Blogging on Ragsdale at Southwest Guilford

Southwest Guilford 1
Ragsdale 0
WP:Brock Hudgens
Save:Ethan Ogburn
LP:Bennett Hixon

Ragsdale had one man reach on a base hit in the top of the 7th against Ethan Ogburn, but the Cowboys were able to get DeSean Anderson for the final out to close out the game with the Cowboys victorious.

I believe game one at Jamestown was a 1-0 Ragsdale Tiger win over Southwest and now the Cowboys even the season series at one-game-each and will we see a game three rubber-match when the playoffs get rolling in May? Maybe, but we will have to wait and see.

Great game from both sides today and again congrats to Cowboys on the win and thanks to Brian Rose for the scoring updates. We will have a full recap coming up later in the weekend.

Still 1-0 SWG with Ragsdale at the plate in the top of the 7th inning. Ethan Ogburn now on in relief for the Cowboys’ Brock Hudgens. Ogburn on the hill and it is still 1-0 Southwest and the numbers all stay just about the same.

For Ragsdale through 6 innings:
0 Runs on 3 Hits…..
For Southwest Guilford through 6 innings:
1 Run on 1 Hit…..

The Ragsdale Tigers at the plate in the top of the 7th inning trailing 1-0 to SWG, with Ethan Ogburn on the hill for the Cowboys.

Big Rival Baseball Game Today
Just checked in with Brian Rose one of our roving reporters and he tells us it is Southwest in front of Ragsdale in the bottom of the fifth inning in a very big matchup today over in High Point just off of Skeet Club Road and Highway 68.

Bottom of the fifth and the Cowboys are on top:

Southwest Guilford 1
Ragsdale 0
*****Both starting pitchers are still in the game with Brock Hudgens going for SWG and Bennett Hixon on the hill for the Ragsdale Tigers.*****

For SWG it is 1 Run on one hit and it for Ragsdale the Tigers have 0 Runs on three hits as we move on in the bottom of the fifth inning with the Tigers at the plate at SWG.

Thanks to Brian Rose for the info and we will be checking in with him again in about 10 minutes or sooner if we have breaking news. When sports news breaks out we will break in or something like that.

Southwest 1
Ragsdale 0 in the bottom of the 5th…..


  1. I have watched most of the area teams this season. After watching the Rags vs SWG game I have to say Sutphin is the best at the short stop position around. He is fearless and has a laser. Please be aware that I do not favor either of these teams, I was simply impressed after seeing Sutphin play yesterday.

  2. Fun game to watch over at Southwest. Both pitchers threw well. Hudgens of SWG did a good job, sometimes getting out of light trouble as Ragsdale left runners on base several times. Hixson from Ragsdale could not have been asked to do more. He gave up only 1 hit and 1 walk in 5 innings, and those were not in the same inning. Ragsdale had 4 hits, one a piece by Fultz, Brandenburg, Sparks, and Stone but the difference was Ragsdale could not manufacture a run while SWG was able to get a run out of very little. Having watched Ragsdale 6-7 times now and SWG three times, SWG seems to be able to get something out of nothing while Ragsdale has had a tough time manufacturing a run in their two losses. Kellam did a good job getting a walk, and reading a ball in the dirt to get to third on a very close play. Sutphin did a good job getting a high chopper in play in the infield to score Kellam. While it doesn’t go down as a hit it was good 2 strike hitting. Both teams showed good defense and pitching. Maybe these teams see each other again in the playoffs.

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