guilford back in 2007 at Guilford College and that night he showed me he could run the offense, rebound and the kid could DUNK. Jacob Lawson has been a factor since the first time he walked on the basektball court for Northern. At 6’7, and with the long arm-span/wing-span, Lawson can control the game from the inside out and he does with his long arms sending visiting shots up into the seats.

Frye and Lawson were the first two guys that stood out for me in the early days of Northern and they have only gotten better this year. Lawson has really stepped up here late in the season and his defense along with Christian McCain standing with him near the basket, well that is a very strong defensive force for opposing teams to try and overcome. I do think this made a big difference in the Kinston game last Saturday night. Northern had both of the big men in there and it’s tough to bring it toward Lawson and McCain, when the those two forces are in the lane at the same time.

Forestview will send DeJuan Means to the hole and he comes inside at 6’3, but he only weighs 155. Means had 24 points in the Jaguars 60-54 win over High Point Andrews at the Greensboro Coliseum last week. McCain and Lawson have heighth and weight on Means, but they will have to keep a close watch out for Calvin Smith, who checks in at 6’8/205 for the Jaguars. Smith had 10 points and he hit the boards hard against High Point Andrews.

The Jaguars have 6’0, Preston Holmes and 6’1, Jack Sumner in the backcourt and they start 6’0, Chris Johnson at the other forward spot along-side Means. The Nighthawks should match up well with the Forestview guards/wings when they send out Michael Neal and Asad Lamont to join Johnathan Frye in a three-guard system. Neal has shown me more this year than any other Nighthawk when it comes to eye-opening performances. Neal penetrates and takes the ball to the basket as good as any guard I’ve seen play this season. His penetration has been phenomenal here in the post-season.

You would not believe the space Neal was receiving as he went to the basket in the opening-round East Regional game last week against Bertie at ECU. To put it in rapping terms, Neal can steal, and he can wheel and deal. Neal has become like a consummate point-guard, but his teammate Aasd Lamont compliments him so well, and they form a solid one-two system out front for the Nighthawks. Lamont can help you with the outside shot and physically he is a little bit bigger than Neal and that brings you extra strength on defense.

With Dylan Berry, John McBeth and JR Grant coming in off of the bench, you would have to give the Nighthawks an edge in depth. Berry can bury the three-pointers, McBeth is a slasher who can take it to the basket and Grant can use his size to give Northern an inside boost off of the bench.

It appears that some people have chosen to cheer or pull against the Nighthawks as they go for the State Championship. We need to bring as many of those naysayers as we can over to the side of Purple and White as they get ready to try and bring the Title home to Guilford County on Saturday night.

It’s not just Northern going for the Title, it’s Guilford County and the surrounding Greensboro area. The Nighthawk kids can do something special. Give these kids a chance and again, just look how much they have accomplished already.

This is Northern’s time now and let’s hope it’s all Northen Now on Saturday night when they take the floor against Forestview in Raleigh at Reynolds.


  1. After some limited reading on both teams (we all know Northern), Northern should be the favorite. Northern has talent at every position. Good guards, height, speed and pure talent. If they play well they should control their destiny. Of course, games are not played on paper. Anyway, good luck to the Nighthawks.



  3. I have watched the Nighthawks all year and they have developed into a very good team. I am definitely pulling for them. Even if Northern isn’t your team, you should pulling for them. Not because of their basketball talent, but because they are a quality group of kids. I also want to see the Dudley girls bring home the prize. These girls play so hard and with such enthusiasm. They come at you for the full 32 minutes.
    Go Nighthawks! Go Panthers!

  4. Your right about one thing, they will definately be representing Guilford County. They have players from all over it.

  5. While I have strong feelings on the subject I would hope we could all pull for the kids.

  6. Everyone knows that the PANTHERS are the real deal around here! Who is Roy Williams coming to see? Jonathan Frye? I don’t think so! Does anyone disagree?

  7. One player don’t make a team agree? That’s why NG is playing for a state championship. It seems like a lot of cry babies on this site LOL. Maybe next year for Dudley oh wait NG whole team will be back oh well maybe 2011 LOL.

  8. You Dudley boys gotta give it a rest. You had a good year and many are happy for you. But now it’s Northern’s time. Be a good sport. It’s the state championship.

  9. Nighthawks4Life,
    If you are a student at Northern Guilford then we can throw out the argument that players are transferring there for educational reasons.

  10. Wow I really can’t believe grown people are acting like this. These are kids playing for the highest title in the state. A feat that obviously Other teams couldn’t do. Why can’t we let them have their moment? Northern didn’t knock Dudley out, Kinston did. Be mad @ them.

    I will be making the trip today to support both teams. Dudley girls and Northern boys deserves all the support. Doesn’t matter what school you represent.

  11. Look Congrats to NG. I’ve been following the NG story for a while now. Seems like a lot of NG fans wants to make this about Dudley complaining. But correct me if i’m wrong Northwest officials have complained, Did you guys read the news and record yesterday. Page Coach stated “someone got to McCain”. One thing some of the NG fans have to learn is to remain humble and not become so arrogant.
    You guys from NG should read Dave Telep article Reggie Bulluck, PJ Harristion play classic. Read a little of it below.

    “Kinston and Dudley are two of the state’s most storied and prized programs. They have combined to win seven of the last nine eastern 3-A championships. Jerry Stackhouse played for Kinston, Brendan Haywood suited up for Dudley. The programs produce college players as well as pros. Next year they’ll go their separate ways and join different classes within the state. Gulledge said after the game that he’s committed to keeping the rivalry alive”

    Seems like NG will become a storied program for all the wrong reasons.

  12. Nighthawks’ success comes with criticism, controversyFriday, March 13 ( updated 11:23 am)
    By Robert Bell
    Staff Writer
    More at The Locker Room blog: “Addressing the Northern Controversy”
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    Northern’s newbies: A team without seniors has won 20 straight (Mar. 13)
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    GREENSBORO — A year after starting Northern Guilford’s boys basketball program from scratch, coach Stan Kowalewski has put together one of the best 3-A teams in the state. The Nighthawks enter Saturday’s championship game against Gastonia Forestview with a 29-3 record and a 20-game winning streak — all without a single senior on the roster.

    But Northern’s swift success hasn’t come without barbs of criticism from some coaches and fans who say Kowalewski has used his connections with a local Amateur Athletic Union basketball program to aggressively funnel Guilford County’s best talent to his program.

    At least 10 of the 16 players on Northern Guilford’s roster also play for the Greensboro-based North Carolina Gaters, the state’s largest AAU basketball program. Kowalewski is vice president of the Gaters and one of the program’s coaches.

    Kowalewski this week denied recruiting players or their parents to move into Northern’s school district — which would be a violation of N.C. High School Athletic Association rules.

    Nevertheless, the president of the North Carolina Gaters last year asked Kowalewski to step down as coach of two of the program’s high school-age basketball teams to try and avoid future accusations.

    Kowalewski said he agreed to step down “to do everything possible to dampen the perception people have of me with Gater players.”

    That perception began shortly after Kowalewski left High Point Central in 2007 to start Northern’s program:

    l Jonathan Frye, a freshman who played for Kowalewski at High Point Central and a member of the Gaters, followed his coach to Northern.

    l Jacob Lawson, another Gaters player and a prospect who was ranked as one of the nation’s best middle school players, showed up at Northern Guilford as a freshman in August 2007. At the time, Lawson’s family lived in Caswell County, which would have made Lawson ineligible to attend Northern.

    A few days before the start of school, Lawson’s father, Louis, was hired by Northern Guilford as a custodian, according to Guilford County School records. Children of parents who work at a Guilford County school can attend that school regardless of where they live.

    Northern principal Joe Yeager said Louis Lawson was hired based on his experience — Lawson was a school custodian in Caswell County.

    “Do people really think I would hire someone to take care of a $42 million school because his son can play basketball?” asked Yeager, who said he learned Lawson’s son was a basketball player during the job interview.

    The Lawson family has since moved within the school’s boundaries, Yeager said.

    l In August, Kowalewski’s 19-and-under Gaters team won a national AAU tournament in Orlando, Fla. Four days after returning home and just days before the start of the 2008-09 school year, Christian McCain, one of the Gaters’ players, transferred from Page to Northern Guilford.

    Tim Frye, Jonathan Frye’s father, said his family moved into Northern Guilford’s boundaries for academic and basketball reasons. Valerie McCain, Christian McCain’s mother, said her family moved for academic reasons. Louis Lawson declined to comment.

    Northern athletics director Derrell Force said all but two of Northern Guilford’s players live within the school’s boundaries — a fact supported by a Guilford County Schools investigation last year stemming from similar complaints. He said two players have received special assignment to attend Northern from the school system.

    Guilford County athletics director Leigh Hebbard said the school system investigates legitimate claims of recruiting. He declined to discuss last year’s investigation because it occurred before he assumed his current position.

    Yeager said he supports Kowalewski. It’s typical for families to move into a district, he said, when a new school is built. “That goes for athletics and academics,” he added. “You never hear about the freshman moving in to take calculus classes.”

    Page coach Robert Kent, himself a Gaters coach during the summer, said he believes all of Northern’s players are eligible. He said it’s hard to comprehend, however, that McCain, his former player, and so many other elite Gaters players moved into Northern Guilford’s district without prodding.

    “Without a doubt someone, somewhere got to (McCain) and gave him options,” Kent said. “That has to have happened. How else does a kid find out he can play somewhere else?”

    That’s simple, said Billy Britt, president of the Gaters. Britt said AAU players — especially elite AAU players — have historically shopped their talent around.

    “Kids are going to do things to benefit themselves,” Britt said. “(In Northern Guilford) you’ve got a brand-new school with an excellent coach. That’s pretty attractive to players.”

    This isn’t the first time Kowalewski has come under scrutiny. In September, Kowalewski filed a defamation suit against Northwest Guilford athletics director John Hughes, after Hughes sent an e-mail to his principal about rumors of recruiting at Northern.

    The suit was settled out of court and terms of the settlement were sealed. Kowalewski and Hughes both said they were happy with the outcome.

    Kowalewski said he feels bad for his players who have to deal with anything but the excitement leading up to the school’s first championship game. He said his players have heard chants throughout the regular season and playoffs and read Internet posts from fans accusing the team of wrongdoing. “They’re determined not to let this bother them,” he said.

    “It’s a shame other coaches and schools have spent so much time complaining and worrying about this,” Kowalewski added. “If they spent as much time working and developing their players as we have, maybe they would be playing this week and not us. Instead they want to spend more time whining and complaining.”

  13. it doesn’t matter how hard you work. In this area if you have a good player, just about every other school is going to try and recruit them over. Thats what the shame is. Yea Northern works harder and develops players, so much that some parents are complaining because their sons aren’t improving. Thats what the shame is. The last quote was the most arrogant thing I have ever heard. Yea, people have worked hard to develop teir players, if THEY hadn’t then someone else wouldn’t be playing today.

  14. for what its worth I hope the players get everything they deserve. It is good for the area when players do good things. So if that means winning a championship and getting DI schollies then that is great. But how on earth can anyone think SOMETHING is not going on there? If there is, then it is really hard to pull for a school like that.

  15. what exactly is a “special assignment” ?

    it seems to me there needs to be two different classifications for high school athletics,

    class one,,, for the schools that would like to compete with the kids that live within the school boundaries and exemplifies the true spirit of high school sports.

    this classifications would probably identify your best coaches in the area because they take the hands that they are dealt with and sometimes are able to form strong programs through hard work, dedication and forming players over a period of time.

    class two,,,,for the schools that would like to operate like a aau or college program.

    coaches are able to aquire athletes through a number of methods,,,

    -families with money will move

    -special assignments will be granted ????

    -jobs offered ????? who knows

    in most of these schools, the coaches are smart enough to stay out of the recruiting limelight and give way to an over zealous parent who will do the the dirty work,, all
    the time claiming that he’s doing it for the kids well being.

    some of the kids that get involved with these programs are steered there because their parents are able to prearrange their destiny,,,just like they have in every phase of their lives,,,,,some good athletes get their because they feel like they must only play with the best (alot of these guys are actually running from a program where they might be asked to be leaders or where their true talent level may be exposed if
    all of a sudden they have to bear the burden of beig the stud.

    some of the kids that are shipped in,,, are studs that are needed to cover for the kids from above in order to win games,,, when these kids careers are over,, it’s back to the old neighborhood.

    most class two coaches could not win in the class one environment,,,,

    they probably need to move on to the college level,,,but just don’t have the ability

    for that, so they choose to stroke their EGO by loading up teams and beating the crap

    out of a bunch of kids from the neighborhood.

  16. a joke – you speak the truth when you say someone has developed the talent of these kids from other schools. It is not, however, the coaches at their former schools. It is, rather, the AAU coaches that have developed them. These kids are so good because they have been taught the game by coaches that know the game and these kids have played against teams that have full rosters of D1 caliber players. These players do not show up to get ready to play when the highschool season starts, they are working year round.You should not be bashing the program at Northern just because you , or your kid, are not as good as the many dedicated players at Northern.

    To Coach K – Thank you for helping this group of boys be the best they can be.

    For the record, I do not have a child that plays basketball but I do understand and appreciate what it takes to achieve excellence.

  17. Does old Stan K work outside of coaching? Does Stan have children? I am curious because most of the coaches I knowI know can do very little during the off season due to spending time with their families oh yeah and the strict rules that are set for them not not to have but a certain number of athletes from their team together at once.

  18. AAU coaches….are you serious? Wow. You just showed why there is no reason to have a basketball discussion with you. Yea, an AAU program and maybe 2 practices a week in the summer is going to do more than 100+ workouts and practices over the school year.

  19. Hey Joe……Most coaches are not as passionate and dedicated as old Stan K. You had better be careful with your accusations, you could be next.

  20. Coach K states that everyone hides and that they are just jealous of him and Northern. No I believe that Stan is jealous that he can’t hide form the fact that he recruits and that finally a crap load of people are complaining. You don’t have an ego? Give me a break. AGAIN IT IS NOT THAT KIDS ARE TRANSFERRING THERE. IT IS THE FACT AT THE FREQUENCY IN WHICH THESE KIDS COME TO YOU. Let me guess you are such a great guy and wonderful coach that young athletes just want to be around you. I am not saying you are not a good guy but a teenager isn’t going to up and move because they like a grown man that much and just leave their friends behind without some prodding from a either a coach or a parent or both.

    Another point. I want everyone to think about how schools used to be, you know community pride. Where each communty took so much pride in their school and had a vested interest in its students because the students directly reflected the community as whole. Schools were beter then because the community helped raise the kids you know the old saying it takes a village. Nowadays there is no community in the vast majority of our schools which in my opinion is a direct reflection of the descent of our schools.

    If you wanna make our “community schools” better then make them community schools again where everybody around the school has a vested interest in its happenings.

  21. Now Now, or I could be next. Is that a threat? Look I am not at all attacking his character,,, if I did it was not meant that way. I just wish the guy would admit that he has pushed athletes to come to his school, which in the rule books is illegal. I’ll even say that he is a good coach. I will at the same time say that the original dream team didn’t really need a coach in the olympics I mean c’mon.

  22. Hey everybody I have heard that kids are transferring there for academics. Maybe the school does have great academics. The question is how would anyone know that before the school opened or even a year after it opened. There hasn’t been any way to come to that conclusion yet. Another thing remember that there aren’t even 9-12 there yet so a complete school atmosphere isn’t there yet to start bringing down the academic results like it will and does at other schools.

  23. good points anon

    its kind of like the two bear hunters going out for the kill,, ones

    got a water pistol and the other has an uzi,

    at the end of the day,, water boy has killed one bear and uzi has ten.

    who is the better hunter ?

  24. if it is all about academics then every one of those kids claiming so would be at Grimsley which is rated one of the top high school in AMerica. Now, I wonder why they would choose a supposedly highly academic new school with zero history over one that has a national reputation. That would seem to be the proper question.

  25. Good luck to Jacob Lawson and the rest of the Nighthawks. Although I am a die hard Dudley Fanatic, someone else deserves a shot at the thrown. Dudley has went 10 straight years, 2 championships, 2 runner-=ups, and 5 exits to Kinston. The better team is representing tonight.

    Good luck Northern Nighthawks and bring home the trophy.

  26. Anon – you are wrong and dont know what you are talking about. Kids and parents will always go to play for the best coach. I dont know coach K – but I guarantee he does not recruit, he doesnt have to. players and athletes will come because they care about sports at northern. Some of these players may never go to college if it was not for them excelling in sports. Alot would probably not pursue college at all unless they can keep playing basketball and other sports. I would bet academics is thrown up as a reason because it is more socially acceptable then saying I am going for basketball – i wish people would just be honest and say I am going to play basketball for the best coach. They will keep coming until Stan says it is not worth all the people whining. One day Northern will be coached by some parent and they will be 10-20 and some kid will quit playing because the parent coach is an idiot. That player will go to work at McDonalds, instead of having Stan push him and get him into a college somewhere where he has a chance at a future – all you parents and complainers should spend you time making your child a better athlete and shut the hell up.

  27. BASEBALL… They care about sports, wow. How can all of you people that say Northern this and Northern that when Northern hasn’t been around long enough to be anything. Give me concrete proof that it is better than school A or B at this and that other than they recruit and get the better basketball and players around. Kids are going to be recruited no matter what school they are out. If they are good enough colleges will find them. By the way baseball I played Division 1 baseball and do know a little more than you think. Remember there are a lot of coaches that don’t get credit for how good they are. You ought to check some of these coaches past histories before you say that some are no good. If a kid wants to work hard and be good I don’t know of too many coaches that will stop him.

    Good coaches can make athletes better but only an athletes hard work can make an athlete great.

  28. Remember community schools have communities that care about the students and athletes futures. you have good community schools and they will take care of having good coaches, good teachers that will in turn take care of their good and even not so good athletes. Give the schools back to the communities and you will see better school competition not just in sports but in academics as well.

  29. Dudley 60

    Forestview 58

    Dudley claims another state title and The Panthers leave the 3A ranks claiming 2 consecutive football titles and 1 basketball title for the ladies. Dudley keeps on doing it BEST!!

  30. The academic course offering at Northern is almost identical to all the other high schools in Guilford County. Hard to claim that the education is better there when the course offering is the same. Now the environment may be better but you can get a great education at any Guilford County HS if you want it.

    As to the question about Coach K’s career, at one time recently he was in real estate. No idea what he does now.

    I buy some of the comments that in BASKETBALL the AAU coaches play a role in developing kids. But how about football? What explains the football transfers? Coach Gillespie at Page is a quality coach. Same for Coach Davis at Dudley. Explain why you leave those guys?

    As to someone’s comment about developing our kids, both my boys have been approached or enticed to attend other schools. While flattering, they’ll play for the school where they live and be developed by the coaches at their schools while playing with their friends. As to what others do, it’s their business as long as everyone follows the rules in place. That goes for the coaches also. I could care less who moves where. parents should do what is best for their child. It’s when they are enticed that it rubs people the wrong way.

    None of this will be resolved anytime soon if ever. Tonight we should pull for the local teams of the Dudley girls and the Northern boys.

  31. Not hard to find out what Stan Kowalewski does if you Google his name — and he has done it pretty well, considering he is a Dartmouth graduate. Anytime you are the partner in a group based 300 miles away and you can work from the home area, then you have identifiable talent. (Disclaimer: I don’t know their fund performance as of late, but again, he has a pretty strong track record of success in his main profession, which is not basketball coaching):


  32. Kirk-if your kid transferred would he/she have a better chance at being seen by colleges? your kids have trouble making new friends?

  33. Anon- you have no idea what you are talking about. you obviously have never played at a higher level and your kid is sub-par. Baseball is dead on. If Northern hired mediocre coaches, you would have mediocre teams at Northern. Hats off to the admin at Northern for giving a darn. Keep, or move your kid to a “scrub” community school.

  34. To: buythetrophy if you are bear hunting you do not do it with an Uzi, Coach K is using a .300 Weatherby!!!!!!!

  35. OK, they might, but i doubt it. The coaches at our school are good leaders. But i don’t fault people for transferring. If you read my post you would see that. I admire parents for doing what they think is best for their children. My issue has always been when the rules are not followed or kids are “enticed”.

    As to Stan’s career. He’s now in hedge funds and part of the Wall Street contingent. Is that supposed to impress me in these financial times? I’m not sure that is something I would want everyone to know.

  36. if your kid has been “enticed” by someone from another school you should report it, especially if you are the person you claim to be. What is wrong with hedge funds?

  37. So Coach K is into hedge funds and day trading………..so that’s how he pays the mortgage notes on the houses that these athletes’ parents “rent” from him. What a joke!!

    The University of Northern at Guilford—-your 2009 Mens state 3A basketball champions*

    *Asterik indicates that UNG is a college prep sports academy funded by private donors.

  38. “To each his own”, what does that mean? You are afraid to blow the whistle?, or, it is alright to deal in hedge funds?

  39. No 1RamsFan,

    I guess you are hater could it be that Northeast has as many chances to win a state title, but choked or poor coaching by whining ass Pursley who complains about everything. You are funny three years ago the best basketball player from Page transfer to Northeast to play basketball for A good Coach in Curtis Hunter dont rememeber you crying then. Also when Pursley took a picture of a kids house from Smith High School and turn them in. Accept the fact that Northern is doing good thing over there.

    It is bad that all these people do is get on this site and cry. Every school in this county has ILLEGAL players. I know for a fact that Northeast, Dudley, Page, Southeast, Grimsley, has Illegal players the rule states that you must live with your legal parent or custody parent, and not your aunt, sister, brother. If every AD took the time to go check out where their players lived we would not have this problem, bt at the end of the day stop putting kids names out because the kids doesnt pay any billls, it is the parents. So be careful about calling out kids.

    I also saw where someone made the statement that if a kid is good enough then he or she will be located. That is so far from the truth a high school coach can help or hurt a kid based on his opinion. I know for a fact that Coach G at Page told two kid that went to A&T three years ago that it was not his job to help get kid scholarship, also know with the Gabe King issue that he has told several college coaches that the kid is bad and he is a head case. If you are not going to help the kids then keep your damn mouth shout. Also I know coaches has asked him for film on this kid back in Jan. and they are still waiting. Yes, the kid has alot of offers now but it has come from other people helping him.

    I have a solution to the problem if a kid does not want to play for you let him go and move on. One player doesn’t make a team. If a kid does want to play for me then I dont want him around could be a cancer to the team. AND ONCE AGAIN THANKS TO THE LADIES DUDLEY PANTHERS AND THE NORTHERN GUILFORD NIGHTHAWKS FOR BRING HOME THE MEN AND WOMENS 3A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TO GUILFORD COUNTY. GOHEELS

  40. it isn’t a coach’s job to get a player a scholarship. They can help, but you have to be good enough and even then you can’t make someone offer you. Ironic that the player you named is getting offers from everywhere in the country, but then state it is only because people are helping him. You didn’t help you case with that one just made my point. He is getting offers because he is big enough and athletic enough to play at the next level. Those that aren’t don’t get offers. He has gotten every one while being enrolled at Page High School, and it isn’t because you or anyone else simply helped him. Thats the bull that is being fed to get these kids to leave…it is a common trend in the area.

  41. Mediocre, I for one have no kids. If I did it wouldn’t matter where they went because I would make sure that there work ethic was good enough to speak for itself. Two I also excelled at not one but three different sports. I chose baseball to play in college over the other two because I excelled at it more. If Northerns success was based strictly on their coaching then why would they need anyone to transfer in there genius. If the coaching was so good they would win the state without the kids that transferred in. Think before you speak and really think about the statement I just made. My coaches did make me better, but ultimately if a kid won’t work he isn’t going to be any better. You can “lead” a horse to water but you can’t make it drink unless it wants to.

    I’ll tell you what give back every kid that didn’t originally live in Northerns district and see if they would have come even close to winning the state. If they would then I will shut up and go and kiss the saviour of all basketball on his behind and I’ll even give Northern money to take pictures.

    To every coach and non knowing parent of an athlete if a coach hasn’t won a state championship he may not be a good coach. Dan Marino along with several other great QB’s aren’t very good because they never won the super bowl. 😉

    Congrats to the boys for playing hard. It isn’t your fault that adults do it the wrong way.

  42. Tarheel, HMMMMMMMM I am a head high school coach and I have a head case or a cancer on my team. Colleges come and ask about him and I lie and say ohh this kid is great he is the salt of the earth and theeennn he gets to college and does the exact same thing that he did in high school. How would that make me look as a reliable resource for college coaches. Would that hurt that particular college coach for ever trusting my word on one of my other athletes.

    God almighty think about that. Would I jeopardize the future of every athlete I would ever coach with that one particular college coach to lie for one kid. I THINK NOT


    Your right coaches can help or hurt players but as a coach you would be an idiot to lie and jeopardize your reputation and the future of other players because you weren’t trustworthy.

    All coaches may not be smart but they aren’t idiots either.

  43. Coach,

    Why do you continue to allow the cancer to exist in the team chemistry?? Would it not be better to simply remove the cancer from the team?

  44. Now that the NC AAU Basketball program has won the trophy,,,,NG can turn to the diamond , where the transfers have already started rolling in,,,

    I must say that the AD at NG has grabbed the right coaches for the court and on the diamond if they want to continue on the shady side of high school athletics.expatriot

  45. Is that Pursley. I was hypothetically saying I was a head coach. Because I don’t put kids names on here I was referring to a cancer that WAS removed from a team that was referenced by another poster named tarheel. Read bak a little so you can see what I am talking about.

  46. This response goes to the last 4 posters as well as all the people on this web site that is obsessed with this Northen recruitment bull. Who ever says if they had a kid and someone approached them and said they would do everything possible to make sure he or she would get a chance to be exposede to help get a scholarship and you as a parent said they that they would not explore the idea of transferring is so full of crap. You all can say what you want but there is no way this is happening in this county.There is no way people could make these kinds of promises to these kids. The problem that has arisen is people{ coaches and parents from other schools} are mad because the new school is excelling and at a rapid pace. Try and convince yourself all you want but it all comes down to one word,JEALOUSY.People spend more time worry about what’s going on at Northern than their own kids school,and you all are saying that you wouldn’t try and get on board, sorry while I collect myself from laughing my tail off. And if all this stuff about people are promises kids scholarships to come play a sport at their school is true,then I want the people that are making these promises to find me because I will gladly let them get my kid a free ride. And all you haters would to , if you have checked the price of college lately.

  47. Exactly, idiot that is what everyone is saying is tat it is wrong for coaches to approach players at other schools with these promises. it is also very misleading. Some of you people need to rethink what you are saying and quit incriminating people while trying to defend them. Remember poeple were saying these things during Northern first year before a basketball game was even played. So the screams are not based on success but what else kids being promised something by a school or coaches.

  48. Promises,

    Do you ever think that the parents could be approaching these coaches? Everyone keeps talking about it but the state came in and investigated the allegations and didnt find any wrong doing. So let it go already. Keep this in mind they talked about Jesus for all the good that he has done. If you dont know the parents situation or why they made a choice to leave any of these school, dont talk about it. Doesnt mean that the coaches did anything wrong. So what the kids played AAU basketball for the coach at Northern. Could it be that they may have played for him since they were 7 years old and developed a personel relationship or bond with him. Yes that could be it, but no difference in the real world. If you build a relationship with someone and you feel good with the person, what is the problem. Just stop all the hating and move on and worry about yourself. To much is going on in the world to put all this negative energy in this mess. If you want to do something stop being a hater and HELP OUR CHILDREN OF TODAY PUT SOME ENERGY INTO THAT. GOD BLESS YOU ARE!!!

  49. if you work your tail off to build a program and then right before the school year starts one of your best players moves to another public school less than 5 miles from where they are now people will tend to be a little disappointed. Especially if an opposing coach/school had something to do with it. What is getting missed in this is certain coaches that are actually losing players and don’t recruit are getting smeared publicly because people are feeding players and parents the bull—- that their coaches don’t care about them or won’t help them get to the next level. Coach G from Page has been bashed on this site numerous times for putting his program over a few bad apples. That should be commended, and in the end they will be more successful because of it. If these superstars think a college coach is going to put up with their crap after they sign a LOI then they will have a very rude awakening. There is always somebody better that they will recruit and bring in. Whatever is going on at the new school, let them enjoy their success. Sooner or later someone will get screwed and if something is going on it will reveal itself. Until then, schools and coaches that do the right thing should continue their path and realize that none of their wins will have come from underhanded means. Truth always has a way of revealing itself.

  50. Nicely put perspective. The cream always rises to the top. JR parents approaching coaches is wrong. A lot of these kids are the way they are because their parents are screwed up. Not for wanting better for their kids but for pumping sunshine up their kids butts their whole lives. Reality will set in for some of these kids one day and they’ll only have there parents to thank when the world gives them a dose of reality.

  51. Perspective,

    I can tell you still dont get it. Page had three guys on their football team this year that played at others schools last year(transfers). Will you please addres that issue? No one is throwing Coach G under the bus but dont complain about Northern when your team is not made of the kids that doesnt live in your district. IF you want to get real about the guy that played basketball at Page that won the MVP last night for Northern he was suppose to be at Eastern. I dont remember anyone from Page crying then. Like I said before make sure your house is clean before you talk about someone else. EVERY SCHOOL IN GUILFROD COUNTY IS GUILT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. To whom it is concern:

    Also if you want really know about the bad apple he kicked off the team before the playoffs. Go to central office and ask if they will give you the email about that situation(PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE). Since Page High School does everything by the book or call the NCHSAA, might find out alot about your beloved Page High School. AD LEE OLE BLACKLIST

  53. Yeah and then also ask if that kids parents falsified there address to make it seem they lived in the school district. Johny Boy above is right some of these parents are idiots and are only hurting their kids in the long run. Every time a parent doesn’t like something a coach does isn’t grounds to up and move their kid. In the real world you have t deal with things and sometimes even lok at yourself for the problem.

  54. I think I completely get it. The only question I have for you is did anyone from Page approach any of the kids you are referring to about coming to Page? Ok, maybe a player was supposed to be at Eastern. Was he recruited to Page? That is the only question worth asking. If he was then there is a problem at Page too. Kids get special assignments and what not, but the only problem is when someone approaches them about coming to their school. That is the issue and that is against the rules.

    NG is getting a bad rap because their basketball team has numerous guys that didn’t even go to middle school in this county, much less their district. Their talent pool was to consist of NE and NW Guilford and now they win a state championship??? Come on, you don’t think that will raise a question or 2? Anybody with an unbiased brain can see the possible issue there. Like I said before sooner or later it will come out. If there isn’t anything going on they just happen to be very lucky with kids transferring in from all over the place. I guess thats possible too.

    I am not friends with Gillespie but I don’t see how he is getting a bum rap. Ok, he kicked a kid off his team that had become a problem. That is his right. I would guarantee that just about any other coach in this area wouldn’t have the balls to kick the kid off that he did. Now every time this subject comes up it becomes about Gillespie and Page. You guys win, all the players you that you are defending are supposedly leaving or have already left, so why keep trying to drag the guy. I doubt he cares too much that are gone. The kids will get their scholarship just as they would have before, but hopefully they can learn the lessons necessary to actually succeed on the next level. Wanting someone to kiss your butt all the time won’t accomplish that.

  55. To Promises, I guess you are a bad reader because about half way down the post I said it could not be happening because people could not deliver these promises. In my last statement I sais “IF” these promises were true I would gladly let them get my kid a free education. If you sit there and say you would not do the same for you{save around 60 grand over four years} and your kid{free education to help get a good job}then I have some good advice for you….. PUT THE CRACK PIPE DOWN………

  56. Perspective,
    Way to put things in perspective…

    Mr. John Richmond,
    When will you learn?..Its not too important if a parent wants to make a decision to move into the area and send a child to that certain school…Most people don’t care about that, and I necessarily don’t have a problem with that…I seen it in Florida, and I’m sure it happens everywhere…AGAIN, ITS NOT THE CHOICE THAT PEOPLE HAVE PROBLEMS WITH…IT IS THE DAMN RECRUITING and THE DAMN LOYALTY THAT NO ONE HAS…

    You are at it again…Look, you got canned from PAGE for your own doing and because you weren’t good for the kids, and I’m telling this to everyone on this site because you are sour grapes…Most of the football players didn’t like you, and it has gotten around…The more you talk the more you try to make Coach G look bad…From what I heard, you left them no choice by doing stupid crap to the players…Smith High will soon realize this…By the way, the player you mention that Coach G is supposedly telling that he is a bad player and is a head case is the same player that you said was a bad player and a head case while you were there at Page…Players have heard you say this and players have told that you’ve said this…So, don’t try to be this “superstar’s” friend now by trying to make Coach G look bad…The fact is the player is a head case…Why would Coach G lie and lose credibility when trying to recommend other players…Stupid…I’d be honest too, and I think that most coaches should be…No doubt he could be a great player, but if he is a head case then be honest to the college coaches…I’m pretty sure getting film is a lie as well…I know football players who were allowed to make copies of their games after each game, so I know this is hog wash as well…

    Look, this is getting old…Northern will be good, so we might as well accept this fact…I wish Christian McCain all the luck possible at Northern, but I still wish he were at Page, because I’ve heard he is a pretty good kid…So, I ain’t mad at ya, but I am at the people who keep whispering in the parents and players ears…You know what I mean? By the way Christian, congrats on your MVP…

  57. My child started playing sports at an early age. I think he was born with a ball in his hand. The passion he has for this sport is hard for me to understand. The sacficies he has made for this sport are numerous. He set goals and continues to strive for them everyday. You guys get on here and other sites and bash him and talk about how much better this kid is then he . Yet he continues to bounce that ball he goes to the gym to shoot, shoot, shoot. No he does not think he is the best kid in town. He just knows he is giving it all he can ,working as hard as he is able. I think people forget these are kids and unless you are close to them you know nothing about them. If it takes a village to rasie child how many does it take to destroy one?
    If he has worked so hard all his life does it not seem he would look for this best workout and training program for him? Would he not want to be coached by someone as invloved in the sport as he is? Until all schools are equal transfers will continue to happen for whatever reason. Yes we could chose to make a stand and support or community school but do we do it at the expense of our kids? If we have seen the failure to educate child after child do we stay because it is our home school? What about the kids who are at these schools and lose the scholarships because they keep them able to play but not able to go to college? Really if there is an issue that should be getting a lot of press that is it. If they go to Dudley, Northern , Page or wherever and get to go to college it is a win!!! How many talented kids did not go to college because of grades? Yes the parents should keep up witht these kids better but so should the school. They have them at practice everyday but not at tutor. They know daily what has happened in class but they win games at the expense of the education. Why does a kid take PE every semester but not have enough credits to get into college. That is the crime. No coach can force me to transfer but a guidance department can pick a childs classes. Not all kids know they have the ability or the support to change schools. Guilford has many magnet programs investigate the web site and see if one fits your situation. An education will change a life and if sports can get it for you find whatever legal means there are to get the best shot even if it is a transfer.

  58. Again it isn’t the tranfers I think that everyone is complaining about. It is what it may have turned into but the poeple that truly care are concerned with coaches and schools going after other kids. If you think it is truly in the best interest for your child then move. The majority of the time it iissss with a little persuasion from another school. If the kid I think we are talking about is who I think it is well lets look and see that it is his third school. I mean maybe we ought to all start looking at ourselves before we start saying that every school isn’t good enough. I mean three schools in four years, something is wrong there.

  59. Wrong kid not that old. His brother did stay in a school where a couple very good football players also stayed. The team did very well. They had the skills to play in college. Found out the last semester they could not go. Not the correct classes to qualify. Also know basketball player great skill no grades sells drugs.
    Yes ,I agree it is wrong for a coach to “steal” a kid from another school. It is equally wrong for a school to “steal “an education from a child. Both should be addressed and I think will be soon enough. I guess the best way to help is if you have proof take it downtown. They get lots of people calling but no one seems to have any proof only rumors. Does that mean there is none? Has Dudley ever gotten in trouble for recruting? They seem to have been acused of it for years? I am not saying they have done it only the rumors have been flying since I can remember. Guilford county has to only pull transcripts to understand my big issue. Sorry to say recruitng is not that easy.

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