Mr. Kennedy injured in first match back

We haven’t had a ton of wrestling news up here recently, but this is wacky. First match back and Ken Kennedy is injured again. This looks like a Kevin Nash-type return and makes you wonder if the clock is ticking on Batista and if we might see him out of action again soon with another Boo-boo….

Cecil Carr has a longer shelf life than some of these wrestlers and Carr is on par to go far and he might be the star to out-last Ric Flair at the bar when the last round is downed.

Here’s the spin on Ken from

Mr. Kennedy suffered a wrist injury during the 10-man tag match on Monday’s Raw. He rolled out of the ring after taking an RKO from Randy Orton and then clutched his wrist in pain. He winced when Jerry Lawler touched his wrist at ringside. He was able to join the other babyfaces in celebrating after the match.


  1. Add that to the many reasons why this Raw may have very well been the worst Raw of all-time.

    Again, they need to go back to the Attitude era. Soccer moms and dads are not going to be able to get the WWE higher than the Attitude era. You could just tell Vince looked semi-lost in his promo when he couldn’t swear and thus danced around the “truth” (storyline truth, not truth truth).

    Vince could have hit a home run with this…but didn’t.

  2. Nobody can can keep up with Flair or especially Carr.

    I have said it before and I’ll say it one more time, and you are getting this straight from The Enforcer, “Nobody can keep up with The Carr”.

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