Ty’s toe take two or three? Heels-Zags tonight

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Round of 16 or 12 Tonight…..(Only twelve teams left after last night’s action.) How about those Mizzou Tigers?????

Tonight we have one team left from the Atlantic Coast Conference and if the Heels lose we better start looking around for a new crew.
North Carolina vs. Gonzaga
9:57 PM
Memphis, Tenn. (NCAA Tournament – Sweet 16)

MEMPHIS–Bad news: Ty’s toe is back in the news again. Carolina went through an open practice at the FedExForum on Thursday afternoon, but their “real” practice took place earlier in the day.

“I asked him this morning (about the toe),” Roy Williams said. “I said, `On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being great, how was it yesterday?’ He said it was a 6. I asked him how it was today. He said a 6. I asked how it was on Saturday before the LSU game. He said an 8. It has taken a long time to heal. When it happened, they told me it was going to be this way. Being more positive, I was hoping it’d be better by this time. This time it hasn’t swollen, but it has been painful.”

No matter what Lawson’s health situation might be, Gonzaga coach Mark Few said he’s still one of the key matchups for Friday night.

“That’s the one that keeps you up at night,” Few said. “But they’ve got about 77 entities that keep you up at night. The speed at which he plays, our guards will have to get help from our bigs. Many people have tried that. We have to try and bottle him up and keep him in front of us.”

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  1. Who gives a damn? Yeah yeah yeah, the tons of carolina fans! Just another way to make an athlete feel more important than they actually are!

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