Dudley Girls Win!!!!!

Dudley 60
Forrestview 58

Helen Terry MVP
Rihanna Patterson – West Outstanding Player
Shannon Smith East Outstanding Player

Andy Durham will have the details up later.
Jim Modlin called in the report.


  1. Helen, Breonna, Desiree, Chell, Jessica, etc…. all played an outstanding game! Great job ladies! It doesn’t matter who they gave MVP too they all won as a team! Enjoy Your State Championship because without the TEAM there would be no outstanding player or MVP. CONGRATULATIONS! Basketball Fan relax and let the Ladies enjoy their moment they ALL worked hard it.

  2. Perhaps Don Juan had his mind on “Rihanna” instead of Breonna. Better watch out Don or Chris Brown might bite you.

  3. That was the most entertaining girl’s basketball game I have ever seen. The Dudley girls played with such heart. Desiree Drayton was a beast on the boards. Breonna, Helen, Jessica,Porsha, etc. all played well. It was total team effort. Great job Panthers! As far as the MVP, you either give it to the entire Dudley team or you give it to Shannon Smith from Forestview. She almost singlehandedly kept them in the game. I heard she finished with 31 points. Nobody on Dudley could stop her. Coach Britton made a great move by double teaming her for the last four minutes.

  4. Ummm who said I was worked up? So maybe its you that’s needs to chill. Lol I just corrected the name and gave my opinion in which I’m entitled to. No doubt it was a TEAM effort. But since they gave out awards, my opinion Bre should have gotten it. But the Lady Panthers are State Champs. What a way to go out of 3-A!


    Coach Britton and staff have a super team. These young ladies are fast, focused and serious ballers.

    These young ladies can do it all, shoot, rebound and sprint the court with little effort. They have this kid # 44 Desiree Drayton that really fights for the ball… Man… She had to have close to 20 rebounds or so. And man can she JUMP! For those of you that missed the game this kid can jump!

    Ms. Patterson, Ms. Terry, Ms. Pharr, Ms. Roach, Ms. Jackson you all have been the steam engine that directs the train… and from what I’ve seen you also have a strong bench to back you up (Freshman, Sophmores and Juniors).

    Dudley you’ve gone where most wanted to be… Thanks for representing the Greensboro Community well! We will be watching each and everyone of you for great things to come!

    Enjoy… Enjoy… ladies you’ve done a superb job!

  6. I must also piggy back and say Desiree got some serious hops! Her head almost touched the rim on every rebound and her hang time is just ridiculous. I’m curious to know how many rebounds she had. She was pounding the boards hard. Although shannon smith had 31 I still thought Jess Farr played D on her well. With my comment earlier about mvp was not to take anything from Helen. The girl played the entire game and stepped up in crunch time. The quickness was too much at times which resulted in steals. In her last high school game, the seniors last high school game, they played their hearts out and left it on the floor. I know I’m leaving some girls out but every girl on the squad played in that game. Whether they checked in @ the table or they cheered from the bench. I know Metro 4A better start working hard cause when these girls hit the new conf nxt season they are gonna run some teams out the gym. Although I’m not a dudley fan, it was a pleasure to watch and cheer these girls on.

  7. Good thing a lot of Dudley girls play for Delaney Rudd AAU team Lady Phoenix! That is where the colleges actually get to see them.

  8. Desiree Drayton had 18 rebounds and she owned the boards in the second half last night.

    I first heard about her from a friend of mine who follows the Greensboro Galaxy with Desiree, Miranda Jenkins and Brittany Drew. Those three girls can play for anybody, they are that good.

    Dudley will be a force on the 4-A level with Desiree Drayton and the 6’3 freshman Kahdejah Wilkerson on the inside and Patterson along with Chell Jackson and many other Panthers back as well.

    Drayton was soooo strong on those rebounds and she was up near the rim and her knees were coming up around her chest on each of the boards she was pulling. Very strong and a huge difference in the game.

    Andy Durham

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