Let’s listen to what Coach K has to say: One-on-one with NG coach Stan Kowalewski

Northern Guilford basketball coach Stan Kowalewski and his family are currently on their way back to Greensboro after a week’s vacation at Pawley’s Island, South Carolina along with the family of former UNCG coach, and now the head man at Siena, Fran McCaffery.

This has been a yearly ritual for several years, but this year the family trip has taken on a whole new feeling. The feeling of, “what’s going to happen next?”

The entire athletic program at Nothern Guilford is currently under investigation and the scrutiny on Coach K’s basketball program has been heavy and the coach took time out from his trip to talk to us this afternoon in an attempt to clear the air and also give himself a chance to breathe and let some of his own personal feelings be known to the public.

With the cloud, in regards to recruiting, hanging over the Northern Guilford campus, the question for coach Stan Kowalewski becomes, Coach Stays or Coach Goes?

Coach K wants to stay and he answers the questions that have been flying about in the aftermath of last Friday’s resignations by Northern Guilford principal Joe Yeagar and athletic director Darrell Force.

Coach K wants to stay and he said he is willing to give up all AAU Basketball coaching tomorrow if that is necessary to make sure everything is operating above board at Northern. Coach K also said he would join the teaching staff at Northern if that’s what it takes to get this program headed in what Guilford County would consider, the right direction.

Coach K did say he would be glad to make the above changes if this were to become an across the board county policy. He feels that is the only fair way to address this situation. If this can not be implemented he said he would go ahead and make these moves himself to be the example and to ensure that his program is where the county feels it needs to be, but again, Coach K feels that if this becomes a reality, that it should be the same at all schools.

Coach K said he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his basketball program above board and that he feels his program is there now but if changes are needed he’s willing to listen and to change.

Coach K also said his program has been investigated and no wrong doing has been found. There have been many questions pertaining to many issues and we talked about them this afternoon.

The biggest issue of all has been that of Residency.

All of the Northern Guilford basketball players live in the Nothern Guilford district. The most investigated player of them all, Jacob Lawson, lives within walking distance of the school. The Guilford County Schools’ Human Resources Department and attorney Jill Wilson have conducted their studies and they are still under investigation.

Another issue that has been called into question is that of the Academic Qualifications. Have all of the Northern players qualified academically?

The Northern Guilford basketball team has a team GPA(Grade Point Average) of 3.8 based on a 4.0 system. In this case or issue, here is the evidence. The Northern Guilford basketball program has a formula based on four key components.
The top priority in the chain of command is the Academics. The academics come first. Northern Guilford has voluntary Study Halls during the pre-season and also during the off-season and the Study Halls become mandatory during the basketball season. When Coach K was at High Point Central he sent 14 of his 16 players on to college and a 15th guy is looking to return to college this fall. Coach K worked with and helped all the young men get in school and he is currently doing the same with his Nothern Guilford Nighthawk team.

Another issue that has caused questions and has required answers has been, “Why have your players been living in your house; why have the basketball players been living in Coach Kowalewski’s home?”

The Nighthawks have a program where they mentor and tutor elementary kids at the Summerfield Elementary School on Thursdays. On Thursdays at Nothern High School they have Late Starts where the school day begins at around 9am instead of at 8am. On those days the basketball players have been going over to the Summerfield Elementary School and helping to work with and tutor the elementary kids. Coach K and his wife help set up this program as a team Community Service project and sounds like a good one.

The key questions from this project coming from the Guilford County Schools are, “Why are these kids staying over at your house, because your wife has been seen taking your basketball players to school on Thursday mornings?” Coach K’s wife has been taking the players to school so they can get there on time after their Thursday tutoring programs are complete and the players are not living in the coach’s house.

Another question has been, “Where did all the money come from?”

Speculaton has been widespread that the players were getting a free ride and that all the basketball trips and the shoes and the warmups and food before games and the food after study halls was FREE! The Northern players have been given all these goods and it didn’t cost them dime. No wonder every kid that can shoot the rock wants to go to Northern.

The cost of the trips, shoes, warmups, meals etc. amounts to roughly $40,000 dollars. The players worked and raised this money themselves by having a yearly golf tournament, a Summer Jamboree 2-day Basketball Tournament, a JV Holliday Basketball Tournament, the Piedmont Challenge, the Wachovia Classic and other events and the players were taught to raise this money themselves.

Coach K told us today that his program, staff and kids are clean. There is no evidence against them. Coach K did inform us that if any wrong doing was found, the punishment would be applied to the student involved and not the team. The State 3-A Championship would stay at Northern and the player would receive a one-year suspension.

Coach K also told us that he knows of other instances in the County where coaches have been interested in his Northern players leaving Northern and coming to their schools. Coach K said he doesn’t foresee losing any players and that he wants to keep his job, his team and his staff in tact.

The only time Coach Kowalewski has been called into the Guilford County School offices was during the mediations with John Hughes of Northwest Guilford to the discuss their lawsuit.

Coach Kowaleski said he is aware of the fact that that last spring, the then new-basketball coach at Northwest Guilford, Manny Bloom, conducted illegal basketball practices during the month of May at NWG including Northwest Middle schoolers and that Northwest was found guilty and they were forced to pay a fine.

That now brings us to the final and most on-going question and it goes along with our earlier point about Residency.

Has there been any recruiting of basketball players by Coach Kowalewski or any member of his staff at Northern Guilford?

Coach K says no. Players want to play at Northern, you do not have to recruit them. It is a great school and who wouldn’t want to go there and play basketball?

We will continue this discussion in more detail at a later time, but the question stays out there for everyone to think about, but the County will have the final say on this one.

Coach Stays or Coach Goes? With the programs he has in place and with the work he is doing with his kids, let’s hope he stays so he can complete his mission to help all of these kids have a chance to attend and graduate from college.


  1. Thank you, Andy for exposing NW Guilford as having broken rules. I know that there are many other schools in Guilford County that have done the same, including having used illegal addresses. These schools include Ragsdale and Dudley. I am wondering when the county will begin the investigation on them?

  2. I say he stays!

    Guilford County is lucky to have a State Championship team and an outstanding coach leading them. The man knows how to coach!

    I know Coach K would make a great Economics teacher. His knowledge of the market and his success in it is exemplary. His Fund is ranked in the top ten in the world and he has spoken at Hedge Fund Conferences internationally for the last decade. A blogger on the News & Record said he is coaching Northern for his own image. His team doesn’t need to be successful for him to be famous. His company’s track record made him famous. When the market was down 40% he was up 6%. Smartest man I’ve ever met.

    I also believe he came from a blue collar family with no college education. Put himself through Ivy League Dartmouth. He & his wife, who has a background in teaching, puts a tremendous amount of value on education hence the mandatory study halls and 3.8 team gpa.

    The only AAU team he is coaching this year is his own childrens’. Willing to stop coaching his own kids for the Varsity team? Now that’s commitment and sacrifice! It wouldn’t be fair to his own boys if the county instituted a policy that prevented him from coaching them. I believe it would also be discrimination.

    You can’t fire or not hire someone based on their hobbies. You are supposed to hire the best person with the most experience for the job and that is exactly what Mr. Force did when he hired Coach K. He knows how to coach, he knows how to turn teenagers into classy, successful, independant community citizens. I am disappointed we won’t have the opportunity to play them for the Conference Championship again next year.

    I too am aware of many other schools, including my daughter’s, that are breaking rules. The families are the ones that need to be punished though, not adminstration. Institute fines and suspensions for getting caught using false addresses…and hello! It’s not just basketball and it’s not just the boys!!!

    The county wronged Yeager, Force and Lawson. They should sue.

    The county needs to investigate both boys and girls teams across the entire county.

  3. I am just a little curious—will the GCS also include Impact baseball, USSSA basketball, Pacesetters, GYSA,etc. in their list of non-compliant outside activities for non-faculty coaches? What if a faculty coach participates in one of these programs as a volunteer? How will they deal with that? If this school board and administration is no more competent than I think they are, then the way they deal with this will cause more isues than it coreects.
    In most case, faculty members are ready to go home after a day of dealing with students—the last thing they want is an extra curricular assignment that forces them to deal with more parents giving explanations to parents of “lack of playing time, why their student was disciplined for being late for practice and another was not, etc.”
    The reason I ask is that I have a very difficult time figuring out how they will have enough coaches to support all sports offered within the system without “forcing” ( no pun intended ) faculty to coach.
    Non-faculty coaches do not appear to be the problem here in GC. As usual, it’s inconsistent application and enforcement of existing rules.
    Thank you,
    Jack I.

  4. Coach K should stay this man cares about his school the kids and the community, he is working for free is you count all hours this man put into his program. he works hard and he is making a difference in kids. why bring in somebody who will only work when they are @ school this man is there for the kids…..

  5. Just an FYI – the NCHSAA, which is the governing body, has rules addressing school coaches’ participation in all club sports. Practices and games for these non-school teams fall under the rules for off-season workouts. A school coach can participate in these only if the number of athletes from their school (or feeder schools, i.e. middle schools) meets a strict limit. The limit varies by sport. It is one less than the number required to field a team for that sport. So for basketball it is 4 players, baseball 8, football 10, etc. This applies to all coaches, head, assistant, varsity, JV, middle school, paid, and volunteer.

  6. Coach K- I’m so sorry that you have to go through this. I know exactley how you feel. Unfortunately, the ones that dis-like you still don’t believe you and the ones that like you know how genuine you are. Bottom line, it comes down to playing time. Don’t look anywhere else except to a parent of a kid who either got cut or lost playing time because of another kid who transfered in. Those parents will do anything or say anything to get you fired. I was accused of “discrimination” against a kid, robbing a parents condo, stealing money, hitting a kid…you name it. Some don’t like you because “YOU DON’T PLAY THEIR GAME”! Be who you are and keep helping kids! You don’t have to be a High School Coach to continue to help kids. I do it everyday! GOOD LUCK!

  7. It still comes back to this for me –

    once again the basketball coach has come out and said his program was investigated and determined to be clean.

    If that is the case then why hasn’t the school board, or NCHSAA or whichever body is the one that conducted this investigation and made that determination come forward and said the same? Just because someone, somewhere in the administrative office said “everything looks okay to me” doesn’t mean anything unless it’s official

    It appears to me this is either a new investigation (into more than just the basketball program) or the continuation of one that has been ongoing for awhile. It’s also not clear what part the NCHSAA may play in this since it seems to be an investigation by the county administration only. I think I’ll wait for something official instead of going on hearsay.

  8. Alan,
    All coaches know what’s it’s like trying your best to help kids who actually want coaching, mentoring, and a chance in general. The most gratifying part of coaching at any level is teaching—the winning is only an adjunct to the hard work of the players and a little bit of luck. Kids know what’s fair and who should play! The greatest gift a coach can get is to see a former player and to find out that the player is a good citizen and is making a positive contribution to society. That’s the true measure of being a coach!
    It’s the parents who are the biggest part of the problem. Patrents, in many cases, are so selfish that they feel everyone else has ulterior motives too. Don’t you hate it when a parent says ” Why isn’t my student/athlete playing ( more/ at all )?”. They just don’t realize that by enabling their student/athletes and fighting all their battles for them, they are only punching the ticket back home after a semester or two @ an institution of higher learing—then they’ll scratch their heads wondering why their kids aren’t successful when they’ve given them ( emphasis on given ) everything.
    Keep the faith and remember it’s all about politics—we could have spent this money on something more worthy than “Mo” trying to establish his reputation as a “crime buster”.
    Just a Coach
    PS. It was great to see you a couple of weeks ago—-the little guy had a great time and can’t wait to come back!

  9. It time this will all sort itself out.

    No one has brought up the possibility that something may have happened in basketball but that the coach was not involved. It is a possibility. I’m skeptical but I hope everyone gives the man a chance. Love him or hate him he has done some good things for some kids.

  10. Many of the posters on different sites regarding this situation have created somewhat of a “lynch-mob” in respect to Coach Kowalewski. When I read the above article my first reaction was Coach K is an extremely dedicated and caring individual. All the issues presented cannot out weigh the importance of such a mentor in the lives of the students he has affected. He is without question a very intelligent and successful man in his own right…that is not a crime and in fact what a great example he is for the possibilities life has to offer. Just because we all are not as fortunate does not give anyone the right to hold that success against him. Jealousy is very unbecoming!

    Many of the comments on these threads attempt to present him as dishonest and out for himself. Yet his love of the sport and the players he is privileged to coach is very evident when he gets the chance to speak on his own behalf. Let us all stop and think about how we would react if placed in his shoes. I would hope that each one of us would not only defend our own integrity but also do it with the class Coach K has displayed in his response. I am hopeful that the powers that be will see the value in keeping this program intact and allowing the coaching staff to continue their quest for excellence. This program has been investigated to the point of exhaustion. When will enough be enough?

  11. So why does he keep getting investigated? Why the fall out at Bishop? Why does he have so many enemies. I can accept jealousy to degree but good gosh there have been many coaches that wn more than SK. His record is not so special. I don’t here anything near this contempt for the other coaches that win much more than SK. 1 state championship is OK but really what else could cause all of this over one mildly succesful coach. There are 10 coaches in the county that have done as much.

    I guess for me as a bystander it is hard to believe that this many people would be chasing him in such a dogged manner just for winning a few games. So what is that stirs up these emotions about SK?

  12. Coach stays. School board goes. Do you think they will have this resolved by the end of the school year or will it carry over into July?

    The kids of Guilford County deserve better and the fallout from Northern would hurt that school for long time.

    Clean things up and carrry on or otherwise you will have to hire someone to investigate every high school and middle school in the County.

    Has it come to this?

  13. NOTHING BUT A WITCH HUNT…They better come out with the goods next week or someones got a lot of explaining to do. God help them if they don’t.

  14. Stay or Go? Are you kidding? April Fools has already passed!

    He’s already gone – it’s just not official yet! He’s on a year-to-year contract and the season is over and so is his tenure at Northern High School.

    Wake up people & smell the coffee!

  15. Why did the Athletic Director, Principal and Custodian resign their positions at Northern? Were they forced to resign? It is just hard to believe that a new school would have so many outstanding athletes move into Northerns district. My children attend a great academic school but our football, basketball and baseball teams are not good. Ok our baseball team maybe average. Our basketball Coach is not President of the largest AAU team in the area. I guess it is just luck that Northern’s basketball team is stacked with great players at every position. The teams in question are innocent until proven guilty. Am I am hater, yes. Do I wish my children attended a school with a great basketball team, yes. But I am glad that we are not being investigated for recruiting violations.
    It puts a dark cloud over the State Basketball Championship that was won by great plays by great players and good coaching.

  16. I have read all of the posts in the news and record and here on greensborosports.com. It amazes me that so many of the posts defend the actions of an athletic department that appears to have violated several rules.. Listen people, recruiting is illegal. Changing grades are illegal. No body made that up..It’s written in black and white…

    As far as gettting seen, if you can play, they will find you…Besides, the summer circuit is what earns you a scholarship…Go to scout.com and see the local players who dont go to Northern that are being recruited…

  17. I am over a rival Club from Mr. Kowalski. Here are some facts pertaining to this.
    1. Northern Guilford is a New School.
    2. Northern Has some great small college like facilities.
    3. Northern has a great College type atmosphere.
    4. Stan Kowalski is the Coach of the 2009 3-A State Champions.
    5. Coach Kowalski is the Vice- President of the NC Gaters.
    6 Jonathon Frye has great range on his Jumper.
    What all these things equal to as fact is, that Northern Guilford will be successful.
    I don’t know if anyone has investigated the Football program but it is gonna be darn good as well. I guess we can prepare the articles for next Football season.

  18. All 6 points are facts but none of them address the issues.

    You are correct that the football team is good. The question everyone wants answered is how did they get there? Until the investigation is completed there will always be a cloud over the situation. Just like controversy seems to follow Coach K for some reason, the same can be said fo Coach O in football. Both are men who have done a lot of good things for kids but there are a lot of questions that need to be answered.

    Even the most ardent Northern supporter has to wonder why the principal, AD and custodian were forced to resign. And if nothing was going on then why did they not fight it as Coach K has? If I was asked to resign and I knew I had done nothing wrong and there was no evidence against me I would fight to clear my name.

  19. Hey Big Mac,

    Coach K isn’t going anywhere! Are you kidding!?! He just won a State Championship! The County AD said he knows how special that is and he has no intent of taking that away from Northern.

    Coach K just brought in more than $40,000 to a school that doesn’t even have enough money to complete their construction. They volunteer in the community and he has meetings with players and their parents to make sure they know the NCAA rules and regulations as well as make sure they are on the right track to obtaining a scholarship if that is what they are interested in. Best coach in the county…and state! We are LUCKY to have him!

    The county lawyer was quoted as telling Coach that he has done nothing wrong…in other words, they have already reviewed his emails and there was no recruiting done! Parents chose to move into the Northen district of their own free will. I highly doubt Coach K drove the moving truck. The county said that they are finished investigating the basketball team and they have moved on to the baseball and football teams. Everyone else should move on as well.

    The county also said they wouldn’t go on record until the entire investigation is complete, so as much as we would like them to say something now, we’ll just have to be patient.

    I know that Lawson, Yeager and Force were treated unfairly and were even harrassed and interrogated without the ability to have their lawyers present. Sounds like Grier is back in town! I am pretty confident that those outstanding gentlemen are in meetings with their lawyers and are going to fight it. I’d press charges if I were them!

    I wish Northern the best of luck! We’ll miss the competiton for a Conference title next year!

  20. DUDLEY dad??? yea right. How did NG do the summer before the school opened.? What did that roster look like?

  21. Dudley Dad – do you know for sure that Coach K is cleared?? Will he really get to stay?? I hope you are right. Everyone else seems to be so doubtful. How do you have so much insight to the outcome of the basketball program??

  22. Too many rumors here, not enough facts. But just an opinion.

    If I had to place a bet I bet the same thing happens that happened to another non-educator coach. OPINION ONLY, NO FACTS. He will not be fired, asked to resign or anything. His contract just won’t be renewed. He walks away clean, the school system doesn’t get sued (it’s a 1 year contract) and the boys continue to play for him in AAU. Now, what happens in the other sports?

  23. Hey idiots. Yes the man is smart. Smart enough to not recruit on email. C’mon all you have to do to be considered as recruiting is saying you need to be at NGHS which is wrong. He has ample opportunity to do that through AAU and has done it through AAU.

  24. Hell I am a coach. I don’t make a lot of money so I can’t afford to spend on kids like he does. Does that make me any less of a good guy to the kids. A lot of people are saying what he does monetarily but that doesn’t make him a good guy or coach.

  25. Born Yesterday – Why is it so hard to believe that a parent from another school would recognize his incredible ability to coach? He was given a gift. Haven’t seen another coach try to run the West Virginia defense. The roster the summer before school opened? Some similar, not all. As with any team players come and go for different reasons. The football players weren’t there because they were at football practice. Frye was still with Ragsdale, but after summer league with them told his parents he didn’t want to play for Ragsdale and they picked up and moved. Lawson hadn’t been hired yet, but when he was, took a few days for them to make the decision to move closer to his job.

    Joe – It is public knowledge that he isn’t coaching the older AAU kids this year. I believe he is coaching only the 10s and next year he’ll coach only the 10s & 11s and then stay with those two teams all the way through as those are the teams his sons will be on.

    Idiots – If you build it they will come. He doesn’t need to nor has he ever recruited. If a player and or his parents wants to move to the Northern district for one reason or another it’s their perogative and no one can tell them they can’t!

    Curious – No one knows for sure. We just have to be patient and wait for the county to complete their investigation, although I think it would be much more beneficial to spend this time on academics. They need to move along quickly. They are wasting our time and money. I don’t know about the other sports.

    John – You don’t need to have money to be a good coach. Coach K doesn’t spend his own money on the kids. He uses the money that he raises hosting tournaments, camps and fundraisers. The High Point Andrews coach had a conversation with him last year asking how he did it. Coach K shared his secrets and I was very pleased to see that Andrews used their money to travel this year!

    Coach K needs to stay! He is good for our county and our kids!

  26. I think that “Dudley Dad” is really Mrs. Coach K. I can literally hear her voice when I read these posts. some good disguises in there (daughter thing)since I think the K’s daughter is like 7. but the best coach in the county, state ,even heard her say whole country once or twice

    just saying, sounds just like her

  27. Sorry. I have one daughter that attends Dudley. I met Coach for the first time at the State Championships and we have had a couple of conversations since. Just two guys who love hoops. He’s a great guy.

  28. “Dudley Dad” you sound like a friggin’ JOKE more akin to Skip Alston than anyone genuinely connected with James B. Dudley HS. What has Coach K or Northern Guilford HS done for YOU for you to be on here kissing their ***** with the “heart-felt” dissertations? They are in this mess on their own merits or in this case, “de-merits”. No one from our camp or any other local high school put them in the position that they currently are in. THEY PUT THEMSELVES THERE. Yeager, Force and Lawson decided to high-tail it out of town because the fire in the kitchen was getting to hot to handle. Kowleski has been out of town on vacation and is not even a county employee so he really has nothing to lose in all of this. The only losers would be the athletes of the opposing teams that NG faced in the playoffs and those connected with the NG basketball team should the NCHSAA decide to strip their state title.

  29. Our school breaks rules just like every other school in Guilford County.

    No one has any idea why the resignations took place because that information hasn’t been released yet.

    You’re right. The only ones that are being hurt are the kids.

    FYI: Coach is no longer on vacation, I don’t kiss anyone’s *** and I’ve said all there is to say.

  30. Hey Dudley Dad, Frye was not at Ragsdale right before Northern opened. After middle school in Jamestown Frye transferred to High Point Central through the culinary program to play for Coach K when he was at Central. When Coach K and Central parted ways for whatever reason the Frye family built a house in the Northern district and moved. Perfectly legal. But he was not at Ragsdale before he went to Northern.

    Who knows why he left Ragsdale. Could have been a lot of reasons, maybe wanted to play for his AAU coach, maybe the family wanted a new school, maybe there were not enough basketballs to go around at Ragsdale. At Northern he stepped in as a starter right away. That may not have happened at Ragsdale. We’ll never know.

  31. K did the same thing when he was at High Point Central. He had a roster full of players who went to schools prior to his stint at Central. And, the AD at Central that hired him, the one and only Derrell Force. He had players from Western Guilford, Bishop McGuinness, and Ragsdale. He has the money, the know how, and the connections to make things happen that traditional high school coaches who are teachers cannot accomplish. These are facts. Just imagine how good Ragsdale would have been with the Cantys, Simms, and Frye. And, no I am not a Ragsdale supporter, but those are the facts. When a coach takes a new position and kids follow, not once but twice, something is a little strange about that.

  32. Yes sir, “Dear Ole Dudley HS Est. 1929”, you can sit there of east Lee Street and pretend you have played with your own players all these years. You are talking to someone who’s been in this community to what really goes on. So quit shuckin’ and jivin’ like you and the DHS Panthers were so put upon and cheated this year. Get in the real world, buddy.
    I have nothing to do with Northern, but I can tell you one thing, and that’s that several of you like Ragsdale fans ( football, baseball and basketball past for sure) , Dudley ( past and maybe even present ), and Northwest ( present ) have no rocks to throw from their glass houses.
    The only difference between me and several of you on this site is that I won’t write any anonymous letters to GCS. I say “live and let live”. If parents and students or student athletes want to move from one district and they abide by the county’s rules, then LET IT GO!!!! If administrators truly broke any rules, then let them live with the consequences of their actions in the same manner we should teach our own children.
    It’s time for everyone in this community to “GET A LIFE”! Most of you are just a bunch of GOSSIPS who do not have a single fact to base your opinion on.
    I know for a fact that one of the posters on this site cheats @ golf, but who cares—he has to live with himself if he beats me.
    True character is doing what’s right when there’s no one there to scrutinize your behavior.
    Have a great night “Dudley High” and all you other clowns.

  33. Robert Jones, your grammar is horrible pal. Atleast we know you didn’t come out of Dudley. I know Mrs. Kerr would have kicked you out of her English class if she heard you or any of her students speaking that way. ex.- “You are talking to someone who’s been in this community to what really goes on. ” ——–Robert Jones

    Huh???? What are you trying to say here??

    No one is throwing stones or “forearms” at Northern Guilford. Personally, I could care less about what is going on at Northern or any of the other high schools around here. I came through Dudley and most of my relatives came through Dudley. When life comes calling for major decisions, I know that I can go over to Tarpley Memorial for a walk around the track and meditate on the best course of action to take and so far, this practice has never failed me.

  34. Thank you for the English lesson, but I was in a hurry, and now I have more time.

    Corrections for your initial post, kind sir, are noted below:
    1) demerits does not have a hyphen. Even though it’s poor English, maybe you meant “the” merits similar to “de”, “dese”, “dose”, etc( just a little joke)
    2)Just a general statement since you maade the same error 3 or 4 different times ( I hope Mrs. Kerr is not rolling over in her grave )

    “When 2 independendent clauses are joined by a conjunction, a comma always belongs after the 1st independent clause and before the conjunction”. Conjunctions are words like and and but.
    Go meditate over that! Thank you very much for the English lesson.

  35. Robert Jones – You crack me up! Thanks for the laugh!

    Joe Schmoe and Concerned – Frye actually did indeed play summer league with Ragsdale’s Varsity team at Ragsdale Y the summer before he went to Northern. He tried it, didn’t like it, moved to Northern. Why? I don’t know. But he did…so you’re not so smart either. At least your grammar is better than Dudley 1929…

    PS I aced Ms. Kerr’s class.

  36. Dudley Dad
    If that is what you really are ??? Dosen’t sound like it to me. You had some positive things to say and that is all well and good but, whatever! You have so many positive things to say about Northern wow! Are you that passionate about you own childs school. You took the high road, but I know personally that Coach K persuaded those kids to move into the district one of playes mother is my close personal friend. (yeah right the whole team moved to the district for nothing )
    This is the same Coach that has a deep personal vandetta against Coach Price, so he set out to do it better and I guess he has the means and connections to do so. That is all well and good and for the other comment Dudley is on Linclon St. not Lee St. and Ms. J. Kerr is not dead( how dare you)

    But in the end he may be a good coach ,mentor, or so they say,but one thing I do know the kids are going to be the one to suffer and what happens to all the other kids who parents can’t just jump up and move to a so called better school where they are “promised ” college scholorship so !!!!!

  37. Dudley Dad, part of that is true. He did play some summer ball with Ragsdale kids but he was not enrolled at Ragsdale. He had just completed a year at Central. Last time I checked playing ball with kids at the YMCA did not mean you were enrolled at a school. And the family home in the Northern district was either completed or near completion. So if he had liked it I don’t know how you pull it off when you live in the Northern district.

  38. It sounds to me as if a lot of this criticism is from Dudley fans.
    Several times, there have been references to “mean” old Jacob Lawson hurting the poor, innocent Panthers with various body parts, and now it’s the Northern coach has a personal vendetta against coach Price. Talk about a bunch of paranoid whiners!!!!!

    Maybe this would all go away if Northern promised to never beat Dudley again in any sport.

  39. So I guess all of the front page press in the Greensboro News & Record including today is all from Dudley fans?

  40. it is a witch hunt remember? they got nothing on them….hahahaha

    people dislike NG because of jealousy, all jealousy

  41. I guess you are not reading the same papers that i’m reading! Or maybe you know something i don’t……….. Jealousy you do realize Dudley High School has 3 state titles since 2008?

  42. You call it a witch hunt then how come people have lost their jobs? Now i’m not for folks loosing their jobs but the facts are the facts! Folks just are just not going to walk away from their jobs because someone is on a witch hunt. Seems like no matter what is printed or what is said certain folks want to point the finger at Dudley High School. As stated in the paper this morning the investigation started late in 2008 well before Dudley and Northern hooked up on the hard wood. But many of you think things went South just because Dudley were upset that Northen won a title. I don’t know everything but I feel this has nothing to do with Dudley.

  43. This is not a witch hunt. This is a legitimate case of rules being “bent” to fit those in position to take advantage. The facts remain that allegations of recruiting and bending the rules have followed K from Bishop McGuinness to Central to Northern. And, as stated by Nora Carr, there is a time to look into these allegations when they repeatedly come up. Look into the teams he put on the floor at Central and see how many of those players lived in Central’s district. It is ironic that some of these players were enrolled in culinary arts, chinese, the academy, IB, etc. And, these same players are no longer enrolled in these programs or attending Central immediately after K leaves for Northern. It seems that these players lost interest in becoming chefs, earning IB diplomas, or Chinese language, etc. at the same time K lost interest in coaching at Central.
    And, again the common denominator, Derrell Force. Coach Force is a good man, but he also got caught up in this and his name is at the top of the athletic department, so he must face the consequences and resigned.
    I believe having faculty only coaches is a great concept, but the reality is with current budget cuts and the hiring freeze, this is going to be tough. However, non-faculty coaches must be held to the same standards as those coaches who are on campus.
    But, let’s remember there are other “rumored” violations beyond recruiting, such as possible grade changes, etc. We’ll have to wait to see what happens with these.

  44. When you get caught with your pants down, the common response is, “I can explain” or “it’s not what you think” or even “I was forced to do this”. Northern’s troubles are just that Northern’s troubles. Not Grimsley’s, not Page’s, not Northeast’s, not Dudley’s. The entire state is watching this whole thing play out and once again, Guilford County athletics are coming into question. One thing I can say, I commend Coach K for not running away and standing proudly by the choices he has made. Can’t say the same for Yeager meister, Force and Lawson but you can say that for K. And further, once this is all over K can move out to California or Texas and take over a program out there, it just won’t be here in North Carolina.

    That’s all from me.

  45. Who knows if he can coach at all? He has never coached with kids just coming up through a system. Just plays with imports from other schools.
    Fact: Mcain,Frye , or Lawson would never have been at NG for any other reason than hoops. Work hard. work with the MS coaches and play with your system and your players.

    Fact: He has won in AAu in the way anyone could. absolutely sick,loaded teams.

    The jury is totally out on his coaching. Kids like him ( why is being investigated) which is something I guess. But he has not come upon his players in a regular,zoned feeder type of way. Impossible to judge his coaching.

  46. People comment on how great of a coach he is, but what coach couldn’t win with a stacked team? I mean everyone talks about how great Joe Torre is, how great Doc Rivers is, but really when you stack the team at each position his ass better win. Sally has a great question. Do we really know if he can coach at all? How good would have Northern been without those recruited players? And damnit I did say recruited and don’t give me this alledged recruited b.s. Northern people want to say that they were the next great “Field of Dreams” where you build it they will come. Horse dookie! They built it and sent out damn memos to everyone to “come on over here”, because we can just hand out custodian jobs so that your boys can play. I mean, hell, how qualified do you really have to be to get hired from Caswell County as a custodian? I’m sure Northwest has just as much cost in that school as Northern, so I’m really starting to wonder if the custodian there is underqualified. Since when did custodian jobs start showing up at Monsters.com or Careerbuilders.com. Let us see Coach K coach players who aren’t as talented and see what happens. That is something that I want to see.

  47. How did NW get thrown into this??? Name one out of district player. As far as the article and coach Ks comments about NW holding illegal practices in May??? Wrong. Coach did not even move here til June. May have attended an Open Gym but no practices.

  48. bringing NW in is this individual’s way of trying to deflect the negative press on to someone else and bring someone else down with him, typical defense mechanism for someone that knows it is all about to hit the fan and the walls are crumbling down. Misery loves company.

  49. In regards to Coack K – Want to see him coach? His 10U team plays for the State Championship today at 1:30 at Northern. They run…or try to, poor little guys, the same plays and defense as Northern. It’s no coincidence that one of his teams is playing for this title again. He IS THAT good. The kids just like him. It’s not his fault they choose to follow him wherever he goes. That is between the kids and their parents. He converses with NCAA coaches on a regular basis to ensure that he is coaching mechanics and fundamentals, defense and plays the correct way.

    His teams at Bishop and Central were not stacked. Those boys started at the bottom and worked their way up. They adhered to a weight-lifting and workout schedule that primed them for the season.

    It is policy that a student must be enrolled at a school in order to participate in any workouts, weight-lifting sessions or summer league teams. I believe Frye was indeed enrolled at Ragsdale albeit for a short period of time. If he wasn’t then Ragsdale broke yet ANOTHER rule.

    He has no qualms with Price at Dudley. Respects the program and has never uttered a bad word about it or any other program in Guilford…I mean Guilty county.

    Read the paper this morning? Told ya so! Lawson is an Army Vet who fought for our freedom, I highly doubt he would let some county ***** in a skirt take his away. Who did they think they were, the FBI???

    The county has to practice what it preaches. You can’t publish a handbook that decries all “insulting, harassing..bullying, intimidating…” to be “specifically prohibited” then turn and do it to someone yourselves. Just in case you forgot the consequences that you deemed necessary to fit such a behavior the handbook states “serious violations may result in long-term suspension.” I believe that “detaining someone without the authority to do so” is a federal offense with consequences similar to kidnapping. Shhh! I think I hear the police ringing Wilson and Morrison’s doorbell?

  50. For the kids,

    So, are you saying that you live with Wilson and Morrison (to hear their door bell ring that is)?..Also, no matter if Mr. Lawson wants his job back or not, the man is NOW a flat out an official b.s.’er…If he got a job, then great…But, he makes a statement saying that it wasn’t about basketball…Talking about hilarious…I almost choked on my Rice Krispies laughing at it…The last paragraph in that article was about as fake as I’ve ever seen…If he were more honest and just said that NO ONE recruited my son, but I LOVE how Coach K is with my son, so I decided to pursue the job at Northern to further advance my career and at the same time HOPEFULLY have my son play with Coach K…There was a connection with the two (player and coach) before Mr. Lawson got the job, so to sit there and tell the newspaper that none of this was about basketball was about as idiotic as I’ve seen in a long time…I hope he keeps his job, because I don’t want to see this man lose his job for trying to put his son in a better position…Over and over again people keep saying this, and I agree with it, and that is no one cares about whether you move on your own just to have your son or daughter play sports for a particular coach…It is the recruiting that takes place that is wrong…So, I hope that those who recruit at Northern get punished…By the way, send one of your Northern football coaches packing to Oregon already and then you’d probably lose some of the headache…

    Whether Guilford County can prove anything about the recruiting or not, the rest of the county knows for sure…No matter what gets proven in this ordeal, an earlier poster commented on this, we all still will know 100% for sure that it existed at Northern just because the kids will talk, and they have…So Northern, congratulate yourselves for the state title, but it will go in the record books with an asterisk just like the records that Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens will take with them to the Hall of Fame…


  51. Sally in August of last year McCain was being Recriuted for football. Now it Basketball. Why don’t you asked his parents. Before you do his Father is 6′ 5″ 250 plus. Beeeeee-careful!

  52. I’m sure that northern has no vandetta against coach price. Price is exactly who teams want at Dudley. He is a great person but just a good coach. The difference he is not a great coach. I was there when Dudley lost to Trinity, I was there when Dudley Won, I was there when Dudley lost to Kinston. Prices’ only vandetta against him is 2 3 Zone. He has great players but not a great coach. How else do you explain him sitting back in a 2 3 zone and getting toasted by Reggie Bullock for 29. Northern ran a box in one on bullock and he had 9. Then he had the best catch and shoot player in the county dribbling the ball up. Dudley you need not recruit players you have them. You need to recruit a coach to help Price. Dudley should have as many banners as UCLA.

  53. On the first and foremost front, Coach David Price recently suffered a stroke and we need to keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers.

  54. Coach Price,

    I sincerely hope you are feeling better and are up and at it again soon. I know there are a bunch of great players that are anxious for you to get back to them.

    Dear I Know,

    While I agree that it’s hard to believe that Lawson truly wouldn’t mind seeing his son never dribble the ball again, it is not our place to judge how a father sees his son. I’m just grateful my daughter is healthy and strong and I would be fine if she chose to never play sports again, attend college, concentrate on her grades and chooses an occupation that makes her happy. However, I must add that it would have been impossible for Mr. Lawson to repeat your quote “I LOVE how Coach K is with my son…” because Coach K had never had Jacob on a team prior to his attending Northern…so there was no pre-existing coach/player relationship.

  55. For the Kids… You are actually wrong. Jacob played AAU ball for coach K for a couple of years, so Yes there is a relationship there. Have you not been following this mess.

  56. Wrong- you couldn’t be more so!!! Please show me the roster of the AAU team that Jacob played for Coach K on BEFORE attending Northern. I KNOW for a FACT that you won’t find one. “Following the mess” is completely different from having the facts. You are obviously NOT knowledgable enough on the situation to be making comments and calling someone out. You may obtain a copy of rosters from the NC Gaters office located behind Spears Y on Horsepen Creek Rd. I can’t stand people who THINK they know what they are talking about and really have NO CLUE!!!…which is more than half the people on this site!

    Coach K – Congratulations on winning yet ANOTHER State Title! The 10U Gaters looked impressive, almost gave it up there at the end, but once again, GREAT COACHING PREVAILED!!!!! Way to go!

  57. Takes a lot of coaching to win 10u AAU state championships, has nothing to do with who happens to have the better players. Yall fools need to recognize the greatness!

  58. OK For the Kids, So you are telling me that Jacob did not play AAU ball for Coach K the summer prior to coming to Northern???

  59. Correct. He played on the 14u Gaters Coached by Doug Shelton, Nationals were in Orlando.

  60. For the kids,

    Either way (coached or not coached), Coach K had knowledge of the Lawson kid through the AAU program. You see, you tried to make it seem like Coach K had no prior knowledge or connection with this kid, which is now not true. I don’t care if he was on the 14U only team and coached by a different person, because Coach K still had some connection with this kid through this AAU program.

  61. Could have sworn I saw him playing for Coach K in a showcase at Guilford College in the summer of 07. No matter, I was actually trying to help the case that having that prior relationship would have made Lawson want to attend NG to be with Coach K but then you had to go and get all Nasty on me.

  62. For the Kids,

    The Central team that Coach K started with did not start at the bottom. In fact, the prior year they won the conference championship with kids zoned for High Point Central. They returned the leading scorer and another starter from that team, as well as two or three key reserves. The summer he took over, there were kids working with the basketball team that were not enrolled at High Point Central but other high schools in the area. Some people complained and it was stopped.

    K might be a good coach, but the fact is that some of the residences and developments as to how and why these players ended up at Northern can be questioned. The argument that players like K and want to go to Northern is invalid unless the players live in the district and were in no fashion recruited.

  63. Dear “I Know” – There are actually a tremendous amount of coaches all across our great state that also coach USSSA, AAU or other organized sports. Some of them here in our own town; Robert Kent, Doug Shelton, Chad Wilkerson, Freddy Johnson, Art Wade, the list goes on and on…and that’s just basketball! There are even more in baseball!!! Having that experience under their belts MAKES US LUCKY!!! I would NEVER want an unexperienced coach mentoring my child. How unfair would it be if other counties got to have coaches with all that experience and not us? We would get our butts beat in States every year! We have to start working together and want what is best for ALL the kids in the county, not against each other!

    Dear Wrong – It is possible that you did. However, IF I remember correctly, the Showcase events at Guilford College, are not by team. Individual players are assigned to a volunteer coach. If he happened to be on Coach K’s team, that was just luck. Players are given numbers, and randomly assigned to a coach. Coaches may or may not have any of “their” players on their team. They may have 1 or 2, they may have none, they may have 5 or more. Not their decision, tournament director’s decision.

    Many of those boys have never played together and therefore Showcase events as such are very difficult for them. Most College Coaches despise them because they can’t get an idea of how a player works within a system similar to the one Coach K runs. That is what they look for. Players who know how to work within a system run at the COllege level. That is why Coach K is so popular not only by area players, but also COllege Coaches. They know he knows how to prepare a player for the next level on the court, in the classroom and in the community.

  64. For the kids:

    you sound too much like “dudley dad” (who finally stopped posting, huh?) and if you remember my previous comment you’ll know who I thought dudley dad was. you can change your name, your stripes are still showing

  65. I said that I had said all I had to say…but “My Opinion” keeps calling me a chick and I can’t go down like that…no offense ladies. Sorry to disappoint, but I am of the male variety…and although it pisses off many of my Panther friends and I respect Kowelowski’s philosophy, my stripes are blue and yella.

    Another Panther – It wasn’t me that said Ms. Kerr had passed away, but Robert Jones. So you can get on him for that.

  66. For the kids:

    If you sincerely want what’s “best for the kids” (and I hope you mean more than just athletics), then send them to Greensboro Day School. Recruiting is permitted there, so you can stack a team and try your luck with the likes of Oak Hill Academy!

    If memory serves me, Coach K and his stacked Northern team tried their luck. The result…double digit loss!

    That just goes to show you, “He who stacks, can be out-stacked.”

  67. Sally,
    It is not impossible to judge if Coach K is a good coach. My son played for the Gaters for years; he is an average player. He played for K for one year and had many other coaches during his years with the Gaters. Coach K was the best coach that he had in terms of developing his potential BY FAR. no other coach came close. People follow Stan because he is a great coach. If my son were good enough to play basketball in college, I’d be moving to the Northern district too.
    If the school system can prove he broke the rules, then they need to. But to say they know it is true because people/ kids “talk” is ridiculous. They have caused great hardship to three men and from what I hear, the high school is a mess! The kids are fighting about it, the teachers are split, and the athletic department is split. All based on rumors. That is Guilford County for you!!!!

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