Grimsley boys go on the road for April Madness

McIver 37
Grimsley 36

Just got off the phone with Derrick Johnson over at McIver School and Coach Darren Corbett has his Grimsley boys basketball team over there at McIver taking on the McIver kids.

Last check the score was McIver 5, Grimsley 4 and Grimsley has Keith Manley, Aaron Wise, Lee Sweeney, Carter Gourley, Kreshaun Williams, Layshawn Brown, Max Miller, Burl Brown, Cade Isley and all the Whirlies over on Summit Avenue at McIver giving the McIver kids a run for their money and giving everybody over at McIver a chance to see the Grimsley Whirlies in person.

Great job by Grimsley coach Darren Corbett for putting this game together and taking his kids over to McIver to face and battle the McIver Kids.


  1. If Coach Corbett was coaching the team or instructing them then Grimsley just committed a major violation of NCHSAA rules. You can’t work with more than 4 of your players during the offseason.

  2. This was a charity game with Grimsley playing against a group of McIver kids that have autism.

    This was a fun game that they have been doing for 25 years as they visit the McIver Kids.

    Many of these off-season games are done not to develop your teams, but to contribute to the community. Let’s get real here.

    Good job Grimsley, and thanks again Coach Corbett for contributing to the community and for making a show of support to McIver School.

  3. Everybody wants to turn someone in. Obviously the coach at Grimsley has gotten it right. Our high school kids should be doing more community service type events. They may finally realize that it is not always about “me”. The Grimsley team is learning more about life at this game than they will in all of their other games combined. Great job Whirlies!

  4. Are you people kidding me. you should be ashamed of yourselves for saying that grimsley is wrong. they play this game every year to give back to the community. The kids at mciver have severe autism and retardation and grimsley lets them win by scoring on the wrong basket turning it over and scoring for the other team etc. it is basically like the globetrtters they put on a show for the kids. this is the highlight of the year for the mciver kids and people should be ashamed for saying grimsley is wrong for doing this

  5. It was great to see the smiles on the McIver kids faces when Coach Corbett and his players took time to greet all the kids and staff at McIver giving high fives, shaking hands and giving lots a love to these kids. More than what a lot of Coaches are giving these days. What a show of class by Grimsley High School, we need more of this from our Coaches and to observer maybe you could come over and observe what is going on at McIver, the real world as I call it. Once again hats off to Coach Corbett for teaching your kids not only to win games on the court but winning the game of life. I will never forget that special day.

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