Veritas closes doors to evaluate debt

The Veritas Sports Academy in Kernersville closed it’s doors last Friday as the school now faces 2 million dollars in debt.

We mentioned this item in our Gripe or Complaint box back on Monday and now it has been confirmed and you can read more about this change in strategy for Veritas at

The News and Record article did say that Veritas would try and complete their baseball season with the students that they have remaining who are now attending a church-related school in Kernersville.

A number of the kids that went to Veritas last fall have been enrolled at other schools for a while now, with DJ Russ moving on to Westchester Country Day and Logan Self to High Point Wesleyan Academy.

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  1. too bad for all those kids, especially baseball kids that were promised the world. I would hope they would try and collect money to pay employees and vendors and call it a day. I would not think next August there would be many athletes willing to take a chance on the school, at least no good athletes would.

  2. This operation didn’t sound right from the start. It is bad enough transferring from one legitimate school to another, but these school/sports academies are very shaky. You hear about these types of temporary schools more in the Northeast than you do here. As usual in these situations, the kids are the ones who suffer. If a school puts sports at the same level or higher than academics, you know this won’t work. Parents, please pick a school based on academics, not sports!

  3. The school had great intentions. People still seem to overlook the Christian values the school was based on. I hate it did not work out. It’s very unfortunate for the kids.

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