HS Baseball Today

Ragsdale at Eastern Randoplph

Western Guilford at Northern(Major matchup in the Triad 3-A Conference. WG one loss conference to NG and Northern, 2 conference losses, both to BY.)

High Point Central at Northwest Guilford(Senior Night for NWG) 7pm

Brush HS Cleveland, Ohio vs. Dudley at Stoner-White Stadium(Jaycee Park):DH with JV’s at 5 and Varsity at 7 PM

Softball:Western Guilford at Northern 6:30 pm(Very entertaining and interesting sport with a fast pace that keeps the action moving and crowds must pay close attention because of the speed of the game and the tight layout and topography of the playing surface/area.)

I was thinking about this point this morning. You have to really know what you are doing to coach this sport, if for nothing else, being able to teach the pitchers how to deliver the ball at the speeds we see and to do it under-handed. I still haven’t figured that part out, but it will be an interesting study. You have to literally hand it to these coaches, if they are teaching these pitchers from square one how to make this delivery.

Check it out…….


  1. Softball: Western Guilford at Northern Guilford ladies fastpitch conference matchup at 6:30 p.m.

  2. bob, we know you love your daughter, but think the majority on here don’t give a rats behind about girls softball. suggest starting a new thread.

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