Mitchell’s Lockdown Report: Bobby Lashley signs with TNA

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TNA signing Bobby Lashley is real news, and a real choice for Lashley. I’m interested in the stipulations of the contract.

It figures that the one time in six years Dixie Carter had it over Vince McMahon TNA would find a way to blow it for her. McMahon is right, TNA is reprehensible in a way WWE is not. I can’t imagine WWE, for all their crap, airing something like Abyss against Matt Morgan. It would be a step up for those two to get jobs as geeks at the carnival.

The first hour or so of the undercard was completely forgettable (well, except for the Machine Guns’ finisher) thanks to the sad fact TNA still doesn’t understand how to pace a wrestling show. These cooker-cutter multi-person cage matches where the only thing that matters is whether everyone got their spots in, and everyone else stood up after everyone got their spots in.

Team 3D’s win over Beer Money was the best match on the show. It was a clear examples of what happens when professionals take advantage of he favorable cards fate dealt them. Team 3D played the Philadelphia ECW nostalgia and tag team world championships just right. I liked the simple, direct finish. Team 3D gave the people what they really wanted – Team 3D smashing someone through a table – then went home.

Depending on your mood, it was either sad or hilarious to hear the reaction to the climatic moment of hours and hours of TNA Impact.
Jeff Jarrett, the Founder and TNA Top Star, finally made his big choice between the Real Wrestling Stars and the Others, smashing Booker T over the signature guitar – and nobody in Philadelphia cared.

Danny Bonaduce had a better match with Eric Young on the pre-show than “Cactus Jack” had with Sting in the main event.