Excellent story in today’s N&R on Ray Crawford Jr.

Great positive spin on the local high school scene in today’s article by Tom Keller on Ray Crawford Jr. at One Tough Out.

He paid the price and he is seeing the returns. The kid has made his mom and pop proud and the rest of us in the community are proud of him too. I saw him hit the one out at NewBridge Bank Park and saw him leave the yard at Northern and another time at Dudley already this year. It is nice to see these kids make it.

Which brings me to another point. It’s almost time to start thinking about the top players in our area for this season.

Here are a few names that I thought we should begin to look at:
Ray Crawford Jr.
George Carter
Josh Tobias
Macon Smith
Casey Jones
Nick McBride
Ben Fultz
DeSean Anderson
Kyle Brandenburg
Will Myers
Tevin Neal
Stephen Mekita
Robbie McIntosh
Alex Swim
Brock Hudgens
Bo Rein
Cal Sutphin
Gabe Dimock
Chris Munnelly
Hunter Ridge
Joe Turkson
Joe Max Floyd
Trey Gilmore
Brian Webb
Jon Bethea

*****And you might be saying what about my kid or our kid????? Send us some names and we can let the speculating begin…..


  1. little Ray is not only a good baseball player ,but a very good kid. keep up the good work

  2. Ray Jr. can hit! Also,everytime I have had the opportunity to speak with Ray Jr. he has conducted himself as a gentleman. I sincerely wish him great success as he continues pursuing his dream.

  3. Andy I just want to say thanks for all your support and also to say thanks to the many
    coaches out there who have taught my son the great game of baseball.
    It is hard because I have coached him for several years and I often get blamed for being harder on him than I am on other players . I hope that one day he and his mom
    realize that real coaches are that way and that I love him as my son.
    Ray has a picture of his longtime teamates in his room I call them his boys the
    Greensboro Aggies and they should be mentioned, Lashawn Brown, Tevin Neal, Eric Kimber, Jabril Shabazz, Alex Moore, Sharrod Williams, Matthew Hawkins, Joe Turkson, Corey Williamson, A J Williams, Corey Kimber, and Quinton Thomas.
    This is a great group of kids that really deserve to be recognized.

  4. Great article!

    I have met Ray jr and he is a classy young man!

    Keep up the hard work!

  5. Jon Bethea from Vandalia (former Page kid) is probably good enough to be on this list. They don’t get much pub down there but that kid can play some ball.


  7. Let’s add JB to the list. I believe he was on one of the Colt All-Star teams last summer and he is fine tuning his game with the Vandalia Vikings and has a solid coach in Luke Oates, or at least I think he’s still coaching there.

    I heard Alamance Christian had a couple of talented pitchers this year. SEG saw them in the Graham Easter Tournament.

    At one time, Salem Baptist in W-S had a very talented coach in Harley Miller who was at NEG, N.C. State and at Guilford College as a player and he coached at VCS. Not sure if Coach Miller is still plying his trade on the baseball field or not.

  8. good list for the area players but one big name you left off the list is Kyle Brandenburg of Ragsdale. He has had a monster senior season – he is near the top of every hitting stat in the state this year – hits, runs scored, RBIs, avg. you name it.

  9. Little Ray what a season you had, I have seen some clutch plays in situations that was I thought was not real. But off season I’ve seen you work, and you have become the kid THAT CAN HIT THAT BALL! Keep up the good work.

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