Dudley sports teams and special groups coming to Barnes and Noble next Tuesday

This is a great idea. Let’s all get over there to support the Panther teams, music groups and readers/poets……We hope to be there with our camera!

The Lady Panther’s (Dudley) Basketball and Football team along with the Dudley band, Dance ensemble, Dudley Singers and Dudley poets will be at Barnes & Noble bookstore in Friendly Shopping center Tuesday, May 26th.

The Ladies will read during story book hour between 6pm and 7pm.

Please bring out your little ones to meet and greet the Ladies who brought the first State Title for Women’s basketball to Dudley and from what we understand the first women’s 3A state title for the “City of Greensboro.”


  1. Watch out fellow Panthers. Barnes and Noble is located in the Grimsley district. We don’t want to get accused of recruiting.

  2. I think Mo Green and Jill Wilson should investigate this outing especially since the football team will be there. Dudley does things out in the open basically flaunting the rules and nothing happens to them.

  3. They are trying to recruit our 6’5″ center at Eastern. I hope our coach will turn them in.

  4. I see we still have haters on here:

    LOL………..NE benefitted from the services of Sam Grooms from Smith a few years ago. NE got all the way to the east regional finals to face Dudley in basketball. Grimsley ripped off Keenan Allen and the kid that played QB the previous season; Zack Maynor, I believe. I think Grimsley went 11-2 that season. They both came from Eastern………

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