A new Page opened in the Guilford County athletic investigations/with updates


You can continue to use the link below to the N&R accounts of the latest info on the Gabe King situation. After I read what was in today’s N&R it makes me think that is has become a full-blown mess.(Northern, Page, etc.) As we read on we will have to hear both sides of the story, but based upon what we read today(Saturday April 25,) it has become a mess.

We will have to make it a point of civilization on how we bring involved parties into play in our comments, so please contiue to watch that area. The investigatons continue and it is not a pretty site/sight right now. Let us just hope we see some light at the end of tunnel before the end of the current school year.

Again, click on the link below for the new details at the News and Record’s on-line site……..

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Page High School used an ineligible player during the 2008 football season, according to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association.

Que Tucker, deputy executive director of the association, said Friday afternoon that officials from Page reported the ineligible player to the association on March 12. She declined to elaborate, saying additional information needed to first come from Page officials.

To get more on this story and others involving the Guilford County Schools investigations of the high school athletic programs go to www.news-record.com


  1. Well known Page to NG transfer of the last few days.top 5 player in the state.

    If he or his parents lied he will be ineligible next year.

    I guess they are not just picking on NG

  2. Ineligible because of his parents lie and not the schools nor the coaching staff. Remember this is this kids 3rd school in 2 and 2/3 school years now. Nothing will come out on Page because they did nothing wrong. The cream always rises to the top.

  3. @ because…You’re probably right…on this sports related issue the school probably is not at fault. Can they work on the violence at that school though? Maybe let’s try to keep the guns out of the school.

  4. One of the differences in this situation is Page reported it when they found out instead of being investigated.

  5. Maybe Northern can move forward from all of this and take a “page” from Page’s playbook and self-report their dirty deeds from now on. Good job Page!!

  6. Some bitter people that commented on the N&R article about this, are saying stuff like this..

    “I think it is awful that this student is being punished. They have deemed him ineligible for the next school year simply because they played him for the entire season only to kick him off before the playoffs so that the championship would not be talked back. The person that should be punished is the Coach who let him play. That coach knew what he was doing when he let this student play and kicked him off right before playoffs. Please do the math everyone. He is a grown man who should be punished for his actions.”

    Those are the exact words from someone over there.

    What is funny about this comment is that person has no idea what actually happened.
    This is what actually happened..

    King was removed from the team because after the East Forsyth/Page game, he started causing problems in the locker room after the game, and was messing up team chemistry in the process. The coaches decided to remove him from the team for disciplinary reasons. A coach was also fired around the same time that King was removed from the team, for the same reasons. This happened 3 weeks before the playoffs even started, so to say that this happened just because Page didn’t want him on the team before the playoffs is just plain old ignorant.

    Those people are just assuming what happened, and its just mind blowing that people have to try and drag another school/team down with them.

  7. page did not report this when they found out, they reported this when they realized this player would not be coming back, they are not taking the high road, they are taking the low road,the spiteful road, what comes around goes around, by the way this player only played for page one year who did you guys recruit him from?

  8. He came form out of state to page i believe. Someone else turned Page in and they in turn defended themselves and it appears they were not found at fault but rather the player was. The irony in the story is that I would bet my house that the people that turned Page in had a vested interest in him not being there anymore, as in someone that wanted him at their school. You don’t make an investigation and ruling in a week. I guarantee this has been going on awhile. Page was turned in and responded. They didn’t make the ruling, the state did. Sad the kid can’t play, but it is out of his hands now. He apparently has some locker room issues that he needs to correct before moving on to the next level. He is definitely a big-time prospect. I read where Page had suspended him last season as well, so I don’t buy the “they kicked him off to cover their butt” jargon.

  9. That sounds about right, I don’t know the details.. so I’m not in a position to tell you that you are wrong. Thanks for the semi-insight, sad world.

  10. I’ll give the Northern supporters one thing; they are good at trying to deflect attention away from themslves.

  11. The story says Page reported the violation on March 12. What changed between the fall of last year and March 12 that finally convinced Page to report themselves? My guess is they got word the young man was transfering and figured that if they couldn’t have him nobody could.

  12. Hey Pat,

    Get it straight. Page did let Chapel Hill know before december and around the time they found out. Also numb nuts he played at Page for two seasons, well a season and a half because he was kicked off three games before the playoffs let me make a correct statement as to not spread rumor or false accusations.

  13. Here’s the whole story> The kid showed up from SC. He’s a tremendous prospect if you only look at athletic ability. Truth is he was a cancer from the get go. I think he got suspended after the first game of the season for fighting in the Reynolds game. Came back after that suspension and played a few games. Then got the boot. I think Page went 5-1 or 5-2 without him. This is all fallout from NG. Sounds like Page did the right thing. Anyone else find it interesting that School Board member Amos Quick “Mr Dudley” was quoted in the N&R today as saying “I don’t think we need to look at any other schools.” If a kids parents lie about where he lives then how can schools be held responsible? I didn’t like it when I first heard it but I must admit open enrollment is sounding like the only option.

  14. Mr. Quick is right. It would cost too much money and as it appears with Northern, who got caught with their panties down, nothing good will come out of it. Let this be a lesson to the other schools out there.

    The investigation is almost complete.

  15. One of the main reasons NG is the FIRST school to be investigated is that some NG parents were complaining about more and more kids transferring. Students were talking as well and there were complaints about playing time. An internal whistle blower put the air into this ball. These issues combined with the complaints from surrounding schools some from other counties foreced GCS to start an investigation. The initial investigation resulted in some very questionable issues that forced the documented resignations and the firing of the custodian by the board leads one to assume that there are more reasons thatnwhat has been reported. Also, GCS has a very good legal staff and everyone knows Moe’s background. So, they will not make any major mistakes from a legal stand point. And any annoucements from GCS will be carefully worded prior to delevery to the media. The non-faculty coaches have no legal rights as they are on a year to year agreement not contract.
    More investigations are forth coming. However, due to limited manpower and the time that it takes to properly investigate, the NG investigation will need to be closer to completion before other full investigations begin. Other schools in the district are already being required to provide some initial documents and records.
    As far as the new football transfer to NG the future will tell us if can play and how long he will be able to play. If college is in his future we all will know how he will do once he gets into the college enviroment where there is less hands on mentoring by coaches.
    Give this some time and some news will be relased soon enough. We should be pushing GCS and the school board to improve safety for the students/teachers and academics at all schools. This alone would reduce the request for tranfers. Tougher requirements on tranfers and possibly requiring student athletes that are allowed special tranfers to sit out at least a half of season for the first season when they transfer. Or, not allowing transferring athletes to compete in post season tournaments or state playoffs during the first season after transfer is granted. This would allow the athletes to play and be seen by any possible college coaches for those that are ready for the next level after high school. College coaches do not recruit players for post season stats, they are evaluated on performance. Of coarse, anyone can move from one district to another.
    High school sports should not be dropped this is a very good tool to help reduce drop out rates, school morale, and the surrounding communities. But, the main focus of high school should be preparing students for college and life after high school for those not attending college.
    Point more fingers to GCS and boad members to change those schools with poor safety records, drop out rates, and to improve educational opportunities at all schools. This will fix most of these issues or at least make them much better.

  16. I heard the football player was living with one of the coaches. They new the kid didn’t live in the district
    And that same football player got kick off the team before the playoff.

  17. I’m a little confused. Its being reported in the paper by the mother that the COACHES knew they lived out of district and made arrangements for her son to live with one of the coaches. But I didn’t I read some where that the coaches had no idea? I’m starting to believe like everybody else this is not isolated to Northern. They just want us to believe that.

  18. I know a family has a right to move into a certain schoool district but personally I believe it would have been smart for the King family to wait until the investigation was over at Northern. I mean the punishement is harsh for the young man but maybee some folks felt like it was a slap in the face to enroll at Northern in the midst of every that is going on.

  19. Well said, POINTING FINGERS. Improving academics and safety at all GC high schools might go a long way to reducing transfers. As far as the situation at Northern, the timing of the upset during the last few weeks of school has done some damage that will probably be reflected in some test scores. It has certainly affected the moral with kids accusing other kids of whistle blowing, etc.

    I’m all for fixing something if it is broken. Not everyone plays by the rules in this world, but I do and in this household we certainly teach our children to. As adults, we know it is not always the easy way, but it is the best way. As far as this kind of thing being isolated at Northern? Does anyone really believe that?

    I get a sick feeling when I read the negative and degrading comments posted on here. Having pride in your school is not a negative thing. Northern students and parents have pride because they worked hard to bring two schools together to form a community. That was not an easy task and took some doing. GCS officials will sort all of this out and let’s encourage the kids to be proud and not to hang their heads for something that some adults may have done.

  20. All the GSO Newspaper gives is the account of the mother of this kid as I am guessing Page is not permitted to respond yet per GCS. Or they have been advised not to comment yet. I have no connection to either Page or NG, and based on all accounts, I am not sure I put a lot of stock in what she claims. Not saying she is lying, but not necessarily the most credible testimony either. I am guessing there is more to it than she is claiming. We shall see.

  21. Number one, the mother doesn’t even know the correct position her son plays. He actually plays defensive end and is HIGHLY recruited at that position. So, there is some credibility lost there, because she probably has never seen her son play or cared to for that matter.

    Number two, Gabe stayed with Coach Weeks one weekend along with one other player just so that Coach Weeks could try to build some comaraderie with the two players. Coach Weeks tried to help Gabe be a better person and used this avenue to do it, and that is because Coach Weeks is a good man and generally did care for him. It sucks that you have a player who took advantage of this and won’t tell the truth, or for that matter lied to his mother about where he was STAYING. And if he lied about where he was staying, doesn’t that tell you something about his relationship with his parents? Here are some things that Coach Weeks was trying to help correct by the way. Gabe was having issues showing up to practice, showing up on time(I’m being generous when I say twice a week – can you imagine what the other players who showed up on time felt about this and knowing he was a HIGH D-1 prospect), and being a good teammate. Again, his whereabouts indicates that the mother just had no clue where her son was EVER; therefore, more credibility lost.

    Number three, ask the mother about the form they signed that stated the illegal address on it. This is the reason he isn’t playing for 365 days a year. The parents lied to the coaches and lied on this form. When the coaches found out, they knew they had to do the right thing and turn themselves in.

    I assure you though that Page is far different from NG right now. Page doesn’t have street agents who go around recruiting players from other schools. Ask Gabe who recruited him from Page? I doubt he would tell you, but there is a fellow over there that did. I assure you this as well, Gabe wasn’t going to play this year for Page either even if he stayed. I’m sure the coaches weren’t going to put up with his shenanigans for one more year. I can GUARANTEE YOU THIS. It would have been a good thing that he moved to another school and the coaches would have been just fine with his move to Northern. If they hadn’t have had to turn themselves in, then I’m sure that Gabe would still be playing; ultimately, East Forsyth told Page about the improper address, so Page was handcuffed to turn themselves in.

  22. The transfers at NG or any other school is not a kid or student problem. Some adults are truly making decisions to move their kids to other schools for all the right reasons, some are focused on getting them on a winning team, or with coaches they feel are best for the their kid. Then you have the other side, some coaches will attempt to get the very best players even if they have to bend the rules. Remember, a coaches mentality is to win, understand the rules most of the time, and try to work within the rules to accomplish attracting the best players and and winning. I must recognize the time and effort that most coaches put into their programs, the long hours, organizing fund raisers, preparing for games, and to those that teach in addition to coaching are very special.
    Let’s fix the system, improve all schools to minimize the desire to transfer, require some time frame that student athletes can not participate in sports, not allowing schools caught violating rules to participate in state playoffs or winning conference championships, and making tranfer request a more lengthy process to allow better investigation into request. Also, fines for the school and coaches that are in violation of rules. The money can be put into a fund for after school study programs or other special educational needs. This would not be a fix all for all time. Look at the NCAA, but the difference is that this is the main source of income for these coaches. That is not a justification to break the rules, just a fact that there is hugh difference between the high school coach versus the college coach.
    We are going to have to improve our educational system starting at pre-school all the way up to high school if we are going to improve our society. To do this, we have to do it from the top down and bottom up. Everyone has a part GCS, the school board, parents, coaches, and the students.

  23. When the parents start talking it can get really messy. Right now I am stunned by what I am hearing.

  24. OPEN ENROLLMENT, OPEN ENROLLMENT, OPEN ENROLLMENT. Forsyth County is much more copetitive in sports than GC. In GC yall have one or two powers in sports but here in Forsyth we are more competitive

  25. About ‘being late for practice” : keep in mind some kids do not have a cushy life where momma and her SUV is alawys there to have Jr. at every freakin obligation. Some kids have very difficult times w/ logistics and they have very legitimate reasons for being late, etc. that can be twisted around to appear as “trouble making, attitude, etc.” Once a kids relationship w/ a coach goes sour things snowball into what we have now in this situation. There is alot of pressure on these “top prospects” that the average person can not understand.

    About calling team mates out in the locker room: There can be a place for this as long as it’s kept in the locker room. Every team needs leaders and kids w/ passion. Nothing makes leaders madder than team mates who are just going through the motions. BUT it’s up to the coach to coach all these personality types into a team. It sounds to me like the Page coach couldn’t get a grip on this situation.

  26. OPEN ENROLLMENT, OPEN ENROLLMENT, OPEN ENROLLMENT. Forsyth County is much more copetitive in sports than GC. In GC yall have one or two powers in sports but here in Forsyth we are more competitive. With Open Enrollment only academics make a student ineligible not where he or she lives

  27. Pointing Fingers,

    First of all this is high school, coaches aren’t supposed to do things to “attract the best players”. They are supposed to develop the players they have which is the gripe with some coaches because they do that and then get those players they work with lured away by other coaches false promises and lies.

    Andy you mean when the parents start lying.

  28. youpeoplewillsayanything

    Take responsibility the kid was late for practice when he was at school already. He also had his own car and missed practie when he was at school as well. People like yu is why society is getting worse, no personal responsibility just finger pointing.

  29. Page Fan,

    You are good at the smoking mirror. First please read the NCHSAA rule book, I believe it says that if this is your first offense you would be sent back to your home school, 2nd offense is that you are you ineligible for three hundred and sixty-five days, 3rd offense you are gone forever. I believe this is his first offense. So be careful about saying thing that are not true, you may be part of the lawsuit that is coming for someone he leaked this out. Page got caught with their pants down. Lets see what is going to happen.

  30. this is all ridiculous. You have a mother that just found out her son will not play his senior year. That much is fact. You have an area coach that is telling a kid and his parents that this same player’s former coach is bad-mouthing him to college coaches. That much is fact. So you would think that this mother might be a little pissed about the situation and embellish a tad? This is a one-sided story to create more controversy and a way to sell papers. People actually think that Page could turn themselves in on March 12th and get a ruling on April 23rd. You are giving the NCHSAA a little too much credit. Things don’t work that fast. This has been going on for a while and coincidentally came out at the same time the kid transferred.

    Remember, he isn’t suspended for transferring, he is suspended for using a false address.

    Implying there is some continuing investigation at Page is ludicrous. The investigation is over and it found that the player can’t play next season. Investigation over. I am sure the other side of the story is not far behind after this article today.

    Is it really front page news though? I am not even talking about the sports section.

  31. problem, I knew that would be the comeback when I posted. I am just sayiong there are TWO sides to every story and very legitimate situations can be twisted around for anybody’s purpose.

  32. just the facts: so you are saying this is his first offense and therefore he will be allowed to play at Northern per the rulebook?

  33. Andy Andy Andy, Hmm stunned? If this kid stayed with A COACH last summer they knew before the season he lived out of the district. I believe it’s a little disingenuous that page would take a stance of not knowing where the parents lived. If that was the case ,what was the need to stay with the coach, even for a week or two. If Mr Quik wants the truth he could start with this Page incident, then look into the Academy at Dudley and how many kids live outside of the district, This entire issue is about fairness. If anything gives one school an advantage over another it should be reconsidered. If the Academy is truely about Academics than have the kids play sports for the schools were the live. From there it would be easy to take a look at any exceptions or transfers over the last three years and give them the once over. I know of suspect situations at Grimsley, Page, N.E., Dudley,Southwest,Ragsdale,just to name a few. If Northern has broke the rules then punish them and lets move forward, but don’t think for a second that that has corrected the situation!

  34. come on pat, you know NG broke the rules and I think it is apparent that they are being punished for it. Afterall, jobs have been lost. This is what the HG supporters (aka “we didn’t do anything” until they got caught and it became “it’s ok because everyone else is doing it”.) Sad thing here is that the only news or evidence anybody has stated publicly is that of the player’s mother. Whose side do you think she is on? Hmmmmm, let me think abou that. Don’t you think if Page had been found to do something wrong that they would have been reprimanded as well when they released the suspension. I know with almost certainty that no coach at Page does not want this kid to be able to play football. They aren’t that type of people. In fact, according to most they are just glad they don’t have to worry about him anymore. It is sad that according to the nchsaa he can’t play. That isn’t Page’s fault, they didn’t do the investigation.

  35. OPEN ENROLLMENT does not fix the problem of safety and overall academics. This MUST be addressed first and foremost. Problem, your are correct coaches should build from within, my comments are not a justification for recruiting or coaches attempting to recruit. Only that it happens and will happen with or without regulations. (1)Fix the entire district for students and teachers safety(2)Implement tougher rules and guidelines for any possible tranfers(3)Penalize schools and coaches for violations(4)Not allow students to participate in sports with in the state of NC if parents falsify residents or other requirements.
    Lastly,this problem will not ever be corrected with absolute certainty. But, we have to change the current system in an effort to improve the overall enviroment of the school district. OPEN ENROLLEMENT does not do that and will not do that. The county to the west has major problems with safety and certainly academics, too.
    Take this opportunity to move forward and improve all schools for all people. The next genration will be glad we did.
    Albert Einstien once said “that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity” and ” the difference between stupidty and genius is that genius has limits”. So we have be able and ready to change, we can not do the same thing over and over. Move forward, stop the rumors, let this take its due coarse, and in the end make it better for all the district.

  36. Just for Facts,

    Well, I’m sorry to tell you that I will have nothing to do with any lawsuit. I’m on the outside looking in, but I have heard enough through the players to know what really has happened. You should be sued for trying to defame good coaches and coaches whom you probably don’t know personally. We are talking about coaches who are GREAT PARENTS TO THEIR OWN KIDS and who go to Page and try to help other kids be successful. So, I’m sorry that you have no clue and are on a side where you think that everyone else is responsible for your own actions. It is always someone else’s fault.

    For Pat,
    By the way, the kid was at school. So, all he had to do was leave class at the end of the day and head to the locker room in a timely manner and then be dressed out and ready to go for practice. Cushy by far, because this didn’t happen just one time during the season. The tardiness was twice a week at best. So, tell me what kind of example does that set with the rest of the teammates when they see this great looking prospect for D-1 football and who comes late to practice? The excuses were asinine, but you would have to talk to the coach about the excuses, because there was always one.

  37. Pat,

    Also, if you would have read my earlier post this morning you would have seen that the kid didn’t live with any coaches. He stayed with ONE coach ONE weekend. The coach was looking to do something to help with this kid and figured getting to know him much better would help. Obviously, it did not help, and I’m sure the coach wishes he would have never wasted his time. The mother doesn’t have clue.

  38. HEY ANDY!!!

    Haha, I didn’t mean to startle you at cook out b/c it was more for a laugh, but Page really is innocent.

  39. Firstly, let me commend you on your web site, Andy. I do agree with a comment that Alan Ashkinazy made in the “Gripes and Comments” from yesterday, but I will not display my name for obvious reasons; and I know you will respect that. This site is fair and allows people to display their emotions, but unfortunately their emotions take over and especially when this occurs, their facts get distorted.

    Secondly, I do not know Gabe King but I do know kids! This young man required someone in the system who could recognize his needs and be a guide and a mentor—not just a coach. It’s my experience and opinion that the major part of any coach’s job is to recognize the different types of personalities on his team and to blend these personalities into a successful team. Yes, coaching is teaching but it goes beyond the field of play. We should be doing all we can to prepare these kids for the next level ( we forget that the next level is really the workplace and with their own children/families 15 or so years from today )—both educationally, emotionally, and athletically ( we all know how very few will even get an opportunity to play a varsity sport after high school ), and we all should realize that the kids will benefit the from a positive experience at the high school level in the classroom, the athletic field, in the home, and in the workplace. We don’t want to produce a society of kids who will look back on their high school days as being the ” best years of their lives” because if they do, we and they have really missed something along the way.

    Thirdly, it is not my place to judge the AD, the coaches, the school’s administration, etc. in this matter because I do not have enough facts to have an opinion. However, this situation does show that banning non-faculty coaches from GCS campuses is definitely not a solution to the issues at hand as well as just another display of what rumor and innuendo will do to professionals who are victims of the public’s “rush to judgement”.

    Thank you for providing a forum of this nature. I hope people will have second thoughts prior to posting comments that are aimed to do nothing more than damage people’s reputations—whether it’s kids or adults.

    Just A Coach

  40. PAGE FAN,




  41. R U Blind, R U Black

    I knew it was coming. Please don’t try and use the race card on this. If I am not mistaken there were a few WHITE kids a few years ago at Grimsley people were complaining about, where’s that race card. By the way I thought Thuc lived with his brother and think you or somebody else stated that before, c’mon your story straight and get over your own BS

  42. Page Fan,

    Great coaches these are the some coaches who told two young men who plays for A&T that it was not his job to help them to get a scholarship. How can you have an all state kicker and he has to walk on at ECU, also you have one of the best QB in the state and he goes to Campbell. To me it tells alot that the Coach G is lazy. But the kicker is when the college coaches siad the things that Coach G is saying about the young man. So you are saying that it is okay to stay the night with a coach who know that you are staying somewhere else. You keep saying that the kids are telling you that he is a bad apple, I m pretty sure that they told you that he was living out of district. Right, so you have known this also. You said that you guys turned yourselves in around Dec. That is not true Que said that you did it on March 12, so why did you wait so long to report it. COULD BE THAT PAGE ADMINSTRATION HAD INSIDE INFO THAT THE INVESTIGATION WAS GOING TO START SO THAT IS WHY SO THEY COULD PUT IT OFF ON NORTHERN. DONT KNOW BUT SMELL FISHY.

  43. Problem,

    That was a neat surprise at the Cookout and that might become my inside story of the day.

    I had just finshed talking to a Grimsley parent over on that side street beside the Cookout and here comes Page.

    I saw another Page student about 30 minutes later at the Battleground BP….(I’ll save all the names and keep rolling.)

    Good to see you, it’s nice to be recognized and keep up the faith…

  44. Just the facs,

    First of all, if you knew anything of football recruiting kickers are very rarely if at all given scholarships anymore. Secondly no knock on the QB but he is a little undersized for a major D-I program if you don’t think so look around at some of the starting QB’s in the college ranks. For all of you people that don’t know stop by Page and check out the countless hours put in to making highlight tapes for kids to send to college scouts and then find out the countless schools that tese tapes are sent to.

    Don’t presume to know what you are talking about when it is obvious you know very little at all.

    For the coaches, from now on b/c most people are idiots I guess you need to start not believing any kids paper work that states his address, take time away from your family and follow each and every one home to verify that you are not being lied to just to cover your own aces. Be private eyes and you won’t hve these problems any more.

  45. The argument that the county thinks that non-faculty coaches are the problem, just got thrown out the door. The only GCS coaches that are guilty thus far are the Page coaches all of whom are faculty members. If GCS doesn’t fire them for being guilty, then they can’t get rid of innocent non-faculty coaches without getting sued. Big problem that GCS didn’t need thanks to page.

  46. R U BLIND,

    You obviously know nothing about Thuc Phan or anything else. Thuc does not live with his brother or older sister, as she is enrolled at the University of North Carolina State and lives on campus, and his brother has an internship in Washington D.C. for cancer research where he got from the University of North Carolina State, and he has not lived at home for several years now. I know for a fact Thuc lives with his legal guardians well inside the Page High School district, as his house is less than 2 minutes away from the school, and no where close to any other county school. The fact that people have to come on here and spread rumors is disgusting. Notice I am not saying one word about Gabe King, because I honestly do not know the facts and I am not here to spread rumors, however, I do know almost all the facts about Thuc Phan as I am very close to him, and I know very well he is perfectly legal to play football and any other sport at Page High School, and it would be greatly apperciated if everyone stopped spreading rumors about him, and anyone else they do not know the full truth about.

  47. OK..Page has an ineligible player, but Northern cannot be relieved because it is not over there. I think this Page story is just beginning of many. These investigations are beginning to spread throughout the schools. Northern then Page. Who’s next? Dudley? Grimsley? Smith? This is Page’s problem but don’t point fingers when your school reports ineligibility, recruiting violations or other violations of the NCHSAA handbook.

  48. I agree with the earlier comment from RainRover. Nuff said about Tuc Phan….

    Unless you have lockdown facts, be careful with the spread. You might not be to cover it.

    So let’s wait till it comes out of Chapel Hill, the home of NCHSAA.

  49. Page has already been through the gauntlet and was found to have done NOTHING WRONG. If they had then it would have been announced with the suspension for the player. This story smells like controversy and looks terrible on the surface but is nothing as though it seems. You folks wanting to deflect bad press from NG are just running on a hampster wheel and getting nowhere. Have your fun now, but make sure to come back and apologize when the actual truth comes out.

    Remember you have a family upset that a son can’t play and a football program upset that they are about to lose all of their jobs and they can’t show off all their new recruits. Two sides to every story.

  50. Everyone needs to leave this whole “recruiting” or “ineligible ” thing alone because its not hurting any of us. The only reason they are investigating is because of athletics. There are a lot of kids that go to schools outside of their district but they are not forced to move back because they are not athletes, they are just kids looking for better education. Also why don’t these Guilford County school officials take there time to investigate why kids are failing EOC’s instead of worrying about why some schools sports programs are better than others. INVESTIGATE TEACHERS!!!!!!! yeah that might be part of the reason kids are failing we have UN-CERTIFIED TEACHERS TEACHING OUR KIDS AND WE ARE WORRIED ABOUT SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THINK PEOPLE WHO SHOULD REALLY BE INVESTIGATED????????????

  51. Investigate teachers indeed! They are held accountable too much already for EOC scores.It is a teacher’s fault that a kid scores low on an EOC even if the kid only comes to class on average twice a week. How fair is that? This is why we have a teacher shortage even in poor econmoic times.It has become a thankless, impossible and take the blame for everything job! There are so many Uncertified teachers out there because enough certified ones are smart enough to work in a county where they are still slightly respected. You have 99 guesses as to which county they avoid.

  52. Hey UGHHHHH

    No the problem is and I am sure you are one of them is not the teachers it is the UNCERTIFIED PARENTS WHO HAVE KIDS. Take a day ay yhe school and see how many kids come to school to spend their day running from administrators so they don’t have to go to class do you think their parents care. I guarantee you if they did the kids would be in class and earning but your right maybe the teachers ought to put freakin shock collars on these kids and if they get too far from they door the get the sh*$ shocked out of them. Hey that mgith be the answer.

  53. Rusty Lee just keeps sticking his foot in his mouth. First, he accuses Northern of everything illegal only to find out that he has the illegal player and today he says that if you do your paperwork right you can easily police things.

  54. Not a good time to be bringing personal vendettas against others in here.

    We didn’t come in here to start fights.

    This is just about readers’ opinions.

  55. Good point, Andy.
    The more I read, the more i think back to studying Hamlet, a man of unrenowned frailty similar to many of the posters, etc. on these topics—
    Bear with me while I share some for groups and individuals, please.

    1) For everyone accused of something in the last 2 weeks or ever in Guilford county
    ( proven or unproven )
    “Foul deeds will rise,
    Though all the earth o’erwhelm to men’s eyes.”
    Hamlet. Act I, Scene 2
    2) For Superintendent Green
    ” The time is out of joint: O cursed spite,
    That ever I was born to set it right.”
    Hamlet. Act II, Scene 5
    3) For all the AD’s, former AD’s, coaches, former coaches ( in surrounding counties
    ” To be honest as this world goes,
    is to be one man picked out of ten thousand.”
    Hamlet. Act II, Scene 2
    4) For all the posters ( especially the judgemental ones)
    “There is nothing either good or bad,
    but thinking makes it so.”
    Hamlet. Act II, Scene 2
    5) For all the parents who have used the system to go to the Academy
    @ any school or any other subterfuge allowed by the Guilford County Schools.
    “The perfection preached in the Gospels never built up an empire. Every
    man of action has a strong dose of egotism, pride, hardness, and cunning.
    But all those things will be forgiven him, indeed, they will be regarded as
    high qualities, if he can make them the means to achieve great ends.”
    Charles de Gaulle, Le Fil de L’Epee (1934)
    6) And finally for the subscribers of the News & Record because you surely must
    be tired of reading about this mess!
    “These are the times that try men’s souls.”
    Thomas Paine, “The Crisis”

    Enjoy your day and week!
    Jack I.

  56. Andy, The article in the NR is not a lie just one mis-qoute. The player in question did in fact stay with the coach named in the article 1 weekend, and it was not to help him get along with another player. In fact it was shortly after Page lost the ______ kid to Northern. He also asked the player not to leave page. The intent on the coaches were willful and illegal because they knew that the kid parents were living in WS.

    Also Andy the the player stayed with the ex Page player for the summer, and the head coach, the defensive coach who is no longer there, and the RSO that is a coach knew that the player parents lived out of district. And was told so by the parent of the ex-player.

    The ex-player parent had a personal conversation with The head coach and a conversation with the former coach that is now a Smith. That the player was just there for the summer and would not be living with them when school started. In fact the player he stayed with was on special assignment to Page, all legal of course.

    This is fact. Andy I will give you a personal interview if you would like, and you can use my real name. I will tell every conversation that took place and with dates and times, but my lawyer has to be present at the time we speak.

    When accusations are running while its nice to have facts that can be proven.

    The only team that can be proven with an illegal player as of now is Page.

    ANDY that is the fact. Thanks for your time. MLT

  57. To: Jack I.
    I think that is very funny! Unfortunately, it will be wasted on 90% ( or more ) of the people who read it—that includes any Duke graduates who happen to be checking the “State of the Union”.

  58. WOW how do you know what was said the coach’s house? Wait a minute, you are that particular coach and you are trying to sabotage Page. The kid and another went to the coaches house because he was trying to mentor them and talk to them about being leaders. It is said that a coach gets bashed for doing something good by a few idiots that want to feel self important.

    Andy I could get you an interview with a skunk but it would stink real bad and his so called facts probably won’t be true.

  59. This is up for discussion, but I think what Jack I. said earlier, still rules the day.

    I wish all of our county educators could read that and they would realize that there is more going on here than just mudslinging.

  60. Sorry Jack, I hold the trump card and if they try to railroad this kid and not the coaches then I’m going to the press. The story will start in Charlotte, because thats neutral territory. Then NR can pick it up on AP. In order to start a fire you got to be able to create a spark and or heat.

    Andy I have a match and dry wood. I don’t have to sabotage Page this is true. Jack the coaches at page made mistakes also. Then they lied about knowing where the kid stayed. No I Wasn’t at the coaches house, but I was apart of a conversation about the players resident. That would have taking place with the head coach. Now name one player a any other school that has been proven to be illegal. Come on Jack man up! Name the player and show documented facts that its true. When you try to find a skunk you find it by the smell before you see it. The smell is out there Jack, and not only do I have the smell I have the skunk. Know when to hold them, and know when to fold them. I’ve been hold this for 8 months now its time to expose the truth. You can do that when you were involved and not a by-stander like you Jack. Thanks for the time Andy.

    Robert Bell I’ll be contacting you after the article breaks. got your number from NR article.

  61. USE it if you got it. There is no use holding a winning hand unless your just doing it to keep peoples feelings from being hurt. If you had this for so long and detest these coaches so bad why haven’t you already used it? By the way what are you talking about name another player at another school? If you are who I think you are I’m not worried anyway. If you got something, great and if not I am not surprised.

    MAN UP c’mon are you kidding me I am shaking in my boots

  62. If this was a poker game I would call your bluff Sorry Jack. I can not wait to read your great story in the Charlotte Observer. I just hope that it gets published before we all lose our eye sight from old age or our memory and forget. Deal the cards, Man Up.

  63. I already have an interview lined up with a possum on Monday. Trying to keep things light.

    Contact me on Tuesday at durhamandy@live.com

    Kenny, I’ve got to this. I don’t want to be known as the Coward of the County……

  64. The comment from the coach that it was not his job to get a player into college is dead on . The coach cant go to class, the coach cant work harder at practice or the weight room or any thing that the player does.The first that most college coaches ask when they enquire about a player 1 can they help my team 2 what kind of student and 3 what kind of personare they. There is way too much money involved at the college level in any sport for a college to have kids that will hurt them with the boosters. Just because a player is all state in high school does not equate to the same performance at the major D1 level. there are many D1 players you were the best athelete on their HS team and most were QB that are immediately moved to other pos as soon as they report to fall camp.

  65. The fact that anyone is bashing the Page coaches is ridicules. Unless you put in the hours every day to coach those kids and were there every day at every meeting with the kids and behind closed doors with the coaches you have no idea and are just speculating from what you have heard from what someone else heard. If you need to complain because it makes you feel good then knock yourself out, but do not try and pass your angry rants off as facts because you truly have no idea what you are talking about.

  66. Hey Andy where is this hard hitting news from possum. I am waiting for all the juicy stuff that isn’t going to come out on page, fabrications

  67. I haven’t heard from any of our nocturnal friends today.

    Some say they only come out at night.

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