State-wide HS Top 25: minus Bishop McGuinness?

One our readers found this Top 25 Boy’s HS basketball poll that was released on Monday over at and we have it for you with the link in the comment box, but here it is up on the front page and my only question is what happened to Bishop McGuinness?

They(The Villains) won the State 1-A Title and they finished (31-2). State Champs and (31-2) doen’t at least get you IN THE POLL?

Here’s the Poll and it constitutes Public and Private Institutions of learning:
1)Christ School(36-2)
2)Mount Tabor(31-1)
3)Northern Guilford(30-3)
4)Huntersville Hopewell(28-1)
5)Raleigh Ravenscroft(25-6)
6)Quality Education Academy of Winston-Salem(26-7)
8)United Faith Christian Academy(21-4)
9)Charlotte Vance(22-4)
10)Terry Sanford(24-4)
11)Charlotte Christian(23-9)
12)High Point Andrews(23-5)
13)Myers Park(24-7)
14)Greensboro Day School(27-4)
15)Greensboro Page(21-7)
16)Panther Creek(22-2)
17)Greensboro Dudley(24-3)
21)Word of God(15-11)
22)Jack Britt(22-6)
23)Raleigh Millbrook(11-3)?????
24)Raleigh Enloe(16-2)?????


  1. They don’t desrve it, they are definitely not one of the Top 100 teams in the state, much less Top 25. 1A is very weak and is barely above rec level or YMCA basketball. Bishop would lose by 50 to Mt. Tabor, Christ School, Northern or any other 2A, 3A or 4A school.

  2. I agree with Jokester. Most players on Bishop would not have a chance to make the rosters of the other teams listed in the poll. Westchester wasn’t mentioned and they would run Bishop off the court.

  3. Another question I would like to ask is why is Bishop McGuiness a private school and they are allowed in public school competition! Watch the East Bladen girls coach in tears after losing in the 1A girls final and having to tell the media that her club was the best 1A girls team in the state, but they just couldn’t get rings!

  4. Any private school can join public school conferences if they abide by the same rules. The biggest issue is a familiar topic. Our old friend….recruiting, transfers and scholarships.

    I do not know all the details but one rule I do know. If you transfer for any reason from a public school to Bishop McGinness after you have started high school, you have to sit out 365 days. Now if you start HS at BM as a 9th grader you can play right away. But if you transfer during the middle of your HS years you sit out 1year. This rule curtails recruiting and scholarships. It’s asking a lot for a kid to sit out a year.

    Not saying this is right or wrong.

  5. If Bishop’s players are so bad, then how did they win the title? I dont really care, but they must be doing something right- they don’t just give away state titles. Some of the Bishop kids probably read this site so I wouldn’t be so quick to downplay what they did. I saw WS Prep play against Northern and I thought they were the real deal. If Bishop beat them then I think they must be pretty good.

  6. the rankings maxpreps does are all computerized like the BCS. Has nothing to do with public opinion, which I think is good to see.

  7. seriously? Bishop is one of the greatest teams I have ever seen.i know
    the coach and he is amazing. You guys are just hating because they
    Are better. Seriosly guys get real the deserve the title and they aren’t giving it up
    So you should give it up. They a re good. The deserve it. Great. Coach. Amazing
    Pitcher. so give up

  8. ok I totally agree with coaches greatest fan and I got 17 other
    Girls who have seen them play agree. So u should back off.
    U guys are just being rude so stop

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