On Seth Curry leaving Liberty

Seth Curry the basketball-star son of Dell Curry has decided to leave Liberty Univeristy in Lynchburg, Virginia at the end of the spring semester. Seth starred at Charlotte Christian High School along-side his brother Stephen Curry who himself, went on to Davidson. Their father Dell, made his name as a backcourt ace at Virginia Tech.

Seth Curry has decided to move on and seek to play at a university that competes on a higher level than Liberty. Seth will have to sit out one year after he transfers.

Here is his statement from Tuesday, along with his season stats at Liberty and a word from his coach Ritchie McKay.

Prepared Statement From Seth Curry – March 24, 2009
Today I am announcing that I will not be returning to Liberty for my sophomore year. This is a difficult decision that I have reached after close consultation with my family and others close to me, and it is based on my desire to develop as an athlete to the fullest of my potential and take advantage of new opportunities that may be available to me in a higher rated conference.

My freshman year at Liberty has been an incredible experience. It has been a time of learning, growth and discovery of my potential as a person, a student and an athlete. For that I am deeply indebted to all of those who have influenced and supported me here – Coach McKay and his staff, my great teammates, my teachers, and my friends.

You have given me memories that will last a lifetime, and for that I cannot find words to express my gratitude.

Thank you,

In Curry’s (Charlotte, N.C.) lone season at Liberty he tallied the sixth most points (707) in a season in Big South history, while leading the nation’s freshmen in scoring (20.2). Curry connected on 102 three-point field goals on the year, breaking the Liberty record set last year by Anthony Smith (84). Curry was named Big South Freshman of the Year, as well as earning second team all-conference honors.

Liberty University men’s basketball coach Ritchie McKay:

“I don’t fault Seth for his decision to pursue a school in a higher profile conference, at the same time I am really excited with what God is doing in our program and I know Liberty basketball will continue to prosper.”


  1. from espn.com:
    There was no indication in the release whether Curry has already decided where to transfer, and the school said Curry would not have any additional comment Tuesday.

    Coaches at other schools are not permitted to comment on potential transfers.

    Let the speculation begin…..Would he go to an ACC school, if so which one? Davidson? Maybe not big enough on the current comp scale. UNC Charlotte? Close to home.

    But right now who knows? Does anyone know of a site we can go to where they are speculating on this and we can get some inside?

  2. I haven’t checked so I might be wrong about this, but there might be something at davidsonwildcats.com or davidsonbasketball.blogspot.com

  3. I heard today in the PrimeTime with the Packman Show that the Currys might be looking toward the ACC and N.C State’s name was a name tossed out there as a school that could use him right away, but whoever gets him will have to wait a year with the transfer rule.

    N.C. State is still talking about John Wall and I’m not sure if they get him out of Word of God if that will change the Curry’s plans at all.

    Whoever becomes the new coach at the University of Virginia might have a bearing on this decision. Liberty beat UVA this year and they led Clemson by five at the half, so the ACC knows the Curry family very well if you look back at all of Stephen’s games against ACC schools too. Duke, N.C. State and North Carolina all saw Steph Curry on a regular basis.

    I went over by the Davidson sites and no news in the Wildcat’s neighborhood.

  4. Look it up almost everyone knows, duke he is #3. He’s gotta wait till next year to play because he
    transferred to a higher division.

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