More from N&R on changes at Northern Guilford

from Tom Keller and Robert Bell staff writers

GREENSBORO — Northern Guilford High School’s principal and athletic director have been placed on administrative leave while Guilford County Schools investigates possible impropritries within the Nighthawks’ athetic program.

A source within Northern Guilford’s athletic program said Friday that principal Joe Yeager was placed on administrative leave today, and athletic director Derrell Force on Wednesday. The source asked not to be named because of the pending investigation.

Northern Guilford volleyball coach Sharon Parks, a former athletic director at Southeast Guilford, said Friday she will act as interim athletic director while Derrell Force is out.

Force and Yeager could not be reached for immediate comment.

School board member Amos Quick said the school system has been investigating Northern Guilford in recent weeks.

“There have been indications that perhaps the school system needs to question and get some clarification at Northern on some athetic issues,” said Quick.

He said the school board was not on the “front line of receiving information” and deferred questions to Guilford County athletic director Leigh Hebbard.

On Thursday, head basketball coach Stan Kowalewski said: “I can tell you unequivocally that nothing’s wrong with our program and that I am fine.”


  1. isn’t that a nice story on a late friday before easter. THere should be a rule that any aau coach can never be a high school coach as well. He should have never gotten the job to begin with.It will be fun to see what actually gets out to the public on this issue.

  2. N&R is now reporting that the principal and AD have resigned. Sounds like their reporting from a few weeks ago is leading to some change. Let’s hope it doesn’t stop at NGHS. This stuff is going on everywhere.

  3. Time will tell if all this is true or not. What I like it is being addressed through the proper channels instead of here on the internet.

  4. Jack, that’s why I withhold comment. The only people that really know the truth are the people involved. People don’t realize that they can be held responsible for their comments here.

  5. I think these are all reasoned responses. Sure don’t see anything offensive about these post.

    The whole cooments about seasonal coaches make me wonder what the GCSC is up to

  6. Chickens coming home to roost. I love the Northern program but I must admit this has been coming. The sad part, the News and Record reported that two players received special reassignment to attend Northern Guilford. The system is responsible just as much as the principal, athletic director, and Jacob Lawson’s father. We should have a similar school district like Forsyth County where children/parents choose their school. Then again, I realize that Guilford County has some racial issues and that will never be the case.

  7. I agree Joe. It’s pretty clean today. But in the past some comments have gotten out of hand. Everyone is responsible for their comments. It’s pretty easy to trace where a comment came from through the server and the IP address.

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