More from the USSSA Greensboro Super NIT

here’s a strange finish from Carmine Pagano at Carolina Accleration:

GBCTA 12u lost in the semi-finals to a tough Virginia Storm team, who in the finals, was pouring it on a the Columbia Heat 8-1 through 4 innings, when the Heat Head coach questions the eligibility of the Storms pitcher.

As it turned out, there was a miscommunication between the Storms head coach and the tournament director re: the USSSA SNIT pitching rules for this weekend and the pitcher had pitched too many innings for this weekend and was ineligible, which resulted in a forfeit. Columbia Heat SNIT winners*.


  1. I was there and the Coach from Columbia tried to pull a bush league play on the Storm which didn’t work and then argued a balk call for over 20 minutes until the “field director” ordered the runners to back to their original positions prior to the balk because he didn’t know the balk rules. Unbelievable!! The Columbia coach knew there was no way they could beat the Storm (then or 99 times out of 100) so he waited until the Storm pitcher went over the limit before he called them on it. Extremely low integrity for a coach, he should have called them on it at the time, not after the fact and let the players play out the game. The way the Storm was rolling, who knows what the final score would have been?

  2. Could not have been stated any better!!!!!!!!!!!! It was going to be a slaughter rule right after the Storm finished hitting in the bottom of the 4th. THAT GAME WAS OVER

  3. I too was at the game and was surprised by the turn of events…. Lets also put into the notes that the kid on the mound was about 4’10” and weighed about 75 lbs. I would guess. It is not like there was a 6′, 150lb kid up there throwing 75 mph…..

    The Storm was given wrong information by a person running the tournament and that person was of course no where to be found at the time. For a National tournment field director to give wrong information is avery sad thing.

    I would have thought that one inning pitched over the limit would have caused a disqualification of a player, coach or at worse a replay of the 4th inning. The other innings were valid and the 4th inning had nothing to do with the score….

    Let’s remember the only ones that were hurt in this were the boys of both teams that saw an award given to team that did not earn it.

  4. I am a coach of a 10 and 11 year old Mustang team in the the Greensboro area. I was taking my son out to the field to do some hitting at the park. I found out what was going on so I decided to stay for a while with my son to watch these teams play . I quickly realized that the team that was loosing (don’t know the name) was truly overmatched. I ask a gentleman that was standing next to me who the winning team was and he told me it was a team from Virginia.
    Not knowing anything about the rules, I ask the coach beside me what was going on and he told me that a kid from Virgina had pitched one too many innings for the weekend. After watching those kids play, I don’t think it mattered who was pitching, it was no way they were going to loose that game.
    It is just a shame that the kids had to except defeat that way after dominating that game as they did. As a youth coach myself, it was hard to believe those kids from Virginia were only 12 years old. It was even more amazing that the coach from the other team excepted the 1st place awards for his kids……..what is that teaching his team??

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